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Nursery Staff 2016/17

Miss Lorna McDonald – Class Teacher

Miss Catherine White – Class Teacher

Mrs Gail Watson – Nursery Nurse

Mrs Isobel Buckley – Nursery Nurse

Miss Laura Forbes – Nursery Nurse

Mrs Hilary Bolda – Nursery Nurse

Welcome to the Nursery page!  We will use this page to share what we are doing in nursery throughout the year.   We would love to hear what you think so please leave us a comment!

We will be busy settling back into nursery for the first few weeks so please be patient whilst we update this page.

As the year progresses you will be able to access newsletters, weekly updates and nursery specific news here.


Week Beginning: 29.08.16

This week the children have been learning all about our Nursery Golden Rules. We know there are 6 Golden Rules:


We have also been learning about important nursery routines such as tidy up time, story time and together time.  So far the children are doing really well with these new routines and all the nursery staff are very impressed with how quickly the children have picked up these rules and routines.


Week Beginning: 05.09.16


This week we were learning all about harvest and found out that at this time of year combine harvesters cut down the wheat and corn. We watched a great clip about what happens across many farms at this time of year. Many of the children talked about seeing combine harvesters working in fields and they have enjoyed looking at real wheat in the nursery.

We have been focussing on five facts – our-five-harvest-facts



Week Beginning: 12.09.16 

This week the children have been learning more about harvest time and they have been busy doing wheat printing and making tractors. The children wanted to make bread using flour so Mrs Buckley went to the shops and bought the ingredients and then made bread with a group of morning and afternoon children. They said it tasted delicious! Miss McDonald read The Little Red Hen and talked about how the wheat gets made into flour at a mill.

Please use the link for our curriculum newsletter for block 1 – curriculum-newsletter-block-1


Week Beginning: 19.09.16


This week some children went to the school playground to pick some apples from the apple tree. Miss Forbes used the apples to do apple printing. Mrs Buckley is going to make apple crumble with the rest of the apples. The children also experienced seeing and sitting in a real tractor. They got to ask questions about how to drive it and enjoyed looking at all the controls inside the cabin.



Week Beginning: 26.09.16

This week the children have been learning about harvesting potatoes. They have also been discovering what foods are made using potatoes and have tasted some at snack time. We have also been very busy making Christmas cards…yes…Christmas cards! We have to get them all ready so we can send them home and you can decide how many packs you would like to order. You will receive your child’s Christmas card very soon – orders must be back by 4th October.


Week Beginning: 03.10.16

This week the some of the children have brought in acorns and conkers. Miss Forbes has been explaining how things change when it becomes autumn and the children have been busy looking for these changes in and around the nursery garden. Some of them found autumn leaves and twigs so they collected some to make pictures with in the art and craft area. The children have also learned some autumn songs.


Week Beginning: 10.10.16

This week we are continuing are learning about autumn. Lots of the boys and girls have brought in leaves, conkers and acorns for our autumn display. We have learned two autumn songs this week which the children are no doubt singing at home. The children have also been working hard on their counting – forwards, backwards, finding missing numbers and using finger patterns.

We have been learning five facts about autumn – autumn-facts

Reminder: parent consultations this week Monday and Wednesday.


Week Beginning: 24.10.16

In the lead up to Hallowe’en we looked at some stories about witches – Winnie the Witch and Meg and Mog. We talked about what we liked about the stories and what we didn’t like. We have also been numeral hunters – Mrs Buckley has been hiding numerals around the nursery and we have to find them! This has helped improve our recognition and identification skills of 0-10.

Please use the link to look at our curriculum newsletter for block 2 – block-2-oct-dec-curric-news


Week Beginning: 31.11.16


This week we celebrated Hallowe’en by dressing up and dooking for apples. We will be talking about Bonfire night towards the end of the week – mainly focussing on safety and why we have fireworks at this time of year. We are continuing to learn about numerals 0-10 and especially looking at sequencing and numbers after and before.


Week Beginning: 07.11.16

This week we have been talking about Bonfire Night and learning who Guy Fawkes was. We have made lots of nice firework display pictures in the art and craft area. In our PE lessons we have been concentrating on using our space bubbles to stay safe when travelling around the room. We also played a game called sharks which we loved!



Week Beginning: 14.11.16

It is Children in Need at the end of this week so please remember to wear PJ’s on the Thursday morning for AM children and Friday morning for the PM children.

This week the children have been learning what a nocturnal animal is and can name five – fox, owl, badger, bat and hedgehog. We watched information videos about the animals and learned some interesting facts about them….did you know a hedgehog has over 7,000 prickles on its back?! We have also been working hard on our counting forwards and backwards as well as recognising and identifying numerals to 10.


Week Beginning: 21.11.16

This week the children have been learning some Christmas songs and they will perform these at our Singalong later in December. The children have also been talking about how cold it is outside and drawing pictures of the frosty weather. There has been lots of model making at the Lego area – some of the fantastic models include a swimming pool, a beach and a garage. The children are learning lots of important skills when building with Lego including turn taking, problem solving, listening and working as a group.


