Light Painting with Torches!

This week P3a took part in a light painting workshop with artist Gemma Coyle.

She showed us how to draw pictures using torches and we set the camera on a long exposure to catch our pictures. It was harder than it first looked.

Andrew – It was really exciting and everyone loved it!

Katie – I liked drawing round people. I drew bunny ears on my friend!

Fiona – I liked doing light painting because you got to draw faces. It was quite dark.

We are using some of the pictures we took to make into bookmarks, calendars, jigsaws and fridge magnets. Watch this space to find out how you can buy them.

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3 Responses to Light Painting with Torches!

  1. I loved these pictures so much that I’ve used one of them as the header image for our updated Curriculum for Excellence in East Lothian Blog!

    Thank you!!

  2. Miss Skinner says:

    Wow P3 these pictures look amazing! I’ve always wanted to find out how to do that ever since I saw the adverts on tv I bet you had fun.

  3. These are great pictures – I can see the bunny ears! I have been telling other people about your post via Twitter, and I see that it has been retweeted already!

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