Staff List 2016/2017

Head Teacher – Mrs Shirley Swinton
Depute Head Teacher – Mrs Kirsty Murray
Principal Teacher – Mrs Sally Murray

Nursery Nurses based in the Nursery

Mrs Isobel Buckley

Mrs Gail Watson

Miss Laura Forbes

Mrs Hilary Bolda

Class Teachers

Miss Catherine White

Miss Lorna McDonald

Mrs Janice Robison

Mrs Audra Buist

Mrs Jennifer Carr

Mrs Nicola Berkengoff – part time

Miss Katie Watson – part time

Mrs Lynsey Thomson

Mr Robert Whiteside

Miss Megan Selly

Miss Kirsty McLeod

Mrs Julie Prentice

Mrs Leah Wood

Mrs Heather McDonald

Mrs Nikki Allan – part time

Mrs Alison Holstead – part time

Support Staff

Mrs Hilary Bolda – classroom assistant

Miss Kath Jones – early intervention nursery nurse

Mrs Nicola Nelson – additional support needs auxiliary

Mrs Frances Robertson – addition support needs auxiliary

Mrs Jacqueline White – addition support needs auxiliary

Mrs Lynne Sibson – classroom assistant

Specialist Teachers

Mrs Margaret Dickson – SFL

Miss Emma Hume – PE

Other Key Staff

Mrs Adalene Lammie – business support administrator

Mrs Seonaid Wood – clerical assistant/dining hall supervisor/auxiliary

Mr David Hogg – janitor

Mr Peter Martin – relief janitor

Mrs Emma Roberts – playground supervisor

Mrs Della Oliver and Mrs Kerry Knox – dining room supervisors

Janice Chmylowshyj – cook/supervisor

Mrs Marabecca Watt, Mrs Annette Davidson, Ms Katherine McKenna – catering assistants

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