Hairdressing Salon

The Salon in NBHS is in its 4th year now and has seen many student success stories and progression into the industry. As well as students who would like to do Hairdressing as a career we also have many students who are using the course to increase their employability and social skills whilst improving their practical skills in hairdressing.

S2 Enhancement and S3 students

The S2 enhancement classes run for 6 months of the year with S3 students taking the course over the entire year.

This gives the students the opportunity to get a “taste” of Hairdressing and be in a position to make a more informed decision about whether Hairdressing is a subject they would like to take in S4. The students work primarily on their practical skills and learn about some of the theory work they will be working through in S4.

National 4 (SCQF Level 4)

National 4 is delivered to S4 students, the course requires the students to reach standards in their practical skills in washing, blow dries, hair-ups and using other tools and equipment to create professional styles on their clients. Guest speakers visit the salon as part of the Salon Awareness Unit which gives students the opportunity to ask questions in relation to the Hairdressers career.

They work towards completing 4 units;

Working in the Salon
Salon Awareness

National 5 (SCQF Level 5)

National 5 is delivered to S5 and S6 students in a composite class. The National 5 sees students learn about Colour processes and implications and responsibilities of a higher level of working. Students are required to produce a final unit comprising of all the techniques and styles that they have been taught and researched throughout the year.

National 5 has 4 Units :

Working in a Salon Environment
Salon Skills
Introduction to Colour
Creative Trends 

Field Trips

Salon International – London.
Hair and Beauty Show – Ingliston.

where possible the Salon will take classes out of school to professional events to learn about new products, styles and equipment.