Science Open Morning in P7

In science, P7 have recently been learning about making chemical reactions and  have also been investigating renewable energy.  In maths we have been learning about time .  For our open science morning, we decided to bring all this together and make fruit / vegetable batteries that could power a clock! Most groups managed to make the clock work with both lemons and potatoes…….unfortunately it would take millions of lemons to power a car!

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P7 viewing the solar eclipse

Friday saw a rare chance to safely watch a near-total solar eclipse and P7 certainly didn’t want to miss it! We used our pin-hole shoe box cameras to safely view it without damaging our eyes.  It was very exciting and not something the children will easily forget.  It certainly felt a bit eerie for a short while!

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TGIF-20th March

Thanks goodness it’s Friday and what a Friday! First a partial eclipse of the sun- P7’s made some safe viewers and went out to observe. Adam Martin, our Active Schools Guru came to assembly to talk about being fit and active. Then we had our Science Open Day- lots of experiments and investigating going on. And throughout some very odd socks in support of Down’s Syndrome awareness- to show that it is great to be different. I have put some photographs together to give a little taste of what was happening.

Have a great weekend- hope the sun comes out for you.

Lindy Lynn

TGIF-13th Mar

First of all apologies for missing last week- it was just one of those weeks with lots to do and little time to do it. I hope it didn’t spoil your weekend!

When I was about 8, I had an autograph book with a silver cover and pastel-coloured pages. I bothered everybody I knew to write in it- clearly I didn’t understand the concept of celebrity status. My grandfather wrote in it, in beautiful copperplate writing- “Every meikle maks a muckle”.

That phrase came to mind recently when I looked at recent events in school. There has been a lot happening- events for World Book Day, Fairtrade fortnight, a class assembly, transition events, Red Nose Day. None of these were huge, glitzy, all-encompassing productions but they all accomplished something. A few of us chatted about favourite books and authors, children began to look at who made their chocolate- and how, P7’s have made the first tentative steps in making new friends, a sum of money has been raised for folk less fortunate than ourselves. In our own small way, bit by bit, little by little we are achieving goals and making a difference. Much of our learning is like that- it is drip feed, keep at it, practice, practice, small steps. I have often heard teachers comment, when looking back through children’s jotters, that they are surprised and, of course, delighted with the progress their charges are making. I am always amazed at how much children grow over the 6 weeks of the Summer holidays- it must be the sunshine!

We shouldn’t disregard the small steps, contributions or efforts that we make in life- cumulatively they make a difference and they are all worth the effort.

My granddad was a gardener to trade- obviously he was a patient man and knew that his seeds would bear fruit eventually. In the meantime, I guess, let’s just believe that all our meikles are making a muckle.

Lindy Lynn



TGIF- 27th February 2015

It’s been a week of fallings out this week. I have had various groups of children arriving at my door (either voluntarily or sent!) to talk about disagreements in the playground. These differences of opinions happen for many different reasons- some understandable, some not so. The one thing they have in common is that they are all regrettable and better avoided. In my view, life really is too short to fall out with folk- especially your friends.

I have been blessed with many, many good friends during the course of my life- some of which go back some 30 or 40 years now and some who are relatively new. Over the years, I have shared many things with these people- good times and bad. We have travelled together, worked together, played together; we have partied, celebrated, laughed and cried; we have gone to weddings, christenings and funerals together. The good times were enriched by their presence and the bad times made more bearable by their comfort and company. They put up with my irritating habits- which only they could list, forgive my dog trailing mud into their cars and houses and go along with most of my suggestions with just a shrug and a raising of the eyebrows.

There is a little round I sing with children which says-“Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver -the other gold”. How true this is-I wonder how many of you have friends you made in primary school? I tell the children about my friends when they are falling out with theirs- I tell them that I could not get by without them and how lonely I would feel if I didn’t have them in my life and how much fun it is to do things with them- even at my age! Admittedly our adventures now have to take two knee replacements and a bad back into account!

I hate to see children falling out- the friendship pool is quite limited in a small community and friends are too valuable as a resource not to be treated with care and respect. Perhaps that is a message we should try to share with our children- tell them about your friends and what they mean to you.

I hope you have a good weekend- I am off to lunch with four of my best buddies tomorrow- I will be sure to tell them how much they mean to me, although I hope they already know that.

Lindy Lynn

P7 make their own wind turbines

Following up from our visit to Whitelee Windfarm (where we saw 220 wind turbines and learned that it would take 3 of them to provide enough electricity for the whole of Macmerry – see previous post for photos of trip), P7 made their own wind turbines this week. There were some quite tricky bits but our nacelles can spin around and so can our blades.  We are proud of them!

ourturbines_131704_resized ourturbines27_131626_resized



Great start back for P2!

Primary 2 have had a super first week back. We all managed to stay on green and so got to play on the Wii during golden time. I think we definitely have some formula one drivers in the making! We also had fun doing other things during golden time such as playing in the open area and drawing some beautiful pictures.

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