Nursery book bags

Bookbug bag

bookbug story

The afternoon class were pleased to get their Bookstart book bags. All the parents were invited to the nursery class to hear about the Bookstart programme and share a story and some songs with us. We hope everyone enjoys reading their new stories and makes good use of their lovely bags; they are ideal for a trip to the library in the Easter holidays!



Gardening Fun with P6!

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As part of our Eco Schools focus, P6 were set the challenge of weeding the playground. Despite the ground being very hard, every pupil worked their socks off to weed and clear the large flower bed under the Dining Room window. Great work, P6.

World Book Day and Pancake Day in the Nursery

World Book Day!
Last week we had lots of fun dressing up as characters from our
favourite stories. The children looked great. We had Snow White,
Little Red Riding Hood, a cook, some beautiful fairies and princesses,
quite a few superheroes and some mean looking pirates! Books were shared
with friends, and many were read in class. Thank you to the parents
for all your support. The children had a great day and now talk confidently
about their favourite books and stories.

Pancake Day
Both classes enjoyed making pancake mixture and eating delicious
pancakes for snack. They also developed hand eye co-ordination with some
pancake tossing (using play-dough pancakes). The afternoon class really
enjoyed listening to the story Mr Wolf’s Pancakes. A story about a wolf that
ate all his neighbours as well as his huge plate of pancakes!
By Ms. Power
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Macmerry Parent Council Next Meeting 12/03/2014

The next Parent Council meeting is this coming Wednesday the 12th March 2014. The agenda for the next meeting is now online here.

The meeting is to be held in the school staff room at 18:30 and all parents are wlecome to attend whether you just want to attend for a one off or just to listen or actively take part you are more than welcome.

At the next meeting we will be discussing the possibility of looking at an after school club.  Something like this is only possible with parental support and demand.  If you support the idea of the after school club or have any thoughts or ideas on it please come along to the meeting or get in touch with us using the details here.

Why not also check out our updated and revamped Parent Council web site at

Science in P4/5

This week P4/5 had a challenge to carry out a fair experiment on seeds to see if they grow in dark places.The factors that remain the same would be:amount of water given to the seeds,the amount of seeds used and the how the seeds are planted. By P6/7 Press Officer’s Nathan,Andrew and Robbie.

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Macmerry at Dynamic Earth!

Macmerry went to Dynamic Earth, the P1′s and P3/4′s went first and the rest of the school went a week later. The P1′s especially liked the iceberg. Abbie Moffat from P6/7 loved everything she said she couldn’t choose. By P6/7 Press officers Robbie & Ewan.

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MAD Day at Macmerry

Macmerry had a Cooking MAD day on Friday 7th February. Penston, Greendykes and Westbank all baked, cooked or made something. Westbank cooked soup; Greendykes baked bread sticks and Penston made sandwiches. Everyone enjoyed it and hoped to do it again.
By P6/7 Press officer’s Robbie and Andrew.

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