Author Visit for P2!

We were extremely lucky today to have a visit from Linda Strachan, the author of the Hamish McHaggis stories. Hamish is helping us to learn  about different places and landmarks in Scotland and it was so exciting to get to meet the person who created him. We learned  all about Hamish and his friends, heard a new story and even learned how long it takes for an idea to turn into a published book….any guesses?

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Week 3 and still here.

A very short piece this week with two strands. The first is to invite you again to our Scottish evening on Monday 26th between 6pm and 7pm. This is a short, but very sweet and poignant, celebration of being Scottish. We will have singers, dancers, recitations, solo performers and some very impressive comperes! Add some Irn Bru to that mix and it must be nearly irresistible- what else would you be doing on a dreich Monday night?


I would also like to ask what you feel about being Scottish- if you are. It is a theme we will pursue in assembly next week. We will look at some famous Scots, consider what values they portray and think about what it means to be Scottish. I will allude to the 4 qualities on the Parliamentary mace- which I am sure you all know. If you have forgotten, ask your child after Friday!

I would be interested too hear what you think being Scottish means to you or what you consider to be our national traits, characteristics and good points.

Have a good weekend and don’t overdo the haggis- or anything that goes with it.

Lindy Lynn



P7 Forensics Continues…..

P7 have continued their investigations into the world of forensic science by analysing the loops and whorls in their fingerprints and attempting to lift a print from a glass using cocoa powder and sticky tape.  Our favourite afternoon last week, however, was when we were learning how to handle and use both light and digital microscopes.  We analysed samples of various materials, cyrstals etc.  The digital microscope brought up the images on the laptops and the children were able to then insert these images into powerpoints.  We have some fantastic slides shows of magnified skin, dust, cotton, sugar and salt crystals!









Well I have made it to the end of my second week. It has been busy and productive and I earned some bonus points at assembly this morning for knowing some more names. However, a long way to go on this yet and I certainly find it harder to remember things these days and unfortunately there is no other reason for that than advancing years and retreating brain cells. Continue reading TGIF 2

Mandarin in Primary 2!

In Primary 2 we have been working really hard during topic time learning all about China and the different traditions and culture there. We now know all about the Chinese New Year story, we have made lanterns and we have even been learning some mandarin!

Roughly translated we are singing:

Hello hello, how are you?

I’m great I’m great, thank you!


Thank Goodness it’s Friday

Happy Friday to you all- I have made it to the end of my first week as Head Teacher at Macmerry. And it has been a very good week indeed- I have been roundly welcomed by pupils, staff and parents alike- thank you for that.

I am not going to make a grand statement about my master plan for Macmerry for two reasons- I don’t have one and there is no need for one. The school is in great condition and sound heart. There is a lot of good practice evident and a real feeling that everybody is actively engaged in learning.

I should probably tell you a little about myself, but will save that for another time and/or let you find out for yourselves! I would like to say that, having worked at Macmerry as Principal Teacher in 2009/10, I found it such a good community to work in that I wanted to return and here I am- the proverbial bad penny.

I propose to post a little piece on the blog on every Friday that I can manage and would challenge you to comment on it to keep me on my toes. If there are issues (educational or otherwise) that you would like me to comment on or write about, let me know- you will find I can talk for Scotland and always have an opinion!

This week I would just like to tell you about what has been happening in classes since we came back on Tuesday. I have seen children learning number bonds to 10, giving a greeting in Mandarin, writing New Year Resolutions, setting targets for the term, experimenting with filter papers and chromatography- to name a few. A busy and productive week. I think every child has told me their name as they passed in the corridor- I did ask them to do this- and I can truthfully say I have remembered two of them- a very poor effort!! My challenge to myself is to get to know each child by, at the latest, the February week. I think I have a better chance of achieving this than I do of keeping my new year resolution to eat less chocolate and biscuits.

We had our first assembly of the year this morning and the children came up with some Resolutions for the school, including- remembering to show respect to everybody and eating healthier snacks. Perhaps you have others you would like to add- let me know.

Have a relaxing weekend. See you next week for Week 2.

Lindy Lynn

P7 are Forensic Scientists!

P7 chose forensic science for a short pupil choice topic.  Today they used a method that real forensic scientists use to separate and analyse chemical substances called chromatography.  They had to decide who shot Mr Burns (Simpsons!) by analysing the dyes in various black marker pens and comparing them with the original note found at the crime scene.  P7 worked out that Homer was guilty!  Look at the photos of  these forensic scientists at work and see their chromatograms!





Christmas Wishes and Thanks

May I thank you all for all your good wishes, cards, flowers  and kindness today, my last day with you at Macmerry Primary. I have had a very happy time here  and am going on to my new post very proud of the children and the school. A very happy Christmas to you all and my very best wishes for the continued success and achievements of Macmerry Primary.

Kind regards

Margaret Anne McBean