P1/2/3 Visit to The Hirsel

P1/2/3 had a great trip to the Hirsel earlier this month. The class were split into two groups, and each group had the opportunity to make kale soup and oatcakes, and also practise their mapping skills outside around the Hirsel Estate. They also learned about the different kinds of farming in Scotland and  the food produced around Scotland.

Thank you to Sally and Pauline from the Hirsel, who looked after us so well during our visit.

The Week with the Fire Festival

What a fantastic week. Obviously the highlight was the fire festival which was fabulous. We went up to the village hall to see the proclamation the committee had created first thing in the morning. And then in the evening we had a great time with the procession and the burning of the boats. And weren’t the acts brilliant!

But also this week we had the storyteller in class recounting traditional Scottish and Viking stories. The one about Fenrir the wolf was my favourite. We made carousel books featuring different Scots words, started to look at different strategies for multiplication in maths, wrote a recount of the Fire Festival evening in our writing and played a new game to improve our listening skills.


Innerwick Fire Festival

On 31st January, we recreated Up Helly Aa. Much learning, designing and creating culminated in children, staff, parents and friends following a piper in a procession around the village.

Longboats were burned, songs sung and delicious hot soup was served before the large boat was placed on the fire.

A few of our talented pupils entertained our visitors before the end of the evening.

Many thanks to everyone for their help and support in making this event such a fantastic success.

“People who help us” Learning

The nursery children are currently learning about the people who help them in their local community. We have enjoyed a visit from PC Johnston who talked about her uniform and showed us her police car. We had thought up lots of good questions to ask her about the role she plays in helping us and other people in the community.

On our latest Learning Walk, we spoke to the local farmers and learned what they do to help us. We had lots of fun feeding turnips to the cows. They rear cows to give us beef, and also grow wheat to make into flour. Next week we will be grinding some wheat from their farm to make flour. We will then use the flour to bake scones for snack.

Please enjoy looking at some of the photos from our recent learning experiences.

We have further visits from a fire-fighter, the bin-men and the postman planned for the coming days.

A rural idyll in East Lothian!