Bonne Nouvelle Annee! Gutes Neues Jahr! Feliz ano nuevo!

Happy new year everyone! We hope you had a fab holiday and wish you all the best for a hapy and successful year in 2013.

The Mod Langs Dept :)

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La rentrée

On your marks
We’re all set for a golden session 2012-13 in Modern Languages. The new S1 cohort will start off by learning about languages on a global scale before investigating the French-speaking world. S2 are learning about school life in different countries – and this year will provide a solid grouding in French grammar. In S3, we welcome our Spanish beginners and French continuers who embark on the new CfE Level 4 courses as they move towards N4/5 Qualifications in S4. S4 French and German are focussing on key grammar and building up exam practice as well as vocabulary as they look ahead to their Intermediate prelims and exams. S5 and S6 pupils are busy with Intermediate, Higher and Advanced Higher qualifications in the different languages, some from scratch!

And we have the Spanish exchange to look forward to, International Film Club, Languages club, various outings and trips…

Finally, but by no means least is a big BIENVENUE to Madame Riffaut who joins the team this year.

And we’re off!
Mrs Roy
PS: and I have changed my name from Miss Clarke!

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Test your numbers!

Great for all year groups…test your numbers with this random number generator

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Language Learning Apps

Some apps (for your iPhone & iPad – maybe even for your Android tablet…):

Vocab learning:

 French verbs:

French radio on the go:

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Parlez-vous francais?

Click here to see how many French words we already use in the English language….. french words english language

Thanks to Miss Smith for this video!

If you find any videos you’d like us to add to your blog, just drop us a line.

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S2 with the world at their feet!

Well done to S2 yesterday! They rose to the challenge of recreating a map of the world at the back of the Law, out of nothing more than some sheets. Everyone showed great spirit and good team work skills!

Here are a few photos of the fun. Which continents can you recognise?



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Berlin, Part 2


Here is part 2 of our Berlin trip. Be warned, it`s just over 7 minutes long but I hope you enjoy it. I think there`s a bit more of the NB crew this time (although they are a rather shy, retiring bunch!).

Hope all my German pupils are working hard and learning everything they`ll need to convince me that I should take them to Germany too!

Bis bald,

Miss R

Berlin – Day 2

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Achtung…Fertig…Los! – Ready…Steady…Go! GERMAN TRIP

For your education and entertainment (and to give you an idea where your languages could take you!), here is a little clip of our trip to Berlin, filmed on Friday 11th Nov.

FYI: we´re still here, German-ing away, having a really interesting time and learning loads! Although it´s a bit tiring, we´re picking up more and more of the language at every turn. And, yes, we ARE still in Germany…due to come home on Friday to a world of Irn Bru and fry-ups :)

I hope you enjoy the video, more to come soon I hope!

Viel Spass,

Miss R

Deutschland Reise November 2011

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A little tip from Miss Smith: watch Tom from The Apprentice trying out his French. Think he’d make a fortune? Hmmmm….Alan Sugar probably doesn’t either!

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Modern Languages Department

The world is getting smaller, the part we can play in it, bigger. Our aim in the Modern Languages Department is to equip our young people for life in a global world.

While learning languages is an important skill for opening doors in the job market in later life, we also believe that it is great fun, and very rewarding. We strive to create an environment that stimulates children and encourages them to learn about, and communicate in, the world around us, and thereby also about themselves and their place in the world.

In this section you will find key information on the technics of the various languages we teach, useful vocab lists and help for essays, links to websites for self-study, and a plethora of fun stuff such as links to TV and radio stations, quizes, funnies and videos.

“He who does not know foreign languages does not know a thing about his own.”                        Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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