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Careers Update

The S6 careers talk was delivered today along with a fantastic input from some of our former students who spoke about their experiences of, a gap year, college and university study along with modern apprenticeships and full time jobs. You can view the talk at: and you are welcome to email me with any questions or comments. Part of the session also included feedback from our current S6 students which you may find interesting!

Mick Burns
Careers Adviser
North Berwick High

Gap Medics Programmes

Gap Medics strives to strengthen pupils as individuals, applicants and future health providers. They have standardised programmes abroad which centre on structured, observational shadowing placements under the guidance of international mentors. In addition to observing a variety of diagnoses, treatments and procedures in our partner hospitals, pupils are privileged to attend department meetings and interact with patients.

Click the links below to view the programmes:

Medicine, Dentistry & PA

Nursing & Midwifery