Learning about measure in P1

P1 have been learning about measuring.  They have been putting things in order of size from smallest to tallest,  talking about different ways of measuring things and using cubes to measure objects in the classroom.  Recently we had fun in the playground when we measured out the actual size a blue whale – it is about 30m long! We had fun finding objects in the playground that were about 1m!

P1 are learning tricky words

P1 have been learning some of their tricky words that they can’t sound out, ( eg. the, said, she, he, we, was, saw) in different ways.   If you see a P1 with a lanyard on in the corridor, please ask them to read the tricky word on it!  Jamie was practising “the” on his lanyard. They are also trying to read the word, build the word and then write the word.   Zoe was learning “come”.  Kiana is writing some words out 3 times on a whiteboard.  Keep it up P1!


Respectme Antibullying workshop for Parents

Respectme, the Scottish National Anti-bullying Service has offered to deliver 2 additional Parent Workshops in East Lothian.     The content will cover:

  • Distinguishing between what bullying behaviour is and what it is not
  • Exploring the latest research in Scotland on online bullying and face to face bullying
  • Identifying what parents can do to deal with bullying behaviour
  • Understanding what to do if your child is bullying someone else
  • Exploring how to help to create environments where bullying cannot flourish

These will take place on Wednesday 26th April 2017, 12.30-2.30pm at the Nungate&Haddington Community Centre and 6.30-8.30pm at Knox Academy in Haddington. We can offer 40 places on each workshop so they will be available on a first come, first serve basis. If interested please e-mail

anti-bullying@eastlothian.gov.uk stating what time you would like to attend.

P4 learning about the Science of Forces in Nature

Primary 4 have been doing a Science Topic on Forces. 

Testing parachutes to prove Air Resistance

Bigger Surface Areas = More Air Resistance

Changing only the surface area (size) of the parachutes
Dropping parachute from the same height to make it a Fair Test

3,2,1 Drop

Looking at the surfaces (High or Low Friction) of different sticks
Getting prepared for Winton Woods in mid January
Studying maps and writing directions
Planning a route to and from Winton Woods
Discussing how to get to Winton Woods using a maps
Checking the weather forecast before we go. Cold and Sunny with a light S.E. winds at 16mph
On the walk back to school.
What will fall fastest a normal leaf or a scrunched up leaf? Why?
Making a Hypothesis (scientific prediction)
Measuring out a square for a parachute

Would you like support to manage your child’s behaviour?

We will be offering 3 sessions Tuesday or Wednesday mornings in your area soon.

Please call your school for a place or discuss with our team.

Tricia Ronaldson or Claire Shearer on 01875 824309

If we have enough parents interested we can run this in Macmerry Primary School

How do polar animals stay warm in icy water?

P1 were investigating the answer to this question today.  We tried putting our hands in icy water but it didn’t feel comfortable.  Then we tried with a woolly glove but it got wet and uncomfortable too.  Finally we tried covering out hands with fat.  It was slightly warmer! The fat on our hands was like the blubber on the animals and it stopped them feeling wet and cold.

Aiming high at Macmerry!