A Busy First Week in P7A

We have had a really busy first week back in P7A. We have participated in lot’s of fun team building activities and  enjoyed sharing a little bit about ourselves with the items we included in “A Bag About Me”

We made very detailed and personalised collage silhouette pictures to show our interests and things that are important in our lives. We each created a Superhero Helper “mini me” for our Senior Student job display and wrote very persuasive letters to Miss Eeles applying for these roles.

Everyone is excited to be learning about the Titanic and pupils in P7A generated many super questions about their new topic. We look forward to exploring these in the coming weeks. 🙂

First day in P7!

A great first day in P7C! Everyone successfully managed to find where to line up and were all eager to start learning!

To get to know our new home teams we all enthusiastically attempted the ‘Marshmallow Challenge’! Each team was set the task to build a tower using 20 pieces of spaghetti, 90cm of cellotape and 90cm of string. The teams only had 22 minutes to complete the challenge and they had to place their marshmallow at the top of their tower. The tallest, freestanding tower would win the challenge!

Look at the concentration of their faces!

Some of P7’s reflections after the challenge…

‘The spaghetti was so fragile, it snapped every time I touched it!’

‘I thought the marshmallow would be really light so it would be ok on top of our tower but it was too heavy!’

‘Our team came up with four plans but none of them worked!’

Congratulations to Tess, Jared, Adam and Tara who created an impressive tower of 46cm tall! Well done to all of P7C – fantastic teamwork!


Goodbye P7!

Pupils, staff, parents and friends gathered together on Friday to say goodbye to our wonderful P7 year group!

Thank you to the Parent Council for giving every pupil in P7 a t-shirt and to Richard Taylor for taking the photos.

We wish all the P7s a wonderful summer and a great start to secondary school in August!  We look forward to hearing about your achievements in the future.

P7 Team

Three Day Visit to DGS

P7 parents should have received information regarding the three day visit to Dunbar Grammar School.  If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher or Miss Eeles on 01368 860997.

On Friday 17th June:  P7 pupils should bring £10 to learn how to ‘top up’ their Smart Card.  The money can be used for snacks and lunch on Mon 20th & Tues 21st June.  Pupils register at Lochend Campus at 8.45am and will be dismissed from Dunbar Grammar School at 12.30pm.

On Monday 20th & Tuesday 21st June: P7 pupils will register at DGS at 8.35am and will be dismissed at 3.50pm.

Pupils should wear school uniform as normal for the three day visit and bring a school bag with all the relevant items, e.g. pencil case, inhaler, water bottle and gym kit.

P7 Rotary Quiz Round 2

Last night a team of P7s competed in the East Area round of the Rotary Club Quiz. Rory, Abigail, Max & Thomas answered questions in all areas of the curriculum and finished in first place with a fantastic score!

Second place went to Prestonpans Primary School and both teams advance to Round 3 in June.

Well done to all involved!  We look forward to cheering you on in the next round!

IMG_6806 IMG_6810

Big Generation Catch Project

P2, P4 & P7 pupils worked with STRiVE Wellbeing on The Big Generation Catch project funded by the Heritage Lottery. The project explored the fishing heritage of Dunbar and captured memories of fishing from past to present.

The whole P4 year group had the opportunity to contribute to the project, creating art work and building a small model fishing boat. A group of P7 children were also involved and learned how to use professional film equipment and produced their own film. P2 pupils helped to interview fishermen in the community.

The film will be used as part of an exhibition at the Dunbar Townhouse Museum.

We invited family members and the local community to the launch last month at Lochend Campus and we can now show you the final video! We are VERY proud of the pupils that contributed to this wonderful project. Enjoy!

Transition Day – 28th April

The cluster P7s joined us at Lochend Campus for a curricular transition morning on Thursday 28th April led by Dunbar Grammar School staff.  Eight faculty teachers set up a lesson in different classrooms and P7 pupils followed a timetable from 9.30am – 12.30pm.  The bell rang every 20 minutes to indicate it was time to move on!

Gareth Hill (Active Schools Co-ordinator) and the DGS P.E department planned a sports session for P7 pupils after lunch.

Aims of the afternoon:

  • Introduce P7 pupils to DGS in an informal and social setting
  • Develop relationships through sport and activity with pupils from different schools
  • Introduce P7 pupils to DGS P.E and extra-curricular sports staff
  • Provide the P7 pupils with a positive experience of Dunbar Grammar School’s extensive extra-curricular programme
  • Have fun!

The theme of our curricular transition day was ‘Learning for Sustainability’ with a focus on communication and collaboration skills.  This theme will be continued on the three day visit to Dunbar Grammar School in June.

P7 April Newsletter


You should have received a paper copy of the P7 Newsletter on Friday 15th April.  We thought it might be a good idea to stick it up on the fridge at home to keep track of everything going on!  We have also sent a copy to parents on our e-mail distribution list.

Please see an electronic copy here:

APRIL – JULY 2016 Newsletter

It has lots of important dates and details about the term ahead.  The P7s have come back after the Easter break ready for a busy but exciting time!

If you have any queries throughout the term, please do hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher or Miss Eeles.

Thank you for your continued support.

P7 World of Work Week

P7 had a great week learning all about skills for learning, life & work.  Activities in class have all been based on the ‘World of Work’ and we’ve had a huge range of visiting speakers!

Dr Liz Fletcher (science manager at The University of Edinburgh), John Ferguson (retired firefighter), Mr Orr (teacher), Matthew Alsop (financial consultant), Calum Robertson (principal software engineer), John Sparksman (retired special constable), Iain Gray (MSP), Jane Wood (managing director), Miss Todd (teacher), Richard Illingworth (chartered accountant), Douglas Wight (journalist & writer), Callum Maguire (Queen Margaret University), Barry Chisholm (mechanical engineer), Lawson Auden (owner of CrossFit East Rocks) & Dr Mark Brougham (hospital doctor).

Thank you so much to all the visiting speakers!  The week would not have been successful without your input.