Fire Alarm

Due to the fire alarm sounding at the school earlier today, the fire service attended and checked the building.   The school was found to be safe and all children and staff were able to go back inside and continue with their school day.

The First Week

A good week was had by all- children looked happy  to be back and keen to get started on the learning. We are hoping that pupils will have more “voice” this year and will be able to suggest events and activities and play a real part in organising and running them.

P7 are starting this off with a fundraiser to pay for a theatre company visit on 30th  August.  A group called M&M Theatre will visit school to perform The Jungle Book for P1-P7. P7 have organised a dress down/up day on Friday with a couple of other activities. They will tell all the children about this today.

They love their P7 sweatshirts:

P7 4

On a more serious note, we have had a member of the public report that a child cycled out in front of him on the way to school.

Please can you impress on your child the importance of road safety- they are too precious to risk any injury.

Can I also remind you of the rule (from East Lothian Council) that no child should cycle to school without a helmet. It is basic safety and just as important as wearing a seatbelt for car journeys. It is great to see the children out on their bikes and scooters.

We are looking forward to another great week.

Lindy Twaddle


School Uniform Bank

The East Lothian school uniform bank managed by Carefree Kids is open for referrals. Thanks to the very generous donation of quality used items from members of the public – the uniform bank is now in a position to supply most items of school uniform.  Badged items of uniform are in shorter supply, but can be sourced when needed. The Uniform bank can also help with PE equipment if needed.  Parents can access the uniform bank directly with a referral from any health, education or social care professional.  If there is no referral form – all that is required is a brief signed letter preferably on headed paper from school.  Parents can take this letter to the Toy Library on Tranent High Street (opening times Mon, Tues Wed, 10am – 1pm) and collect the items needed.


My first day of P1!

Our new P1s are off to a great start!  There were a few tears first thing (only from parents!) but all the children were happy to start school and they had a fantastic time.  They got their photos taken, got to know the classroom and drew a picture of themselves on their first day of P1.  We are all looking forward to coming in as a whole class tomorrow.  Here are some photos of the fun we had today.

IMGP1247 IMGP1249 IMGP1253 IMGP1254 IMGP1255 IMGP1268 IMGP1269 IMGP1270 IMGP1272 IMGP1273 IMGP1277 IMGP1278 IMGP1279 IMGP1281 IMGP1282 IMGP1283 IMGP1285 IMGP1288 IMGP1290 IMGP1291 IMGP1292 IMGP1293 IMGP1294 IMGP1295 IMGP1303 IMGP1305

Named Person

Children and Young People (Scotland) Act – East Lothian Council update for families

 From 31 August 2016, the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act will commence. This Act states that every young person in Scotland is entitled to the support of a Named Person from birth until the until the age of 18. All pupils will shortly be given a leaflet produced by Scottish Government, explaining the role of a Named Person. You can also find this leaflet on the East Lothian Council website, school websites and the Scottish Government GIRFEC website, along with lots of other information about the Named Person role.  For children in Primary Schools, their Named Person will be the Head Teacher, a Depute Head Teacher, or a Principal Teacher. In a Secondary School, it will be a Guidance Teacher or a Principal Teacher of Pupil Support. During school holidays, the Named Person role will be undertaken by qualified staff at East Lothian Council. Details of who these people will be and how to contact them will be made available in August, on school and council websites. Your individual school will inform you as to the name of your child’s Named Person in August, so that you have the most up to date information. On 30 May, the Scottish Government will be launching a media campaign to raise awareness of the Named Person role and how this fits with the Children and Young People’s Act. East Lothian Council will publicise national materials through social media, on our websites and through pupil post. For more detailed information, you can look online at the Scottish Government GIRFEC website. This contains a number of very useful and user-friendly documents. 

Named Person



The Hottest Tickets in Town

The Corn Potato String Band

This amazing band from America are performing, for one night only, in Macmerry as part of a world tour. Robin Hill, our chaplain, has arranged for some of our pupils to perform with the band on stage. Children from P4-P7 are practising at the moment in their music lessons on ukuleles to be ready for the night.cornpotato-string-band

It is hoped that we will have the chance to rehearse with the band on the afternoon of the performance. It is taking place in the school hall on Monday 20th June from 7pm. Tickets are on sale from the school office from today and cost £5 for adults, £2.50 for children. Children from P4-7 who are performing do not pay.

P2 Farm to Fork

Yesterday Primary 2 visited Tesco to learn about food sustainability. We learned where bananas and cocoa beans come from and how fish are farmed. The children really liked learning how to peel a banana like a monkey! I’m sure they would love to show other people too!

IMGP3220 IMGP3221 IMGP3224 IMGP3230 IMGP3212

Aiming high at Macmerry!