Golf in P5/6

Over the last three weeks, P5/6 have been learning to play golf.  We had a session on the full swing, a session on chipping and a session on putting (rolling).   We are split into three teams (The Tigers, The Bears and The Sharks – do you know who these teams are named after?) and we are learning to share equipment, follow the safety instructions and help each other.   We know how far back to swing the club for each shot and we have learned about positioning and aim.   We are really looking forward to our up-coming visit from the East Lothian Council Golf Development Officer to help up put all our shots together into a full game now!  Here are some photos of our chipping on the grass and our putting on the tarmac.

IMGP1049 IMGP1050 IMGP1055 IMGP1057 IMGP1058

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Please Read-Important

Parking and drop-off

This old chestnut again.

I spoke to a mum this morning who was hit by a car yesterday at the back gate by the garages. The driver was reversing and apparently on the phone and unaware she had hit someone. The mum in question, who is pregnant, had some soft tissue damage, bruising and a considerable amount of shock. Hopefully her baby is unharmed. Luckily her toddler in a pushchair was not hit.

The garage area out the back is not the place to park- it is simply too dangerous -for our children.

I beg you to park further away and walk in with your child- it is good for you and safer for pedestrians.

This could have been much worse and we could be dealing today with a serious injury.

Lindy Twaddle

Charcoal fruit drawings

P5/6 have been learning how to highlight details in in the inside  of fruit by using charcoal and chalk.  We looked at the insides of kiwis, lemons, pomegranates, peppers and apples.  After experimenting with the charcoal and getting different results when we pressed lightly or with force, we produced some excellent results.  Come into the classroom and see our finished art work.  Here are some photos of the process!

IMGP0988 IMGP0989 IMGP0990 IMGP0991

Outdoor Recycled Chess!

At Thursday chess club we have been busy making chess pieces from plastic milk bottles for the outdoor board in the playground.  We made a black set and a white set (32 bottles – many thanks to Jenny in the kitchen who kept saving them for us!), filled them with water to make them heavier and added head pieces to identify rooks, bishops etc.


P5/6 tested out the set today.  We learned how to set up a chess board and then had a practice game outside.  We had good fun with our recycled chess set!

IMGP0992 IMGP0993 IMGP0994 IMGP0995

What’s cooking in P5/6?

P5/6 started a food education topic this week.   Yesterday we enjoyed trying some new foods.  Not many people liked olives but lots of children decided they now like pomegranates!  Today we learned about the five sections of the  Eatwell Plate.  We learned that about a third of our diet should be from the fruit and vegetables section, a third from the pasta, bread and potatoes section and only a very small amount (about 7%!) from the high in sugars and fats section.   We had a lot of food (plastic and real!) and we placed it on a giant Eatwell Plate to help us learn about the 5 sections.



Scarlet Fever

There has been a case of scarlet fever confirmed in school.      Scarlet fever is very contagious and should  your child show any of the following symptoms please have them checked at the doctors.     The initial  symptoms are sore throat, headache and a high temperature, flushed cheeks and a swollen tongue.   A day or two later the characteristic pinkish rash appears.

“The Street” welcomes people to Scotland in P2

This week on “the street” we had some new arrivals! Some new people arrived on the street hungry and tired, they told us they couldn’t go back to their homes because it wasn’t safe and they had nowhere to go.

P2 worked co-operatively to decide what we should do to help the new arrivals. As a whole class, we decided to let them stay in our houses on “the street”. We then spoke about people who are arriving on streets in East Lothian and wanted to welcome them by writing some cards.

P2 have been very thoughtful and considerate with this topic and should be very proud!

Miss Cassidy

IMGP2776 IMGP2775 IMGP2777

Aiming high at Macmerry!