Invasion Game Festival

A spectacular time was had by P4- P7 today after lunch. Over the course of this term, the children in P7 have been learning about invasion games. This started with visits from Active Schools who taught the children how to play tag rugby. The children were very keen to continue on in their learning of this particular type of game and so more games were introduced and different aspects of invasion games were investigated.
After this investigation, the children in P7 came together in teams to create their own invasion games. They carefully selected some aspects of invasion games that they were keen to learn more about including creating space and attacking and defending a goal. In addition to this, they worked on their cooperative learning skills including communication and decision making.
The result of this piece of work was our Invasion Game Festival. All of the children worked together to create advertising posters, instructions and even movies about their games.
Children from across P4 to P6 visited us and watched the presentations on Friday. Today the children got a chance to play these unique invasion games! It was a wonderful experience and really helped the P7 children to shine and develop leadership skills. Well done P7 and thank you to Mrs Johnston for coming along to help us out! Also thanks to Robyn for taking these great photos!

Victorian Schoolroom

What a fantastic day P7 have had at the Victorian Schoolroom at Leith Walk Primary School in Edinburgh!

P7 have been learning all about the Victorians. They have investigated what life was like during the reign of Queen Victoria. This trip brought the whole topic to life for the children as they experienced what school was like at this time first hand!

Our trip started off with a bus journey and short walk to the centre. When we arrived, we were quickly transported back to the past. We dressed in Victorian clothes and even made separate lines for the boys and girls!

Entering the schoolroom was a great experience. The teacher was  very strict and said things to us such as “children should be seen and not heard”. She wouldn’t allow us to touch anything or even start any work until she has given the instruction! It was very different from school today.

After our lessons, we went to the museum. Thankfully the teacher was transported back to modern times with us and was able to speak to us in the manner to which we are accustomed. She showed us some really unusual things that the Victorians had including irons that needed to be heated on the range. She even showed us a miniature Victorian bath and told us how Victorians washed themselves. I am glad that we have electric showers now!

In all, it was a great experience and really helped us to understand life during the Victorian times.

Here is a link to their page…

p4/5 visit to Tesco

On Monday p4/5 went to Tesco for a trip. We went to Tesco to learn about where our food comes from. We had a tour around Tesco and we went in the walk in fridge and freezer. We visited the bakery and made our own pizza. We did a survey of all the fruit and vegetables and found out where they come from. We also decorated our Easter eggs.

Michael – I liked making the pizza because I wondered how to make pizza and now I know how to make pizza.
Chloe-I enjoyed the whole morning.
Lucy – My favourite part was making the Easter eggs.
Clark -I liked when we learned were our food comes from.

Holyrood Palace


P6 visited Holyrood Palace on the Tuesday 24th of March 2015 by coach for a creative writing session, to help us with our big writing.

Bridget Crowely was helping us with our creative sessions. She led us to the Throne room first. She gave us a notebook and a pencil to start writing. We first described and wrote what the Throne room looked and felt with our imagination. After writing we shared with the rest of the class and Bridget Crowley.

After a while,we were discussing about history of Holyrood Palace we started to stroll around the Palace, and we went into to each room and described the atmosphere around us in the room. Bridget gave us scenarios to write about I enjoyed writing the scenario about the three thieves talking two each about where to put David Rizzeo body.

Here is some things P6 enjoyed at Holyrood Palace

Luke- I enjoyed looking at the room where David Rizzeo was stabbed to death.

Paula- I loved looking at the gallery of kings who lived in Holyrood Palace in the past.

Holly- I enjoyed glancing about the bedroom of Mary Queen Of Scots and the brilllant gallery.

We had a splendid time at Holyrood Palace and we hope to visit again!

By Laura P6                                                                    IMGP2667

Primary 1 Outdoor Numeracy

Today Primary 1 took advantage of the sunshine and went outdoors for our numeracy work. We are learning about counting backwards to help us take away. We made number lines from 1-20 using chalk. We started at 20 and jumped down to 1, calling out the numbers with each jump. Then we challenged each other to start and stop at different numbers. We had great fun and learned lots!

P2M and P6 View the Eclipse

On the 19th of March 2015 primary 6 helped primary 2M to prepare for the solar eclipse. P6 and P2M made a device that helped us to experience the solar eclipse. We created them with 2 paper plates and a pin we put a hole in one of the paper plates and held it in the sky to get the view of the eclipse.

On the 20th of march we all felt very exited and were very happy with the outcome. It took a while to see the eclipse but it soon came to us eventually. As the eclipse came we got very excited and happy because the paper plates WORKED! And we are excited for the next one.

Alex in primary 2M said “It was kind of disappointing because we thought it would be very very dark but it was very light”. Isaac in P2M “I liked because it was very exciting”.

P2M loved working with P6 they found them to be very kind and helpful.  P2M were so excited by the eclipse they began to create images and models about this in their golden time.

Here are some photos …



P4/5 visit to John Muir’s Birthplace

We went to John Muir’s birth place in Dunbar. Inside we found out lots of interesting facts like the members of his family and important dates in his timeline. We played games and watched videos about how John Muir lived. We found out that he was born in the house that we visited but his family moved to the house next door while he was still a baby. We all had to share our facts at the end and when we sat down on the special chair it made some funny noises. John Muir invented a chair like this. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot for our John Muir Award.
By Ailsa Jamie and Hannah CP4/5 visit to John Muir's birthplace

Golden Time in P2K!

This is a belated post! Following on from the success of our Book Festival, P2K think it is important that we inform all of our parents about how we spent the money raised. The children spent time with their talking partner discussing things they would like to buy for Golden Time. The children created a mind map on the board and voted for their favourite activities. The most popular activity was Lego. The children spent some time looking through the catalogues for a good deal and we ordered a box of Lego and some putty. The children are now enjoying playing with these items as well as doing arts and crafts during Golden Time.

P2K share their books with the Nursery!

P2K went to the Nursery this morning to share the books they have written. Tyler explained that we had received a card from the author, Rebecca Colby. Katie read the story, ‘There was a Wee Lassie who Swallowed a Midgie’ to the nursery children. She did fantastically well! The P2K children then read their story to a child from the nursery. The nursery children were a super audience! P2K received delicious biscuits from the nursery children as a thank you. The nursery children did a super job of baking these and they were so good that I didn’t manage to take any pictures before they were all gone!