Bobble Hat Heroes

Our Charity Committee consists of pupils from P5-7 and they have been hard at work seeking out 5 charities for which our school community will raise funds this session. More details on that to follow. 

Bobble Hat Heroes

One of the charities chosen by the pupils was the NSPCC.  On Friday 4th December, we will be donning our bobble hats in support of their funds for Childline.

There will be a competition in each class with prizes for the silliest one and the best homemade one so let’s get creating!

We’d love the grownups to get involved too.

  • You could ask someone to knit you your own unique design
  • Convince whoever takes you to school to wear their own bobble or winter hat too
  • Take a ‘groupie’ of you all wearing your hats before you leave the house in the morning or even in the playground (please ensure no child or children other than your own are in the photographs without explicit permission from their parent or guardian)
  • Send your ‘groupies’ to the NSPCC Facebook page with the hashtag #bobblehatheroes
  • Send them to our Twitter page @lawps with the #bobblehatheroes hashtag
  • Get your photograph taken with a local hero and tell us why you chose them.
  • Get the community involved by speaking to friends and family about it.

And most importantly of all…

  • Donate £1 to the cause by bringing it to school on the morning of Friday 4th December and HAVE FUN!

It’s as easy as that! We can’t wait to see North Berwick getting involved.

100 Fiction Books Challenge

We have launched a new reading challenge which encourages all our children to read 100 fiction books before they leave primary school. In practice we hope that they will read many more, but the Times Educational Supplement has compiled a list of 100 ‘must reads’ and we are using this list as a basis for our challenge. You can download a copy of the list below and we have warned the library in North Berwick that there might be increased demand for some of these titles—especially over the half term period.
The challenge is suitable for all ages and Nursery plan to adapt it for use in their setting with many of the books being read to the children before they can actually read them for themselves.
The challenge is split into levels and children can apply for recognition once they have read 10 books on the list. There are 10 levels and a certificate is awarded in assembly for each level achieved. We hope that this will encourage reading for enjoyment and that you will continue to support reading at home. Each time a book is finished the child needs a signature from either a teacher or parent/carer on their application form100 books list

Volunteering in School

At Law Primary School we greatly value the help we receive from parents/carers both on school visits and helping class teachers in school with a variety of tasks.  As well as parents, perhaps there are also aunties, grannies or grand dads who could help on a regular basis, even if for only an hour a week.

The following is an idea of some of the varied tasks undertaken by helpers in school: Mounting pictures, organising/labelling resources, helping with crafts, cataloguing books, assisting children on the computer, overseeing practical maths, photocopying, putting up displays.

In addition, helping children with their reading, either in a small group or individually is very rewarding for both the child and adult.

Below is a timetable of where we are looking for help. If you are able to help with any of these sessions, please contact Miss MacAulay at the school.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Volunteers reqd 1516







Kakatsitsi Master Drummers from Ghana


What wonderful sounds were heard in school today! The Primary 2, 3 and 4 classes were all treated to a fantastic performance by the Kakatsitsi Master Drummers from Ghana in the Gym Hall then the P3s and 4s were each given a workshop.  This included drumming, singing and dancing.  Please watch the YouTube clip for a taste of what the children did today. (It is NOT a clip filmed in school today…photos to follow)

Flu Vaccination Programme

Consent forms and information packs have been issued today for the flu vaccination, which is scheduled to take place on Monday 16th November.

Please return your form by September 4th. There are still some forms to be issued and we have taken the names of anyone who did not get one today, so if your child has not brought one home, one will follow in the next couple of weeks.

Any enquiries should be directed to the NHS school Health team on 0131 446 4082. Further information and guidance can be found by following the links below.

Law PS Flu Vaccination Clinic information

Parent / carer FAQs:

Consent Form Guidance: