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Bikeability and African Drummers

One of the more unusual weeks for P6/7. With bikeability sessions on every day for the P6s first and then the P7s, normal lessons were difficult to fit in. And of course we had the fabulous African drummers and dancers in on Monday afternoon as well. However the P7s managed to fit in their maths assessments for Dunbar Grammar while the P6s caught up with AR, organised all the libraries in the school and managed to get all the vegetable, sapling and flower beds in the grounds tidied up and weeded. And of course our personal projects were started up in earnest.

Weekly Catch Up

With the term back in full swing it is time for a wee photo catch up. All the usual work hard work has been going on maths, reading, writing and our America topic is really going full steam ahead!

However on top of all that we have had a lady in to class to talk about the Smoke Free initiative, the Big Spring clean, a cheerleading session led by Dunbar Grammar, the World of Work marketplace, a sunlight photography course and of course rehearsals for our section of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations coming up at the village hall.

Science Experiments

Another excellent week for P6/7. We really concentrated on our science “Materials” topic this week with lots of experiments. Our Big Writing focused on this as well as we learned how to write a science report.  And we finished our Materials posters. Despite the emphasis on the science we still managed to fit in our rugby, data handling in maths (although annoyingly mathletics seemed to be having technical difficulties), spelling and all the usual stuff.