TGIF 4th September

Quite a week in school this week. Three classes were at the lagoons in Musselburgh experiencing water sports- kayaking and canoeing. They came back glowing, if a little soggy. Apparently a good time was had by all- adults and children and the feedback from the Outdoor Learning team was that Macmerry children (and adults) behaved well and gave everything a try.

The younger classes had a karate taster and that seemed to go well too. As I write this, I am being entertained by the Kakatsitsi drummers form Ghana who are here this morning to perform for the children and then take some workshops. It sounds fabulous!!

Of course there has been a lot of core learning going on as well but the other experiences are equally important- they give children insights into things they may not have come across before and perhaps give them a taste of an activity or sport they may then pursue. It also gives them the opportunity to work with their classmates and teachers in different settings. You may think differently about your teacher if she is brave enough to try a zip-wire! It’s always good to have contact with other adults with different skill sets and ways of teaching.

And how great is it to spend a morning in the out-of-doors doing something fun!

Here’s to more in the future.

Have a great weekend.

Lindy Lynn


Visiting Lucy’s garden

As part of our Harvest theme Lucy and her Mum invited us to see what they had growing in the garden. We saw enormous Sunflowers, picked tomatoes and sweetcorn in the polytunnel and pulled up some potatoes! We thought Lucy’s garden was fantastic!

Lucy and her Mum lead the way…

2,9,15 049

We all arrive at Lucy’s.

2,9,15 051

There were so many plants to look at and smell.

2,9,15 055

Enormous Sunflowers!

2,9,15 065

A row of Corn.

2,9,15 066

Guess who?

2,9,15 070

2,9,15 071

Picking tomatoes in the polytunnel.

2,9,15 073

2,9,15 075

2,9,15 079

Pulling up potatoes.

2,9,15 081

2,9,15 085

Courgette and cucumber!

2,9,15 088

2,9,15 089

Time to head back to nursery.

2,9,15 090

Wow, what a great trip! Thank you Lucy. What shall we do with our delicious veg?  Maybe we will make Vegetable soup or Veggie pasta bake, yum yum …

2,9,15 093


Hello from the Nursery!

It has been great to welcome back all our returning children and catch up with their news.  We are also delighted that our new children are settling in really well, getting to know each other and enjoying nursery activities.





first days 025

first days 040

first days 039

 Hope you like the photos of the Afternoon class. Morning class photos next time!


TGIF 28th August

Not the first Friday of the new school year but the first TGIF from me. I have resolved to have a piece on the blog every Friday even if it is just a short piece.

We have had a good two weeks and a good start to the term. Most children (and parents) looked pleased to be starting again on the first day. I am always amazed at how much the children grow in the holidays- of course, this summer it could be put down to all the watering they had. However the weather has been kind since we returned. We have pledged this year that each class will run at least 3 times a week, with older children running a mile.

There is much evidence that children who do this reap many benefits- they are fitter, have more stamina, eat better, sleep better and, the most important one for us- they are more ready to learn and attainment rises. This, of course, doesn’t happen overnight, but we are prepared for the long haul.

Since I believe in leading by example, I have gone out with classes over the last two weeks. I don’t find running easy, although in my (much) younger days I did manage a few half-marathons after what felt like years of training, but I have been out most days and already feel better for it. I am hoping to turn into a lean, mean running machine by the end of the year.

So- the year is off to a flying start, let’s hope we can keep it up. More next week about what our hopes and aspirations are for 2015-16.

Lindy Lynn.



P5/6 have started learning about our Solar System.  We used fruit to create a scale model to help us understand the relative size s of the planets: Mercury=peppercorn, Venus=cherry tomato, Earth=cherry tomato, Mars=blueberry, Jupiter=Water melon, Saturn=grapefruit, Uranus=apple, Neptune=lime.  Can your child tell you when Pluto was delisted as a planet? What is it now called?  I wonder if you can work out what the title of this post is all about?!  We had great fun learning today and finished off with some great solar system songs.

IMGP0574 IMGP0573

IMGP0572 IMGP0571 IMGP0570 IMGP0569 IMGP0568

A trip to East Links for the Morning Nursery class!

We had a great time at East Links. There was so much to do. First we had a walk through the maze; it was pretty tricky finding our way out. We fed the animals, went on the go- karts, had a ride on the train and had fun in the play park. Hope you enjoy these photos!










We hope you enjoyed the day!

It was great to see the children having so much fun.

We have more photos in the nursery – please ask to see them!

The nursery went to Vogrie.


The afternoon nursery class had their summer trip to Vogrie today. The weather was fabulous. We walked through the woods, found tadpoles in the pond, played in the park, had parachute games and a treasure hunt…

We were all tired but happy on the bus home. The nursery staff want to thank all the children and their mums and dads for making it such a great day!







8 9 10

Look out for more photos in the nursery next week.


Aiming high at Macmerry!