Eco Committee News – Litter Week

In late October the Eco Committee had litter week and all the classes focused on learning about litter. On Tuesday the school had a litter pick up we collected a variety of different types of litter like crisp wrappers, chocolate wrapper, tin foil, plastic and some weird things in the Woods like a computer game box! On Wednesday we had a no paper day. This was a challenge for the whole school because we had to write on whiteboards, use laptops and find creative ways of doing our work without using any paper!! Thursday the whole school took part in a litter poster competition. There was so many amazing posters. On Friday the classes took part in making models of our own Eco Mascot, Trashy. Through out the week, small groups from the Eco Committee shared fascinating litter facts with all the classes and also the whole school took part in a wrapper-free snack challenge. Here are the results of the wrapper-free snack challenge.

6. Primary 4/5 – 31%
5. Primary 2M – 33%
4. Primary 7 – 44%
3. Primary 3 – 45%
2. Primary 2K – 66%
1. Primary 3/4- 67%

Primary 3/4 and Primary 2K got extra playtime!  Everyone had lots of fun during Litter week and the Eco Committee spent lots of time at our last meeting deciding on the Litter posters that we are going to display around the school!  More information to follow.

By Katie, P6 Eco rep

Christmas Fair Appeal for Friday 28th November 2014

xmas_appeal_2It’s Dress Down Day next Friday but instead of the usual £1 donation we’re asking if you can please make a donation to the Christmas Fair from the following list:

• Bottles for the tombola, which can be water, juice, sauce, bubble bath, alcohol etc. I’ve just cleared out Grandad’s drinks cupboard and taken everything that he won’t use!

• Chocolate for the tombola and hampers (boxes, bars, coins etc.).

• Nearly new or new unwanted gifts and bric-a-brac so the children can buy a wee Christmas present for Mum, Dad or Gran & Grandad. We’re hoping that the children can gift wrap these at the Fair and any unwanted Christmas wrapping paper would be welcome too.

• Home Baking will be most gratefully received on the Friday morning of the Fair. Who will be the Loretto RC Great Festive Baker???

• Your time is the most precious donation of all. Please let us know if you can help out on the day and email or speak to any Class Rep. Just 15/20 minutes on a rota basis would be a great help and some parents are child swapping with a friend to help out for a short time.

We look forward to seeing you all there :-)

Loretto Parent Partnership

Bullying Assembly


Our topic for this assembly was on bullying. For our assembly we made posters to illustrate how bad bullying can be. Our posters demonstrated all the different types of bullying, there is Cyber Bullying, Racisim, Physical, Name Calling and Teasing.

We also sang different songs about how beautiful people can be and how people can be hopeful that there are people in the world who think about others. The boys performed the song ‘Hopeful’ and everyone joined in the song ‘Beautiful’.

We performed drama scenarios about different types of bullying and the outcome of what can happen to the people involved. We also learnt how to work together to resolve issues both in the classroom and in the playground.

What do you do if you get bullied?

1. You can tell a teacher or supervisor.

2. A responsible adult.

3. You can go to a website called

We enjoyed this assembly we hope you have found our information helpful.



Children in Need – Friday 14th November 2014

imageDear Parents/Carers

We’ve decided to donate the funds raised from Film Club on Friday 14th November to the Children in Need appeal. The children can wear something ‘Pudsey’ or something yellow to school on Friday 14th November to show their support for Children in Need.

We’ll be selling Hot Dogs, Popcorn, Drinks and Sweets before the movie.

Many thanks for your continued support and we hope to see you at Film Club on Friday :-)

Loretto Parent Partnership

Film Club is back!

Film Club is back!

This is a completely free club available to the pupils at Loretto run by the Loretto Parent Partnership and Parent Volunteers and is hosted in our Gym Hall on the big screen.
We are holding a screening for the children after school on Friday the 14th of November.  It is hoped due to demand that we could screen ‘Frozen’ which we will try our best to do, but in failing this we will be screening ‘The Last Mimzy.’   Pick up will be 2:30pm from the Gym Hall.
If you are new to film club and would like to come along simply click this link to register Film Club.  Children are asked after the film in their own time at home to write a review – however big or small – online if possible.  This encourages children to think about the narrative of the film and introduces them to a review writing process.  Again, this should not be a daunting aspect and need only be a few words.
Parents/Carers MUST register their children online to become a member and hand in a consent form to the Loretto Parent Partnership otherwise their child cannot attend.  Parents/Carers are responsible for the safe drop off and pick up of their children before and after the film.  Parents should wait outside the gym hall in time for the film finishing and children will exit from here after the film.
We have had a fantastic run with our first year of film club.  We aim to ensure that the children enjoy a wide range of films in a comfortable and safe environment with their friends.  To continue to enjoy doing so we must remind pupils that any behaviour which causes the disruption of the film to others will result in the member not being asked back to film club.
We look forward to our next Film!
Thank you for your continued support.
Karyn Porteous
Film Club Leader and LPP Member