Online Payment System

How To Do It?

  1. Log on to East Lothian Council’s homepage at and click on the PAY FOR IT button
  2. Select Primary School Payments from the list
  3. Select Law Primary School from the drop down list
  4. Fill in the details as requested and follow the instructions online – It is very important that you include the additional information to let us know what your payment is in respect of (transactions must be made before 8.00am to meet any deadlines for payments)
  5. Confirmation – when your payment has been completed you will be issued with a reference number.  This is your record of payment however you can also request an email confirmation

Paying for more than one child/different items

If you are paying for a visit or milk for several children you can do this in one payment if you name the children individually in the ‘Additional Information’ box.

Please keep payments for different items separate to allow us to record the payments appropriately.


If you choose to pay online using a debit card there will be no charge.  The charge for using a credit card is 1.9%.  This would mean that a payment for an item costing £10 would cost you an additional 19p if you used a credit card but nothing if you were using a debit card.

We hope that this facility will be helpful to you however we do ask that great care is taken when completing the relevant sections to ensure we can reconcile your payments in school.  Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cake Sale


Cake Sale

Thursday 19th June 2014   2.30-3.45pm

There will be a cake sale on Thursday 19th June 2.30-3.45pm in the P1 playground to raise funds for Project Play to help create even more imaginative play spaces.  This will be a fantastic opportunity for the wider parent body to see the revamped P1 playground and pick up delicious home baking. Entry and exit for this event is through the P3 doors. Children can bring money in and buy cakes on this day, either after the school alone or with an adult who usually does pick up.

P1 parents will have an opportunity to do this directly after the Book ceremony already planned for Thursday 19thy June. If any P1 parents would like to contribute baking please send your items individually wrapped with your child on the Thursday morning.

If it is wet, the cake sale will still go ahead and we sell cakes from Heathers Hut in the P1 playground.

Project Play and the P1 Team

Law 40 Years Song

As we grow up
And we go to our first school
And we hope that everything will work out cool

We are nervous
As we walk in full of awe
Never worry cause that special school is Law

It’s so special
Every teacher full of pride
Every pupil smiling brightly walks inside

Hold your hands up
For the work that’s being done to make Law that is the school that’s number one

We’re celebrating forty years
And looking now to forty more
How we’ve made it is no mystery
Cause Law is steeped in history

Mrs Wareham
Thinks the same as you and me
Work together hand in hand
In harmony

And before her Mr Barnes Macneil Mckay
Led us to our hopes and dreams up in the sky
When I wake up yeah I know I’m gonna be
I’m gonna be a pupil at Law Primary

When I get there yeah I know I’m gonna be
I’m gonna do some maths, PE and history

We’re celebrating forty years
And looking now to forty more
How we’ve made it is no mystery
Cause Law is steeped in history

Happy birthday ..Happy birthday
Happy birthday to all at Law primary
Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
On this our ruby anniversary

When I’m learning, yeah I know I’m gonna learn
To be a model member of society
And at breaktime when the bell goes in my ears
I can go outside and love the company

As we ponder
Staff and pupil from the past
All agree North Berwick Law is unsurpassed

So let’s savour
Our lovely school we all adore
And look forward to next year and forty more
Look forward to next year and forty more

We’re celebrating forty years
And looking now to forty more
How we’ve made it is no mystery
Cause Law is steeped in history

Happy birthday ..Happy birthday
Happy birthday to all at Law primary
Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
On this our ruby anniversary

Happy birthday ..Happy birthday
Happy birthday to all at Law primary
Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
On this our ruby anniversary

We’re celebrating forty years
And looking now to forty more
How we’ve made it is no mystery
Cause Law is steeped in history

<a href=””>LAW 500 MILES AUDIO</a>

Supporting Literacy at Home

What is literacy?

Image of a book with pictures appearing to rise out from the pages

Literacy is about learning to read and write accurately, being able to listen carefully and talk clearly about ideas.

