P1/2/3 Sound Instruments

P1/2/3 were so excited to share their wonderful sound instruments with their friends, which they had been creating at home over the last two weeks. Everyone had the opportunity to talk about the materials they had used to make their instrument, and demonstrate and explain how the sound was made. We also talked about volume and pitch, and the different ways to make a sound – by hitting, plucking, shaking or blowing.

Please take a look at our amazing instruments when you visit during the Open Day on Friday. We will be happy to share them with you.

European School Sports Day

This morning the older children created games for everyone to play as part of European School Sports Day.
The European School Sport Day (ESSD) is a school day dedicated to having fun, playing together and promoting physical activity and health for everyone. It is a celebration which provides the opportunity for schools to:
•Raise the profile of physical education (PE) and school sport
•Create fun and enjoyment through physical activity initiatives for young people
•Promote health and wellbeing for lifelong learning
•Foster social inclusion and develop social competences among their students.

Learning about Sound

P1-P7 children were very lucky to have a visit from Nicky Swaffer, who kindly came in to talk about how wind and percussion instruments make different sounds. She played a variety of tunes on different instruments and the children were very good at recognising the familiar tunes.
At the end, they asked lots of thoughtful questions about her musical instruments and her interests in music.
Thank you so much for making our learning about Sound so much fun and meaningful.

A rural idyll in East Lothian!