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Kennings poem

Hi Eveyone! Would you like to here a  Kennings poem? Are you asking yourself What is a Kenning poem ? It is a poem that discribes something with only 2 words. Sit back and enjoy the poem Red Rum 1.Racing-legend 2.Goregus-bay 3.Strong-Stallion 4.Long-tail … Continue reading

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From Santa I got a own a pony day. On 29th December it was so much  fun. I had Cuddles my favorite pony and Iola had Mylo her favorite pony.Cuddles is a colour she is a skewbald and Mylo is a … Continue reading

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I am writting a book !!!!!!

I am writting a book on horses and ponies care. And I need some info on it. It will not be published. Any websites,tips and stuff you now about horses and ponies please tell me . lots of thanks Kym

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a link to paddy’s blog

This a link to paddy’s blog paddys blog  pictures and stuff


Well Done Kym!

Kym won the Mrs Irving Award for best effort for session 2007/08. Kym said, “I won this award for always giving my best effort. For trying hard and never giving up.  I learned so much last year and look forward … Continue reading


some Donkeys at the donkey sanctuary

this is a picture of some of  the donkeys at the sanctuary there is one  that is a called perka and you stick your tongue out and it will  will stick it’s tongue out. there are two called ant and … Continue reading

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donkey sanctuary

this is Paddy my donkey, hope you all like the photo my mum managed to copy and paste.


Donkey sanctuary

kym wants to tell every one about her recent adoption of Paddy the donkey, fromSt Boswells Donkey Sanctuary. The Donkey sanctuary has 43 donkeys from  all different back grounds, 4 were saved from the slaughter house, another from Blackpool beach, an other from Spain. … Continue reading

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