These skills will enable young people to participate fully in their learning now and later on in a work environment.

How can you help?

Parents play a crucial role in helping to develop literacy skills from an early age. You can encourage your child to explore literacy outdoors and at home.

There are many opportunities in everyday routines to practise and apply literacy skills in real and meaningful ways e.g. reading to your child every day, learning nursery rhymes together and pointing out signs in the local community.

You can also encourage your child to talk about their thoughts and ideas, and about how they are feeling.

Here is a link to ‘Education Scotland’ website. It has great advice and video clips to support parents with literacy at home, they suitable for different age groups.,0,0,0,0&dm_i=LQE,2I2X1,CGG981,940E7,1

One Pound SoundHound Round

East Coast FM

At the recent May Fayre the Law Primary Management Team (minus Mrs.Baillie) took part in the East Coast 107.6FM “One Pound SoundHound Round”.

The “One Pound SoundHound Round” is a feature on the Friday Flyer show on ECFM from 4pm until 6pm. Participant are invited to sing to the smartphone music recognition app “SoundHound”, the app will then try to identify what is being sung!

If you missed the broadcast you can listen again below.

Thank you to Mrs.Wareham, Mrs.Barbour and Mrs.Currie for meeting the challenge of the SoundHound. Mrs.Baillie wants to do a solo!

Disco fever mounting

What a fab day today. Lots more activities, no trips to A&E and a lovely sunny afternoon. We are about to have our barbecue for tea followed by much preening, lots of body spray and not much washing to get ready for the disco later on. Activities for the day are finished and it is the boys’turn to visit the shop. There was a fresh breeze for the sailing this afternoon and the views across the Loch are fantastic with still some snow on the bigger hills. Lots of children have been overheard saying they wished they could stay longer and not go home tomorrow. The children have become very used to the routines of mealtimes, dorm inspection and lunch making. Looking after their kit and dealing with wet gear has been a steep learning curve for many of them and it has been a revelation to some that a pile of wet clothes dumped on the drying room floor doesn’t actually result in dry clothes the next time you come to collect them!
Before the disco starts the children get to see a film that has been compiled of them during activities this week. One of the Loch Insh staff goes round the groups and takes video throughout the week which is then compiled into a montage. Then the serious stuff of the disco begins!
Anyway, time for BBQ now. We will be in touch with school tomorrow with an eta for our return and the info will be posted by school on the blog – to save 73 phone calls to the office.
See you all tomorrow.

Good morning campers!

Unable to access the network last night so up early today to update you. The children loved reading your comments – thanks to everyone who posted.
Yesterday was a great day with dry weather and intermittent sunshine, especially during the afternoon. This morning is a bit fresher but the cloud base is high so looks promising. The groups each did three activities yesterday – one morning, one afternoon and then a whole group one in the evening which was a game of capture the flag in the woods. There are red squirrels here but not much chance of seeing any given the noise our lot were making.
Mr McBride returned home on the train last night and will be in school today and Miss McGill arrived on a later train in the evening and took over his chalet.
The children made a great job of doing their packed lunches yesterday morning and there were some interesting combinations of fillings when able to choose from such a range.
Mrs Baxter had a quick visit to the local A&E department yesterday with one of our boys who had a finger injury from snowboarding but thankfully nothing broken.
The girls had a chance to visit the shop yesterday and today it is the turn of the boys so look out for some thoughtfully chosen presents…or maybe some empty wrappers if the temptation is too much between now and Friday.
There are ospreys nesting on the loch and many of the children have seen the nest when they have been out canoeing or kayaking. We have seen one sitting in a tree but not flying yet. The tour boat probably gives the best chance of seeing them as there tends to be a lot of noise when we are on the water!
Anyway, time to go and check that my chalet have not gone back to sleep whilst I’ve been doing this and get ready for breakfast.
Will try to post an update later…network willing.
Love from P7 and all the staff