2010 S3 Fashion Show

S3 Art & Design pupils are pleased to present this year’s Fashion Show on Friday 25th June. The theme this year is Scottish Culture & Success, with pupils taking their influences from a wide range of areas such as music, their environment, famous Scots and hobbies & interests.

Although the majority of the show is made up of Art & Design pupils, a number of other Departments are also taking part, including CDT, PE and History.

Come along on Friday to see the extravaganza! At £1, the tickets are selling fast, so be quick to snap up yours!

Congratulations to a Former Student

Dress designed by Jett Sweeney for her 2010 collection

Many congratulations to former Art & Design student Jett Sweeney who has just graduated with Honours from Edinburgh College of Art. On top of that, Jett was not only one of the top ten finalists shortlisted for Collection of the Year at London Graduate Fashion Week, but she has also won the Graduate of the Year category at the The Scottish Fashion Awards, a category which is sponsored by Marks & Spencer. As part of her prize, M&S will make and sell a dress designed by Jett in their Limited Collection range. Click on the link above to see the video.

Fantastic achievements, Jett. We’re proud of you!

Check out the rest of Jett’s collection here.

Magic Memories

Recently, all S2 pupils have been taking part in our fantastic ‘Magic Memories’ project.

Pupils have been exploring Homecoming Scotland themes of what Musselburgh and Scotland means to them and their families, and what their Magic Memories are, and turning them into artwork and prose.

The project, which fits in well with a A Curriculum for Excellence, is the fruit of a lot of hard work by pupils, staff and the community. In English, pupils were asked to interview either members of their families or members of the community. In Art & Design, pupils worked with two great textile artists, Saskia Gavin and Alison Mountain. Working with the artists, pupils learnt how to work with felt and they each created a piece based on what Musselburgh mean to them.

With help from both Homecoming Scotland and the Community Council, work from this project has led to an exhibition for the Musselburgh on the Fringes Festival.  The Magic Memories exhibition is free and runs from 29 June to 28 August and the work is displayed in business windows around Musselburgh. The route starts in North High Street and takes in Musselburgh High Street and Newbigging.

For further information and photos (of course!), check out our Magic Memories page under A Curriculum for Excellence.

Competitions – Part 3

As part of A Curriculum for Excellence, the Art & Design, RME and English Departments worked together on an Anti-Sectarianism project.

It was a fantastic, innovative project that really brought Departments together and allowed pupils to use their experiences and knowledge across the curriculum. In Art & Design, pupils from 2CA designed Anti-Sectarianism posters, with Hayley Johnston taking first prize. Hayley’s ‘Cut Sectarianism Out of Your Life’ design can now be seen displayed in every classroom in the school. In RME, pupils composed Acrostic poems and in English, puils read ‘Across the Barricades’ and wrote a book report.

A large number of pupils involved then took part in a trip to Ibrox and Parkhead where they had a tour of the grounds and took part in workshops where they found out how both Rangers and Celtic dealt with the issue of Sectarianism.

To end the project, on June 3rd, Kenny Miller the Scotland International football player and former Musselburgh Grammar School pupil, returned to his old school to present awards to the prize-winners. Kenny is only one of three players to ever play for both Rangers, his current club, and Celtic making him an ideal choice to be able to reflect on Sectarian issues in Scotland.

It was a great project to be involved in and one in which we all learned a lot. Thanks to all those who participated, pupils, staff, guests and designer! A list of all the prize winners and photographs can be see on our Competitions and A curriculum for Excellence pages. Large Display boards showing images of the project can be viewed throughout the school.

Competitions – Part 2

This year saw MGS launch the Musselburgh Grammar School Savings Union.

Class 1CD took part in the competition to design the winning mascot logo. Some brilliant designs were created and in the end, there had to be joint winners!

Well done to Claire Hyndman and Jason Gray for their winning designs. Their prize was to open the first two accounts at the Savings Union – a slice of history!

See both winning designs on our Competitions page…

Competitions – Part 1

It’s been a busy year for competitions!

In April, a number of pupils entered the Annual Rotary Young Photographer Competition for 2009. The pressure was on after one of our S6 pupils last year went on to win not only the district award but also the Photographer of the Year award.

As usual, our fantastic photographers didn’t let us down and the quality of the entries was high.

Well done to all pupils who took part, but particularly to the winners:

Juta Reine (S6) who won the 16-18yrs category

Dean Ballantyne (S1) who won 1st Prize in the 12-15 yrs category

Ross Baillie S(1) who won 2nd Prize in the 12-15 yrs category

Nicole Souter (S1) who won 3rd Prize in the 12-15 yrs category

Michael Morrison (S1), Catriona Morton (S3) and Rebecca Paterson (S3) who were all Highly Commended in the 12-15 yrs category.

A presentation and buffet was held at the Quay in Musselburgh during the Easter holidays. Check out the Competitions page to see the photographs!

MGS Art and Design Department