If you go down to the woods today…

P2 and P3 had a fantastic time today exploring Butterdean Wood. Thanks to the Woodland Trust we had a very exciting afternoon, listening very carefully to a story about a big green giant and making our very own versions of the giant’s face using things that we found around us.  After all that hard work we settled down to a hot chocolate around the fire. What do you think of our pictures?

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Mary, Queen of Scots

P4/5 have been using different sources of evidence to learn about life in the 16th century during the time when Mary, Queen of Scotland was queen.  We researched the Tudor and Stuart family tree using pictures and clues to identify the key people in Mary’s intriguing life.  We continue to learn about the unfortunate events that took place during the early years of Mary’s life through the novel ‘Mary Queen of Scots AND ALL THAT’ and enjoy placing events in chronological order, making comparisons between 16th century and present day living. We  also look forward to designing and creating our own personal coat of arms, just like Mary once had when she was queen of both Scotland and France.  We are fascinated in learning about the events that lead to Mary’s gruesome death!

P7 Victorian School Day

P7 tried to imagine what life was like for a Victorian school child by putting themselves into role for a day.  The teacher was very strict and although she didn’t have to use her cane, she did have to discipline one child with the Dunce hat.  They had their hands and shoes inspected for cleanliness, spelt PROCRASTINATE on their slates and chanted the times tables.  The learned about the British Empire, read passages from a Victorian novel and recited The Lord’s Prayer.  The even started the day with “All things bright and beautiful”.   It was lovely to see so many parents share our learning with us today.  They were able to join us for a Victoria sponge and a cup of tea and then watching a singing lesson with the music teacher.  In the afternoon, the class baked (and ate!) a “Victorian Apple Pudding” and played pick-up-sticks, marbles, skipping and tiddly winks.   Which era would you prefer to live in?