Photographs S1 and S6 – Individual and Year Group – Monday 5 September 2016



After the S1 assembly, classes 1P1, 1P2, 1P3 and 1P4 should remain in the Hall, where individual photographs will be taken.  Please could their period 1 teachers, Miss Auchnie, Mrs Brownlee an Ms Gordon go to the main hall at the start of period 1 to assist pupils, to line up in registration class groups, in alphabetical order? Once all completed, pupils should return to their period 1 classrooms.



All S1 should go to their normal period 2 classes.

1P5, 1P6, 1P7 and 1P8 should be registered and drop their bags off in their classrooms.  The period 2 teacher should take them down to the Dining Hall once all pupils have been registered.  There, they should line up, in their registration class groups, in alphabetical order.  Ms Blair, Miss Ballantyne, Mr Walls and Ms Wilson – I would appreciate if you could help with this.  Pupils will then be taken, in order, into the Main Hall where individual photographs will be taken. Once all completed, pupils should return to their period 2 classrooms.



All S6 should go to their normal period 3 classes and thereafter go straight to the main hall. Please line up in registration class in alphabetical order.  Once your photograph has been taken, please return to your period 3 classrooms.



All S6 should go to their period 5 classes to be registered and then go to the playing fields for the S6 group photograph. Thereafter, S6s can return to their period 5 classes.



All S1s should go to their normal Period 6 classes

All S1 pupils should be registered and then the period 6 teacher should take them to the playing fields for the S1 group photograph. Miss Fruish, Ms Hudson, Mr Young, Mr Walls, Mr McClintock, Ms Cochrane and Ms Taylor – I would appreciate your help with this.  Once completed, all pupils should return to their period 6 classrooms.


Pupils should be wearing the following: white shirt and school tie, black trousers / skirts, black footwear. Any pupils inappropriately dressed should be sent to the school office immediately by their class teachers, to see a member of SMT.


Volunteers required for tuck shop

We are very lucky to have a group of parents who organise and run our Saturday morning tuck shop, providing drinks and snacks for visiting schools who come to play hockey and rugby.

In order to make this happen, we are looking for more volunteers. It is not a big commitment, usually one or two Saturdays throughout the season. The more volunteers we have, the fewer mornings everyone has to do.

It is a great asset to the school, and helps to strengthen the school ethos. Many visiting schools comment on how lucky we are to have such a great set-up.

If you could help out, or would like more information, please contact Eileen Ramsay on

Maths Department Senior Phase Online Textbook Access

The maths department has bought the license to textbooks for N4 & N5 Maths and N5 Lifeskills Maths.  These can be accessed via the school maths pages or by visiting:

All senior phase students have been issued with a username and password.  Please contact the maths department if you need a reminder!

For those using iPhones and iPads, our experience is that downloading Google Chrome web browser makes this resource much more user friendly.

For those following Higher, there are HSN resources for each topic uploaded onto the website.  We have currently covered The Straight Line and Vectors but it would also be worth looking over some of the Essential Skills folders for N5 revision too.

Please use the summer to get your notes in order and come back in August ready to build on your learning.

Maths Department