P5/6 Victorian School Day!

Sit up straight, shoulders back – are you ready for your Victorian school day?!   Great fun was had today when we tried to imagine what it was like to be a Victorian school child.  We paid 1p for our education, had our fingernail inspected for cleanliness, chanted our times tables, repeated back some facts about Queen Victoria and wrote capital cities on our slates.  We sang a hymn, sang the national anthem and recited The Lord’s Prayer.  After break, we had a Victorian market stall music lesson with excellent market cries.   After lunch, we made a Victorian Apple Batter Pudding and played pick-up-sticks, tiddly winks, diabolo and marbles.  What a great effort was made with the costumes.  Thank you very much to the parents who made it along to watch and eat Victoria sponge!

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TGIF- 20th November 2015

It’s been quite a week this week and not one that we can blame on a full moon. We had a very wet day on Wednesday and the children weren’t outside at all. So by the end of the afternoon tempers were a little on edge. One wet break is bad- two is best avoided for everybody’s sake. As the term progresses and people get tired, we have more incidents of fall-outs and fights in the playground- one of the reasons we tried to introduce some new games last week.
Last weekend I was watching a semi-professional football match (the things you do for the man you love!). When you are right at the side of the pitch, you see and feel the aggression that is often displayed. Football- the beautiful game- can be turned into something very raw and ugly when tempers fray or decisions don’t go your way. This is often fanned by the aggression of fans at the side of the pitch who are very quick to express their opinions in very colourful language! Sadly this is also seen in the professional game where there is the added bonus? of being able to see it all again in the action replay. If I were refereeing there would be few players left on the pitch by the end of the match.
It is sad that our children see this behaviour as acceptable in any forum, especially when it is portrayed by their heroes and role-models. What we are trying to encourage in the playground is that fighting or aggression is not the first tool out of the box to resolve conflict- try negotiation, compromise, deflection, humour, adult help and anything else that springs to mind. We will go on working on it.
On a more positive note, two things have warmed our hearts this week. We have seen children playing a couple of the games we taught them last week on MAD Day- a small start.
The older class asked on Monday if they could observe the minute’s silence for the happenings in Paris. We happened to have Laurie Massit, our Parisian assistante, in school that day. We stood in silence in the park after our run with our arms round each other in the manner of football teams (it’s not all bad example) and reflected on how good it felt to be out there, maybe feeling cold or tired, but alive and well and unthreatened. It was very moving- our children have their hearts in the right place- credit to their parents.
Have a good and peaceful weekend,
Lindy Twaddle

TGIF- 13th November

A busy week and a busy time. October holidays, Hallowe’en, Guy Fawkes and then the word we don’t mention until December. The children have had lots on and some are beginning to look a little tired- and not just the wee ones. You don’t need me to tell you that when they are tired they are less tolerant and patient and tempers can fray. That is when issues arise in the playground and it can get to feel like a jungle out there for some children. In acknowledgement of that we decided to try to help with building skills to cope with playtimes. Andy McKechnie of Jammin Fitness has been back in school this week to work with mainly P6 and P7 children on leadership skills. While that was happening the rest of us were outside introducing playground games to the others. It was skipping, marbles, elastics, ball games, hopscotch……
What we were hoping to achieve was to equip the children with a toolkit of activities that they can use in the playground so that their playtimes can be full and fun.DSC01976
We spent some time as a staff trying to remember the skipping and ball game rhymes we used to know. Of course, for some of us the memories had to dig deeper than others- pointing no fingers- but 50 years since we were in the playground as children!
If you can remember any rhymes, please share them with us and of you had favourite playtime activities (that we would encourage!) let your children know so that we can widen our repertoire.

Stop Press!!- a gigantic £220 raised for Children in Need- well done the House Groups- great effort!
Have a good weekend,
Lindy Twaddle

Primary Two visit Dirleton Castle

In order to help Merida and her mother remember about castles, primary two did some research at Dirleton Castle yesterday.

We had a tour from Andrew and then split in to groups to investigate the castle. Before we left, we turned in to our King and Queen characters and introduced ourselves. We also practiced this on Tuesday during our hot seating in drama.

Have a look at our great photos!IMGP2385 IMGP2396 IMGP2401 IMGP2403 IMGP2408 IMGP2411 IMGP2415

Knights in Primary Two!

Today Primary Two had a special visit from Andrew, who works at Dirleton Castle, and his son Cameron. We were very lucky to see them in their full armour and some of their replica weapons.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen primary two listening so well! Well done primary two and thank you Andrew and Cameron!IMGP2363 IMGP2364 IMGP2367 IMGP2368

Aiming high at Macmerry!