Changing perspectives

How the language you speak changes your view of the world

This article is well worth a read! Learning a language can really change the way you see the world….and your place in it! Thanks to Mr Coady for sharing this 🙂

Miss R

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Inspiring stories

French is such an eloquent language in which to express beauty.

Check out these inspiring videos:

Father and Son Interview after Paris attacks

Story of a survivor

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Languages Beyond School

If you’re thinking of pursuing a career in languages, check out tips and support on the SCILT website (SCILT = Scottish Centre for Information on Language Teaching…which doesn’t mean you have to become a languages teacher!!).

Beyond Languages

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Welcome back!

Hi everyone and welcome back for session 2015-2016!

I just wanted to let you know that, this session, our language drop-in sessions will continue to be held on Wednesday lunchtime from 1.15pm.

Please do drop by if you would like extra support or clarification with your language learning, or if you just fancy playing some language games, reading some foreign magazines, or chatting in your other languages.

We look forward to seeing you!

The Modern Languages Department

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French songs for free!

Frederic’s “Talk in French” blog today features a playlist of French songs that you can listen to for free via spotify.

600+ French Songs

He also has a range of 70 French Songs for Children.

Just the thing to add that continental feel when you’re enjoying your summer barbie!

Miss R


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Languages drop-in session

Throughout session 2015-16, the Modern Languages Department will continue to offer drop-in sessions on Wednesday lunchtime.

These sessions are intended to give pupils an additional opportunity to ask for clarification on things that they may not have quite grasped in class, for help with homework, and simply as an avenue to explore using language for fun and conversation. Often there is scope for teachers to work 1-to-1 with pupils.

So pop along to see us for 10 minutes or so and seek out some extra learning…we will be pleased to see you!

Miss Ritchie

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French eBooks for young learners

Great news for the weekend! After your French exams today, I know you’ll be buzzing to do more French, so here are some kiddie’s books with videos that you can access to keep you entertained before the Eurovision song contest final kicks off…

Amusez-vous bien!

Miss R

(PS) The link below is also available under French in the blogroll links.

French eBooks for young learners

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Talk in French

Dear Language Geeks 🙂

I signed up a while ago to a newsletter about language learning (cos that’s just how language legends roll!). This guy, Frederic, writes interesting blog pieces on language learning and, if you have already recognised the language geek within you, I would heartily recommend you sign up. Here’s the link:

As with all subscriptions, you can unsubscribe any time so go ahead, give it a whirl!

Miss R

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Learn French the Unboring Way

Found this article folks. The tips in it would apply to learning any language.

Take a look, particularly at the “procrastinator” pictures – which one are you?!

Learn French The Unboring Way

Miss R

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Oral Exams for N5 and Higher French, German, Spanish

Just to let you know that your oral exams will take place during the following weeks:

week beginning 23rd February – N5 German, Higher French

week beginning 2nd March – N5 Spanish

week beginning 9th March – N5 French, Higher Spanish

Please make a note of these weeks in your homework diaries. Further details will follow regarding individual timings for that week. Your teacher will provide further information and guidance on this in class. Feel free to ask for advice!

The N5 and Higher oral exams will be treated as SQA exams. You will be given a time slot for your exam. Non-attendance at this exam (during the slot that you have been given) will be accepted as a failed attempt unless your absence is supported by a medical note. You will have the opportunity to practise for this exam in class. As always, we will be available during Wednesday lunchtimes for additional practice. Your exam will be graded according to the marking criteria for your course.

For more information about the departmental policy on oral exams, please click here:
Oral Exams Policy

And for the marking schemes:

Higher Oral Marking Criteria

National 5 Oral Marking Criteria


Good luck with your prelims and orals!

Miss R

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