Halloween Dress Down Day this Friday, 31st October 2014

imageDear Parents/Carers

It’s end of the month again and we’re having Halloween Dress Down Day this Friday, 31st October. Children can dress-up if they wish but please don’t wear any scary masks or face paints as these can frighten the younger children. Please remember to bring £1 to school in support of the Parent Council funds.

We will also be selling Halloween Hot Dogs after school for £1 each.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Parent Council

Primary 6 Assembly

Here are a selection of our pictures from our Assembly.

Parent Council Meeting on Wednesday 29th October 2014 at 6:30pm at Loretto RC Primary School

Parent Council Meeting on Wednesday 29th October 2014 at 6:30pm at Loretto RC Primary School
All parents/carers and staff are most welcome and encouraged to come along to the next Parent Council meeting on Wednesday of next week.  If you’re unable to attend, please feel free to email parentcouncil@loretto.elcschool.org.uk with any matter that you would like to raise for discussion.

Many thanks :-)

Parent Council


Eco Week – Litter Pick Up

The Nursery Morning Group were joined by Primary 6 to help clear the school field of litter as part of school Eco Week. The P6s will be our buddies when we go into Primary 1. It was good fun working together. The field didn’t look very messy at first, but we found loads of litter.

Click here to go to the Nursery Website and see  some photos of us working, and the litter we found. You may need to scroll down to get the photos to appear.

Litter Week (21st-24th October)

Here is Trashie, our Eco Mascot.  This was the winning design (by Ailsa, now in P5) from our Spring Eco Week.

Here is Trashie, our Eco Mascot. This was the winning design (by Ailsa, now in P5) from our Spring Eco Week.

Our Eco Committee:
Here are the Eco Committee reps for this year.:
Ruby and Dawid – P1, Filip and Rebecca – P2K, Adam and Shane – P2M, Liam and Jessica – P3, Charlie and Scott – P3/4, Ailsa and Chloe – P4/5, Katie and Bruce – P6, Beth and Alex – P7.
At our first Eco Meeting, we introduced our new Eco reps, had a chat about recycling and then focused our attention on Litter Week.

Litter Week:
Litter Week will take place after the October break. We will start with a whole school litter pick up, have a litter poster competition, a recycled art project , do some litter themed Maths and so on. One of the main ways we can cut down on litter is to reduce the amount of rubbish, so we will have a wrapper-free snack challenge where we are asking all pupils to bring either fruit or snack in a tub for their morning snack. The class with the best results over the three days will get an extra playtime on Friday! During Litter Week, we’ll also be thinking about our Eco Mascot, Trashie. We hope to use wrappers and recycled objects to create 2D and 3D models of Trashie.

Litter Pick up:
The litter pick up will take place on Tuesday 21st October at 10am. Please make sure your child brings a pair of gloves that they don’t mind getting dirty. If any parents/carers wish to help us clear the playground and the woods, it’d be very much appreciated. There will be tabards and litter pickers available. Thank you!
The Eco Committee

P2K at the Museum of Flight!

Today, P2K and P2M went to the Museum of Flight to celebrate all of the learning we have been doing about Transport this term. We had a fantastic day. We got to explore the inside of a real Concorde plane and really liked looking at the controls in the cockpit. We had fun in the Science centre where we tried using different machines to explore the forces involved in making a plane fly. We learned about lift, gravity and drag. We made our own paper aeroplanes and had a flying race inside a real aeroplane hangar. After all of this we tried on some of the clothes that the pilots of fighter jets wore during the war before having a picnic outside for lunch. To let off steam, we enjoyed some time on the Museum of Flight’s assault course before getting on the bus to come home. What a wonderful day!

Measurement in P2M

In Maths on Wednesdays, we have had lots of fun focusing on Measurement this term.  We have been estimating and then measuring length and weight using cubes, blocks, beads etc.  We compared our heights, hair length and measured our feet and height using rulers and metre sticks.  We even measured the length and width of the netball court using trundle wheels!

In our classroom we have a Post Office role play area.  We can measure the length and weight of parcels as well as writing envelopes, filling in our log book, applying for passports and posting letters!

P2M’s Measurement on PhotoPeach

P2K Book Festival!

On Friday 3rd October, P2K held a book festival for their families. At the beginning of term the children did a book study about ‘There was a Wee Lassie who Swallowed a Midgie’ by Rebecca Colby and Kate McLelland. They noticed how similar the story was to ‘There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly’. The children decided to write their own versions of the story and Mrs Muhammad bound them to create beautiful books. The children invited their families to our school library to their book festival. The children gave a short presentation about their learning and then the grown ups got to meet the authors! Lucky them! They shared their books with one another and then sold them – thanks to Robyn and Fraser, P7 who helped with the money. We raised £45 and will spend this on Golden Time activities! We had a fantastic day and want to thank all of our grown ups for their support!
Here we are: