Potato Picking in Loretto

IMG_0002 IMG_0003 IMG_0004 IMG_0005 IMG_0006  Potato Picking

During the week Primary 3 and Primary 5/6 went into the Freedom Garden to pick some potatoes that were planted last year. They found lots of delicious potatoes which will be used to make some delicious food! Both classes had lots of fun picking potatoes with each other. They would like to say a special thank you to Mr Bonner for his help!

Well Done Meagan!

Meagan in P7 won eight gold medals and £100 during a swimming gala at Bathgate swimming pool on Saturday and Sunday. The first event was the hundred metre breast stroke. She was very proud of this event because she came first. Meagan said that she felt this gave her confidence in the other events ahead of her.


Meagan’s hardest event was the hundred metre butterfly. She was very happy at the end because she had set a new club record. She was very proud of this achievement because it was the first she time she had done this in a race.

Meagan came first in every event she raced in and felt very thrilled at the end of the gala. Well done Meagan!

IMG_0070 IMG_0069

Loretto Parent Partnership AGM Reminder – Thu 10th Sept 2015

The Loretto Parent Partnership would like to invite all parents/carers along to the AGM (Annual General Meeting) on Thursday 10th September 2015 at 6.30pm in the School Dining Hall.  The election of Office Bearers and Class Representatives will take place at this meeting as well as any other business from the Parent Forum.  All parents/carers are warmly welcome and encouraged to attend.  We look forward to seeing you there :-)

Heart of learning

Golden Time in P1/2!

P1/2 have been learning all about the Golden Rules. On a Friday, if the children have followed the Golden Rules, they have earned all of their Golden Time! Golden Time is 30 minutes of fun! This week, the children played with play-doh, Junior Monopoly, a doll’s house, Buckaroo and a train track. The children loved Golden Time and will be working hard to keep their ruby slippers on the Yellow Brick Road every week!

Visitors to School!

This week has been busy at Loretto! We had a visit from the SSPCA on Wednesday. They explained how to care for animals and that they are the people to call if we see an animal we don’t know that needs help.
On Friday, we had a musical assembly with a visit from the Kakatsitsi drummers. They taught us about rhythm and beat and showed us a fantastic dance!

Here are some photos of P1,2 and 3 at the SSPCA talk and the whole school enjoying the drumming.

Welcome to primary 4

Welcome back to school everyone, here’s hoping we all had a good rest and are ready to get back to work!
We have been very busy in P4 researching our mini topic of The Edinburgh Festival and discovering all the fantastic activities which are available to us, almost on our doorstep.
All children have been issued with their reading books now and also Week 1. Homework Sheet. Individual instructions for preparation and return of work has been given to each child.
Just to let you know our gym days are Monday and Wednesday when we should bring in our kits: shorts or joggers, a change of tee-shirt and gym shoes. Some children have swimming lessons on a Wednesday instead of gym so they should bring their swimming kits. Anyone with long hair is asked to bring a bobble to tie it back when in the pool.
I look forward to meeting you all at the Open Night when I will share our plans for the year.
Wishing you all a good P4 year,
Mrs. Dalglish.

Learning in Primary 1

This week Primary 1 have been learning about the letters t,p and n. We have learned to recognise them, write them and make words with them. Today we made parrots, teddies and nests as we thought more about these sounds. In maths we have been ordering the numbers to 10 and created patterns on scarfs for Kipper. We have begun to create a pirate ship for our classroom display and will continue this next week. Have a look at some photos of our learning.


Patterns in P1/2!

We are learning about pattern in P1/2. Today, we talked about repeating patterns and created stripy scarves. Then, we went off to explore pattern using the resources in the classroom. We made patterns using colour, size and shape. Here are the children in action!

A Wonderful Day at the Edinburgh Book Festival

P5- P7 children all went to the Edinburgh International Book Festival today. It was a really unique opportunity to visit the festival and to meet an author. We went to see Tom Pow and learn all about his book “Sixteen String Jack”.
Tom Pow is a fascinating man who had many great insights into reading and writing. He knew a lot about JM Barrie and his character “Peter Pan”. We found out some wonderful new pieces of information about Peter Pan and how he came to life in the work of JM Barrie. Did you know that Dumfries is actually where Barrie created the character of Peter Pan?
All throughout the show, there was an emphasis on the importance of using our imaginations! Tom told us that all of his writing stems from his imagination. We will remember his words throughout our writing lessons!
After the presentation and discussion led by Tom, we got to ask some questions. Tom was particularly impressed with our questions!
We hope to visit the Book Festival again in the future and continue our investigations of writer’s craft.



Today we were very lucky to have a visit from the SSPCA. They visited classes throughout the school and had a talk in the hall for children in P1- P3.
We all learnt the difference between the RSPCA and the SSPCA. The RSPCA work in England and Wales and the SSPCA is the organisation that covers animal welfare in Scotland.
The education officers that visited us showed us pictures of animals that their organisation had saved. It was wonderful to see photos of the animals before and after their involvement.
Throughout the sessions, discussion was encouraged and we had the chance to talk about our ideas about animal welfare and animal cruelty. It really gave us food for thought. Taking care of an animal requires a lot of hard work and dedication.