P4-7 chess club started!

The first lunchtime chess club of 2014 met on Tuesday 29th October with 22 members!  There is now a waiting list and I hope to get more started in the next few weeks.  We learned how to set up the board and some of the basic moves.  The giant chess set is great for demonstrations and many thanks to Macmerry PTA for this resource.


P7 – A great first week back!

Well done P7, we have achieved a lot in our first week back after the holidays!  In maths, we all enjoyed solving the bingo investigation and trying to create the numbers to 99 with only 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.  You can only use the numbers once and you can you only use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Ariana and Robbie both worked out how to make 99!  Here isRobbie’s solution: (8×2)x6+1=99.  We learned about BODMAS and using brackets.

In French we learned how to answer “Comment ca va?” and also how to introduce ourselves.  We are all very confident when having a go!

In writing there were some very entertaining school reports of children who thought they had a secret life….eg the P7 child who was a shopkeeper and kept trying to sell children things during maths and who kept a till on his desk!  I also liked the child who thought he was the janitor and turned up to school wearing a boiler suit!  Some very creative and imaginative ideas P7.

We have started learning about The Victorian Times and should all be able to tell you the dates of the Vicotorian period and some introductory facts.  We will be learning about school, work, toys, transport, inventions and comparing life now to life then.

Next week we have our rugby festival on Wednesday. Please remember to dress appropriately.  We will be outdoors for a couple of hours.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Gentil.

A School Fundraiser!

The nursery children had a busy day designing some Christmas cards.


This week every class in school has been designing an image that will be printed onto a set of cards for families to buy. The PTA will let us know when the cards are ready to order. We can’t wait to see how they look! We hope we raise lots of money for the school.


DSCF0559 DSCF0561

Lunchtime Chess Club

After the October holidays I will be running a lunchtime chess club.  We have five chess sets in school but this is a plea for any chess sets that are lurking in cupboards collecting dust!  They don’t need to be in great condition, I’ll take mismatched plastic sets! All donations kindly accepted – just hand in to the office! Many thanks, Mrs Gentil

P7 making Seasonal Cous Cous Salad!


P7 have been learning about food miles and seasonality of food.  As we are also learning about Africa, we decided to make Moroccan cous cous.  We learned and practised how to measure out liquids accurately, use a knife safely with the claw grip and the bridge hold and follow the stages of a recipe.  We had plenty of fun along the way and I hope the children shared some of their delicious food with you at home!





Co-operative Learning in P7

P7 have been working as co-operative teams of 4 today.  They had to create a display of their understanding of the class Novel “Tribes” using their Book Detective skills.  They all had individual roles as well as a team task and were all fully accountable for the end result.  The social skill that they were practising was good communication within the team.  How well could they make decisions and work to the deadline?  When they presented their posters, they were peer assessed with two stars and a wish. I was very impressed with the quality of the delegation discussions in the teams!

IMGP1591 IMGP1592 IMGP1594 IMGP1595

P7 Samba Performance

The Primary 7′s have been learning about the features and origins of Samba Music with Miss Mailer. They played a mixture of rhythms on a variety of percussion instruments and responded to whistle signals from the Samba Band leader. Their performance was fantastic!
samba1 samba2