Week Beginning: 28.11.16

This week we will be busy getting the nursery ready for Christmas. The children are looking forward to seeing our Christmas tree and making things to decorate the room and give it that festive feeling. Miss McDonald has been helping us write letters to Santa letting him know what we would like for Christmas. We will get these sent off to the North Pole soon!

img_0086img_0087We are in full swing for our Christmas Singalong but we need your help! There are a few songs we would like the children to practise at home if possible. Please use the link below to see the lyrics…I am sure the children will teach you the actions!



Image result for holly

Important dates:

Christmas Singalong – Thursday 15th December 11:45am and 2:30pm

Christmas Party – Tuesday 20th December

Last Day of Term – Thursday 22nd December


Week Beginning: 12.12.16

Image result for musical notes

We are very busy practising for our Christmas Singalong. The children are very entertaining when they sing and are really enjoying acting out the songs! Mrs Watson has been making salt dough stars and Mrs Buckley has helped the children make beautiful Christmas cards.

Important Reminder: presents for Santa are due in on Friday 16th December. Please ensure the present is wrapped and your child’s name is clearly visible.


We all had a great time in the last two weeks of term. It was lovely to see so many of the parents and carers at our Christmas Singalong. The children really enjoyed their Christmas party on Tuesday and we had a special visitor – Santa!!! He had presents for all of us and we sang some of our Christmas songs to him which he thoroughly enjoyed.

We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. We will see you back at nursery on Monday 9th January.


Week Beginning: 09.01.17

Welcome back to nursery – we hope you all had a lovely holiday and are ready for another busy term.

This week we will be settling the children back into nursery and going over the rules and routines. We will also be learning about Scotland and will start to practise the songs for our Scots Day. Our Scots Day is Tuesday 7th February and is a show case of all our learning about Scotland. A letter with more information about this will be sent out soon.


Week Beginning: 16.01.17

This week we have been continuing our learning about Scotland. Mrs Watson has been telling us all about Robert Burns and we have been busy learning the songs for our Scots Day.

If the children have anything Scottish they would like to bring in to nursery to talk about and show let us know.

In our story time we have been reading traditional tales and talking about the endings. We have noticed that some of the stories are the same but they have different endings.

Zac’s brother Josh came in today to show us his bagpipes and he even played us a tune. He told us he had played the bagpipes since he was 8 years old and Zac played the drums for us as well.


Week Beginning: 23.01.17

This week we a have been very busy practising for our Scots Day performance. We went to the big hall and refined our Scottish Country dancing. We also practised singing and speaking using the microphone. We have added some new resources to our Scottish display which the children all love to use. Mrs Watson has also been helping us with our paper weaving and we have made some lovely tartans.


Week Beginning: 30.01.17

This week we are learning about repeating patterns and will be trying to create our own. We will also be listening to a selection of Scottish stories such as Hamish McHaggis and Katie Morag.

We are continuing to practise for our Scots Day which is next Tuesday in the main school hall – 11am and 1:45pm.  We have made lots of Scottish art work to decorate the hall with.


Week Beginning: 06.02.17

This week we are looking forward to our Scottish show which takes place on Tuesday in the main school hall at 11am and 1:45pm. We can’t wait to show you our Scottish dancing and wow you with our super singing!

We hope you all enjoyed our Scottish show. We had some really positive feedback from lots of the parents/grandparents.

**Please note that although it is the school open morning this Friday we will be holding one at a later date in March. **

February Holiday

No nursery next week. See you all back on Tuesday 21st February. Have a lovely break.


Week Beginning: 20.02.17

This week we have started learning about 2D shape. Mrs Watson has been doing shape hunts around the nursery with us and we have been investigating the different properties of shapes. In PE Miss McDonald and Miss Forbes played one of their favourite games with us – The Bean Game. We had to listen carefully to all the instructions and carry out actions for each type of bean…..frozen bean, string bean, French bean and jumping bean!


Week Beginning: 27.02.17

This week we have continued to learn about 2D shape…we have made pictures using a variety of shapes, matched shapes in a game at the maths table and painted shapes on the ground in the garden.

It will be pancake day this Tuesday and Miss McDonald will be very busy making pancakes for all the boys and girls to sample. We might even have a competition to see who can toss the pancake the highest!!!


Week Beginning: 06.03.17

This week we will continue to learn all about Spring. The daffodils Miss McDonald brought in last week have begun to open and look lovely on the Spring display.  Miss Forbes has already been busy making Spring pictures in the gluing and painting areas. We will start adding them to the room so it really starts to feel like Spring!

The parent consultation times have been handed out for Miss McDonald’s red and yellow groups.

***Please note Miss White will be holding her parental consultations on Tuesday 21st March and Wednesday 22nd March 8:30-4:30. Sign up sheets are now available in the nursery for the green and blue groups. ***

Nursery Fun Night – Wednesday 8th March 5:30-7pm. Still tickets available £2 per child. You can hand in any raffle donations/home baking to the nursery. Parents and carers stay in the GP room for the duration of the disco and relax with a cuppa.

