Numeracy Games

Talking squirrel

Got a few minutes to spare?

Why not get in some training and build those mental muscles?

Here we’re featuring some games we know will help.

Woodlands Junior

Primary Games

Maths Zone

BBC Schools

Cool Maths


ict Games

nrich maths



Tables Tester

Ambleside Addition Super Subtractions! tables-tester3.JPG
Number bond machine

Division Machine

Times Tables blaster

number-bond-machine.JPG division-machine.JPG tables-blaster.JPG
Pumpkin Multiples pumpkin-multiples.JPGTimes and DivideGuess my Number Meteor Multiplicationmeteor-multiplication.JPGGuess the NumberEggstatic Drop Times Tables TestsNumber Wheels Number Invaders


Money Check out  Challenge Money Match
Space Money Coin Machine
Fractions  Lesson Fraction Flags

Name the fraction

Pizza Party


Shading Fractions
Space Fractions Falling Numbers

Speed Subtraction

Rags to Riches

Large Number Subtraction

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