P7 are being encouraged to take part in their own Manic Monday Mathletics! If you log in to Mathletics at 7pm on Monday and choose the class challenge button, you should be able to find some of your class mates to play against!   There is also a school challenge button…..perhaps some children in other year groups will log in to our “Manic Monday Mathletics” at 7pm for a live school challenge?

Good luck – I might log in and challenge you too!

Mrs Gentil


Daffodils at the Haddington Show

daffsWith the help of some very dedicated grandparents P1 and P2 entered beautiful pots of daffodils into the Spring Show in Haddington. The following people  in P2 won medals for their flowers,  Arran gold, Amelia silver and Nika bronze. Many children also entered the poster competition at the show and the medal winners in this category were Myla , Declan K, Aleina, Erin H and Niya. Well done to all !

TGIF-27th March

A plea this week for help. Next week we will be thinking TGIH- thank goodness it’s the holidays. It is a packed programme for the last week. We have children going out to cross-country and football; Parents’ consultations on Monday and Tuesday and then on Wednesday our next MAD Day. MAD stands for Macmerry activity day and of course the more people we have to man (woman?) the activities the better and more challenging they can be.
You can see where I am going with this……..
We decided that the next MAD Day should be outdoors and so it will be- come whatever weather! We thought it should be based on our cooperative learning strategies and so it will be- Martyn Pegg from Outdoor Learning is helping us to set up some problem-solving, teamwork activities in the playground.
And now— we need able, willing, talented volunteers to help us staff the activities. If you are that person, I am sure you will come forward. If you don’t yet know you are that person it will be a great delight to you to make that discovery.
I will be patrolling the corridors on Monday and Tuesday evenings press-ganging volunteers. Do not try to avoid me! Think how good you will feel after a morning outdoors helping children to grow and learn.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
In the meantime, have a great weekend.
Lindy Lynn

Science Open Morning in P7

In science, P7 have recently been learning about making chemical reactions and  have also been investigating renewable energy.  In maths we have been learning about time .  For our open science morning, we decided to bring all this together and make fruit / vegetable batteries that could power a clock! Most groups managed to make the clock work with both lemons and potatoes…….unfortunately it would take millions of lemons to power a car!

IMGP0403 IMGP0404 IMGP0405


P7 viewing the solar eclipse

Friday saw a rare chance to safely watch a near-total solar eclipse and P7 certainly didn’t want to miss it! We used our pin-hole shoe box cameras to safely view it without damaging our eyes.  It was very exciting and not something the children will easily forget.  It certainly felt a bit eerie for a short while!

IMGP0401  IMGP0399 IMGP0396 IMGP0395 IMGP0394 IMGP0393


Aiming high at Macmerry!