MAD Day coming up

Our next MAD Day will be on Thursday 3rd November- morning only. The theme is playground games and activities – to help children widen their repertoire of games  so that they can play together in a cooperative way at break times.

We would love to have your help with this- the more hands the better. It will involve playing with groups at hopscotch, skipping games, ball games, transient art, fitness sessions, draughts etc. etc. A great way to spend a morning- and free coffee and cakes!

Just give your name to a member of staff.


Lindy Twaddle


A note from Mrs Robertson (PE) about some orienteering events coming up:

It has been a delight to excite your children in their P.E lessons this week with teaching the sport of orienteering using the SI equipment which Martyn Pegg of Outdoor Learning kindly lent me.
There are family events in East Lothian and Edinburgh in the coming weeks that I know the children would enjoy.
This is a great opportunity to experience orienteering in more exciting surroundings:
Mrs Robertson will be attending the event at Butterdean Wood and will happily help children or give advice to parents as required.
Sat 15th October, at Holyrood Park see details @
Sat 29th October, at Butterdean Wood see details @

Nursery News

Harvest time – We have been learning about wheat and flour and how we use it to prepare different foods. We have baked our own bread. The afternoon class wanted to have beans with their bread.  Yesterday the afternoon class prepared pizza’s and chose lots of yummy toppings.





A.M. Nursery News!

Today the morning class were digging up the potatoes. They said “We should wash them”, “put them in a pan and cook them!” “Cook them and put things inside them!”

We thought boiled and baked potatoes sounded like a great idea for snack and will cook them tomorrow. Ms Power would like some cheese on hers!







Aiming high at Macmerry!