Time Measurement Devices

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P7s have been studying time. We have learnt so much ranging from the “base 60” which began with the Ancient Sumerians to time zones across the World. As homework project, we created different time instruments! All of us had many great ideas but we focussed on just one of them.
We would like to share two time measurement devices with you. Adam’s idea was really good, he took two empty bottles filled them with Ribena. His device measures 6 minutes. Alex’s idea was to do a crazy golf time measuring game! You use a ball and place it at the top of the green. You push it gently and it takes 10 seconds to get to the bottom. There are a variety of ways to change the time it measures. For example if you use a Ping-Pong ball it takes 60 seconds, but if you use a marble it takes 30 seconds.
The selection of devices created by P7 is wonderful. It reminds many of us of the Great Exhibition in 1851!


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We could hardly believe that the end of camp came so quickly. After a busy week, we were so tired but nothing could stop us from preparing for the disco! It was loads of fun and the staff at Lockerbie Manor even let us request songs. I don’t think any of us will ever forget the great time we had dancing and singing along.
On Friday morning, we packed our bags and got our things ready. We still had two more activities before lunch. The weather was not as good as it had been all week but this did not dampen our spirits.
It was sad to say goodbye to our new friends when the buses arrived but we know we will see them all very soon.
Thank you all for reading our blog.


P2M – Sun Moon and Stars

P2M have been learning about the sun, moon and stars.  Luckily we picked last week to focus on the sun.  The children were able to do some learning outdoors last week drawing round shadows and observing how they changed throughout the day.

The children have also created some fantastic posters. Each group used different art supplies to create an image of the sun and they added interesting facts that they wanted to share.

P2M Hat Designers of the Future

Before Easter P2M entered a competition to design an Easter Bonnet.  The Hats were on display at Hobbycraft where the general public could vote for their favourite design.  P2M were delighted to find out that they were third and had won some craft supplies from Hobbycraft.  The children are very much looking forward to using these supplies.

Thanks to everyone who voted for our design.

hobbycraft IMGP1941

Busy time in Primary 3/4!

Welcome back to our final term of the year and what a busy time we have ahead of us. We got off to a good start with a very successful celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation for our primary 4’s last Tuesday and this week we have the Sacrament of Reconciliation on Thursday evening with our primary 3’s. I am sure it will be equally moving.
We have already started our preparation for First Holy Communion on June 7th with the primary 4’s.
Our topic this term is ‘Outdoor Learning’ which the children have already begun with great enthusiasm. Please feel free to send in anything which you feel would be helpful and if you have any knowledge of the great outdoors we would love to hear it, why not visit us and share things you have done?
Our summer trip for this has not yet been organised but it will be arranged around our Outdoor Learning theme.
Let’s get on with what is going to be a very busy, but as always, enjoyable term.
Mrs. Dalglish and Primary 3/4

Camp return time-slight delay

Just heard that that the departure was a bit delayed and the campers will be a bit later back. I think 3.30-3.45pm is more realistic.  All is well and I so enjoyed my visit to se them. Was so impressed with how fabulous and responsible they were. A huge thank you to Miss O’Regan, Miss Kinsella and Mr Cusak for taking them.



Just reached Biggar at 2.45pm!


Camp Day 3

Hello everyone! Things are going very well here at camp. We have well and truly settled into the swing of things and are enjoying camp life at Lockerbie Manor.

The weather has been fantastic. As you can see from the photos, there has not been a drop of rain since we have arrived. Temperatures have been up to nearly 20 degrees most days. The only day that has some rain forecast is Friday… Lucky us!

Today we spent more time with our activity groups and had some great adventures. We especially loved the scavenger hunts and camp craft (and not just because of the hot chocolate at end!).

We are still making more friends from the other primary schools. It’s so exciting to think that we will be in school with some of them in August.

Dorm inspections have been going a bit better… The poems are a great help! Tomorrow we will try something new. Does anyone know how to make towel animals? I bet Miss Kinsella will be impressed!

Diary writing has also been a great success. We will be sharing these with you all when you we come back.

Speak to you soon!