The Primary 6s produced some amazing work filling in application forms to be buddies. They had to say a little about themselves, what they could offer their buddy and list a choice of 3 buddies with their reasons for choice. Some of the comments made were:

“I can offer care and attention. I will make sure they would know what they’re doing and help them in any way that I can.”

“I could offer my buddy love and I would help them if they were hurt. I would also give them my time so they would feel very warm and welcome when they go into primary 1. Whenever my buddy needs me I will be there for them because I am very responsible.”

“I could help them learn some of the skills I know.”

“I can offer care, trust and fun to my buddy.”

“I can offer that I will be trustworthy. I can help them with anything if it is schoolwork or a problem that they are not happy about.”

The nursery were also asked who they would like as their buddies and using all this information, as well as observations from when the Primary 6 children have been working in the nursery, we allocated the buddies. We visited Primary 6 today to announce who was buddied with whom. Everyone was delighted! We spent some time in the class with our buddies reading stories and drawing pictures.

Over the coming weeks the Primary 6s will be coming down regularly to work with their buddies, building a relationship that will continue into Primary 1.

Here are some photos in a YouTube slideshow of our visit to Primary 6 today:

Wear a Hat to School Day

It was cold and wet but that did not stop us playing the annual Jordan Houston football match. The school watched in support as the girls took to the field. Just as well we had our hats to keep us warm! A fantastic £360.51 was raised for the Jordan Houston Trust. Thank you to the pupil and parent council for making this possible. Have a look at the photos below.
Jordan Houston Football Match on PhotoPeach

Eco Committee News

Our Eco Committee are now meeting once every month and we are coming up with lots of ideas about how we can make Loretto greener! Next term, we are looking forward to starting a gardening club and start plant bulbs, seeds and vegetables in our playground. We are also planning an Eco Week for the end of April when we will have a Litter pick up, competitions to design an Eco Mascot and new Eco Code for the school and many more fun activities. More information to follow!

Our P6 and P7 reps met with Mrs Capaldi to write our Eco Action Plan this week. The areas we are focusing on are Litter, Waste Minimisation and School Grounds. Please have a look on our Eco Board in the Lunch hall to see who your Eco reps are, to read our latest meeting minutes, and to look at our Eco Action Plan.

eco board

P5 Solids, Liquids and Gases topic

Today we finished our topic about solids, liquids and gases. Here are a few things we liked about the topic:
We loved doing experiments like putting alka-seltzer in water and watching it fizz, putting bicarbonate of soda in vinegar, a balloon experiment which showed that gas has weight and lots of other experiments. We learned that some things can change state like jelly can change from a liquid to a solid and we did a experiment with a kettle to get steam. It was a liquid and now it’s a Gas.

We did a evaporation experiment. We put 3 cups in 3 different places around the room (the cupboard, the window and the radiator). We thought the water would stay at the same capacity but it did not. Here are a few words to describe solids…bendy, pointy , squishy ,rough, hard, Flexible, shiny and breakable. We learned that liquids change their shape depending on the container they are in and gases have no fixed shapes.

One of our favourite things to do was looking at different websites and non fiction books to find out information about our topic, then we made powerpoints on the laptops and we are presenting them to our class now. If any other classes want to look at them, they are on the server! We are quite proud of them.

Please have a look at some of the photos from our topic. We loved this song when we found it online. Hope you like it too.

By Luke & Danny
Solids, Liquids and Gases! on PhotoPeach

Primary 6 visit the nursery

Over the last few weeks Primary 6 have been taking turns to visit the nursery so that we can identify buddies for when the nursery children move on to school. Primary 6 will are now writing letters listing 3 choices of buddy from the nursery and the nursery children will be asked who they would like as their buddies. Using this information as well as staff observations we will hopefully able to announce the buddies next week. Here are a few photos of the Primary 6s helping to draw maps of the inside of the nursery today.

P3/4 Viking Longship

P3/4 have been learning about Vikings this term. We decided to make a display outside the classroom to show our learning. Firstly, we designed shields and then made them using materials. Shields are made to protect Vikings. They would have been made from wood, metal and leather. We made ours from tin foil, cardboard and paint. The following week, we made a Viking longship. Everyone worked together to make the different parts of the display. Viking longships were used for the vikings to sail to other countries. The long ships were made of wood and they had a red and white flag and a monster’s head at the front. Lastly we drew ourselves as Viking people so the boat would look more realistic.

By Maria, Georgia and Ailsa

Friday 28th March – Wear a Hat to School

On Friday the 28th March the school will be holding a ‘Wear a Hat to School Day’. All style of hats are welcome, especially home made hats!

This will replace the dress down day that is normally held on the last Friday of every month. The children are to bring in their £1 as normal and this will be donated to a charity very close to the schools heart. This charity is the Jordan Houston Trust. Jordan was a former pupil at Loretto who tragically died from a rare brain tumour in 2011. Jordan Houston Trust was established in 2012 to help children suffering from cancer & their families. The trust works directly with social workers who work within the children’s cancer ward, who request help for those in need of support. All money goes directly to the child/family.

On this day the girls in P5 and P6 will compete against girls in P7 for the Jordan Houston Trophy. The match will be at 11:00 am on the field. All parents are welcome to come along and cheer the girls on.

World Book Day

Today is World Book Day! We have been doing lots of things related to books. First of all different classes heard stories from the wonderful story tellers who came to the school. The stories were from different countries around the world. ‘We liked them because we got to shout out’.

This is some of our thoughts about today…

Primary 3/4 We have been having great fun, reading out loud to each other in different classes, we have been swapping teachers to hear stories and look at different books. We are designing Book Covers.

Primary 5 have designed book covers. They have been to see the storyteller in the gymhall, they had a competition on the number of books read and A.R quizzes completed. They have also read their favourite books in reading time.

Primary 1K have also been to see the storyteller. They have read stories and shared and disscussed their favourite books, they re-designed front covers. Primary 1K have also learnt what the ‘title’ the ‘author’ and the ‘illustrator’

Primary 1H have disscussed their favourite stories with each other and re-designed front covers of their books. They also have been to see the story teller.

Primary 2/3 have had a teacher swap with primary 3/4 to read stories. Brought in books for a book swap, read a page of their book to primary 3/4 and went to listen to the story teller.

Primary 2 listened to the storyteller and designed a book cover for a book and for homework they are illustrating their pages of their reading books.

Primary 6 have disscused diffrent genres of books and designed book covers and went to listen to the storyteller with primary 7

Primary 7 made their own autobiographys and listened to the storyteller.

By Iona MacIsaac Primary 7

Shop online to raise money for Loretto!

We will earn cash donations for the school when people register to support us and shop online through the site. It’s a really simple process, all you have to do is:

Register at www.easyfundraising.org.uk

When you’re asked to choose your cause, select Loretto RC Parent Council – Musselburgh

Get shopping – it couldn’t be easier!

There are over 2,700 online retailers available, including Amazon, John Lewis, eBay and Tesco and all will give a small percentage of what’s been spent back to Parent Council funds to say thank you for shopping with them. We will use those funds to keep the costs of school trips down, add new playground equipment, and help the school in any way we can.