Please be aware that no older or younger siblings will be allowed to stay. 

We look forward to seeing you all there!


Week  Beginning: 13.03.17

This week we are learning all about birds – what they eat, where they live and what colours they are. We have been using the binoculars out in the garden to spot as many birds as we can.

We were very pleased to hear from the PTA that the fun night and raffle raised over £400! Thank you to everyone who came along to support the nursery and PTA. The children all had a ball and lots of parents were pleased with their raffle prizes!

Parental Consultations  for the red and yellow groups  are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week.


Week Beginning 20.03.17

This week we are learning all about birds and we want to do a bird hunt in the nursery garden. We are going to make a chart of common garden birds and tick each time we see one.

We will also be looking in the pond to see what is going on as a couple of the children noticed frogs jumping in and out of the pond. One of the grown ups who works in the school playground told us she found a frog in the playground near the big sand pit!


Week Beginning: 27.03.17

This week we have been learning about recycling and we have been trying really hard to make sure we recycle things in the nursery. Miss Forbes and Mrs Watson have been busy working in the nature garden making special bug areas and a bird hide. We have see many frogs in the pond and we will be keen to find out if there are any tadpoles in the pond when we come back from the holidays.

Easter Holidays – All Break Friday 31st March

All resume Tuesday 18th April


Week Beginning: 17.04.17

Welcome back everyone – we hope you had an enjoyable Easter break.

It is lovely hearing what all the children have been up to in their time off nursery and many people have been sharing their holiday news at Together Time.

Our garden is really taking shape now and we have had some very helpful people in over the Easter holiday to improve our pond area. We have now got a platform to stand on near the pond and lots of the weeds and plants have been tamed. The children are really keen to start using this area to observe the frogs and other wildlife.


Week Beginning: 24.04.17

It is Health Week throughout the school this week and we have lots of exciting things to look forward to! We will be talking about how to keep our bodies healthy and safe and we have taster sessions for Jo Jingles and Tiger Cubs coming up.

As well as this it is our class photos on Tuesday and our first transition event is on Wednesday 26th. We get to go to the library and Mrs Murray will read us a story. We will hopefully get to make friends with some of the children from other nurseries during this session.

Reminder for all nursery groups : It is a holiday on Monday 1st May. We will see you back at nursery on Tuesday 2nd May.


Week Beginning: 01.05.17

This week we worked with the ranger to do pond dipping and we learned how a tadpole grows and becomes a frog. The ranger told us we might also have toads in the pond but we couldn’t see any. We also had a taster session of Karate where we learned how to do special kicks, punches and stretching exercises.

Upcoming dates:  May 15th – Obstacle Course

                                          May 22nd – In-service Day      

                                   June 7th – Nursery Sports


Week Beginning: 08.05.17

This week the children have been learning more about pond life at Together Time and watched an interesting video all about dragonflies. We know that dragonflies live in water when they are babies (nymphs) and they then climb up long reeds, make a sleeping bag and transform into adult dragonflies.

Just a reminder that our obstacle course is taking place next Monday 15th May and any money raised should be handed in by then. Please ensure the money is in a sealed envelope with your child’s name and the amount raised on the front.


Week Beginning: 22.05.17

This week the children have been busy finding out more about minibeasts and hunting for them in the garden. We have also been discussing what we could do in the nursery for Enterprise Week and the children came up with some great ideas – selling plants, making cakes, having a toy stall etc. All their ideas have been added to our floorbook.

In the lead up to our Enterprise Week we will be busy planting seeds, making tasty treats to buy and decorating the room. We will be selling our products on Tuesday 6th June – a letter went home about this at the beginning of the week with more details.

Important Dates:

Thursday 1st June – Buddy Bear

Tuesday 6th June – Enterprise Day

Wednesday 7th June – Nursery Sports


Week Beginning: 29.05.17

This week we have been very busy planting seeds with all the children so that we can sell them at our Enterprise Day on Tuesday 6th June. We also visited the Festival Café on Tuesday and had a drink and a tasty snack. Thank you to all the parent helpers who walked us there and back!

We are beginning to learn about money and how to use money to buy things. The children will be learning to recognise common coins and will use these to buy items in a role play context.


Week Beginning: 05.06.17

This week in nursery is going to be a busy week! We are holding our Enterprise Day on Tuesday 6th June where we will be selling popcorn, playdough and recipe books. Please bring small change to buy items as we will not have much change to give!  A letter about this event with details went out a few weeks ago and there is a notice on the whiteboard outside the nursery cloakroom if you need any more information.

We are hoping to do our Nursery Sports this Wednesday with the morning and afternoon groups. This event is weather dependent – if the weather is unsuitable on Wednesday we will hold our sports day on Thursday 8th June.

We are unable to hold our Nursery Sports Day on Wednesday 7th June due to very wet weather. The forecast for the rest of the week looks mixed therefore we have decided to reschedule our sports day for Monday 12th June. Keep your fingers crossed for nicer weather!!

Our nursery newsletter is now available…use the link below to view it.

Nursery newsletter June 2017

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