Christmas Wishes and Thanks

May I thank you all for all your good wishes, cards, flowers  and kindness today, my last day with you at Macmerry Primary. I have had a very happy time here  and am going on to my new post very proud of the children and the school. A very happy Christmas to you all and my very best wishes for the continued success and achievements of Macmerry Primary.

Kind regards

Margaret Anne McBean

Santa’s Stuck!

P2 did a great piece of writing today imagining what we would do if Santa got stuck in our chimney on Christmas Eve . Belle decided that she would do a handstand to push Santa back up with her legs, Amelia thought that she would help him by delivering the rest of the presents and Daniel thought he would try to use his pets to help pull him out!

So don’t worry Santa…if you are reading this then feel free to have an extra mince pie on your way to our houses, we have some great ideas of how to save you if you do get stuck coming down our chimneys!

Our special Advent books

In P1 we have been opening  a special parcel everyday for advent. All the children will have a turn of choosing a parcel and unwrapping the book to share with the class. The children have been very excited about opening the parcels to find some new and some familiar stories. This activity is also a great boost to our Ross Rocks Reading time.

advent 001