Competition – DAFTAs 2015

Primary 7, this an exciting competition that we think you might like to be involved in. You can send in an individual entry or get a group of friends together and have fun making your own film!

DAFTA (Dunbar Amazing Film Talent Award) – Dunbar Short Film Competition 2015

Free competition! All you need to enter is a camera and an idea. Your film can be about anything you like. You can make it using a camera, an iPod, a tablet or even a phone. The only rule is that it has to be between 2 and 5 minutes long.

The best films will be shown on the big screen at the award ceremony at Hallhill on Saturday 20 June and the maker of the winning film will receive a fabulous DAFTA Trophy as well as other prizes.

Deadline for entries 13 June.

Find out more at or just google dunbar film.

Dunbar Civic Week Dunbar Film Shorts

Holes Novel Study – Looking more closely at Yellow Spotted Lizards!

P7A have been showing their fantastic creative skills during our Art lessons this week. Using their chapter 8 analysis to guide them, they moulded their own lizard and painted on the specific details of the Yellow Spotted Lizard that lurks around Camp Green Lake.

Have a look at the artists hard at work!


Friday 27th February Update

We have had another wonderful & busy week in P7! Please look out for the P7 Profile letter that will have been e-mailed to you or sent home today. The pupils are excited to get started with this transition activity.

You will also have received a World Book Day flyer & Comic Relief information. Please take a look at the school website if you require more information:

Iain Gray (MSP) visited the year group today and this concluded our Scottish Parliament topic. Iain sent an email after the visit to say: “I really enjoyed this morning, and the pupils certainly are a credit to the school (and staff!), I hope they enjoyed it too.” Please see P7 blog posts below to look at some of the learning that has taken place.

We are now moving on to the class novel study, ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar. This is a wonderful novel and we know the year group will enjoy the book and literacy work we have planned for them.

The Big Pedal starts on Monday 2nd March so please encourage your child to cycle and scoot to school over the next three weeks.  We can win fantastic prizes!

We have asked the P7s to try and bring in the following resources for a SciFest science workshop on Monday 9th March. We would be grateful if you could provide the following:

*2 or 3 carrier bags (the thin, light type that you get from supermarkets)
*3 Tetra Paks (the 1 litre cartons used for juice and/or milk)

Please do not buy anything specifically for this – the organisers would like it to be genuine waste.

Thank you for your continued support,

Twitter: @DunbarPrimary

P7 Elections!

All parties delivered powerful election speeches in front of their class in the bid to win their votes. Unfortunately, there could only be one party that would make it through to the next stage!

After all the votes were counted, class winners were:

P7A: Party ABCD (Action Bringing Country Democrats)

P7B: S.N.A.P

P7C: Think Big!

P7D: DLP (Dunbar Local Party)

Then it was onto the final elections! Each party delivered their speech in front of the whole year group. They showed themselves to be confident individuals and passionate about the issues they believed needed to be tackled.

The winning party was…

Think Big!

A big well done to all the parties in the P7 elections. You put in 100% effort into the research, preparation and rehearsals leading up to the final elections.

To finish our Scottish Parliament topic, we are all looking forward to meeting our local MSP, Iain Gray, tomorrow morning!

P7 Spring Fling!

World of Work – Thank You!


Wow, what a week! The World of Work event has been a wonderful success for the second year running. We have had fantastic feedback from the pupils and lots of valuable learning has taken place.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the 16 speakers throughout the week for volunteering their time to come along and talk to the year group. The week would simply not have been a success without you and we hope you enjoyed it!

P7 Team


P7’s World of Work Reflections: Day 4

We got to meet Judy Newton, a nurse who specialises in Motor Neurone Disease. She gave a fantastic talk about her job as a MND nurse. She helped us all to understand exactly what Motor Neurone Disease is and how it affects a person.

We then got introduced to Police Superintendent, Matt Richards. He explained to us the different roles in the police and what he gets up to on a ‘normal’ day! Everyone enjoyed getting to see Matt’s uniform and some of his equipment he uses to keep himself and members of the public safe.

We lastly got to met a solicitor called Dorothy Kellas. Dorothy helped us to understand what a lawyer is and the many ways they can help us. She explained why she wanted to become a lawyer and the qualifications she needed to reach her dream.

Check out our reflections from day 4:

I did not know that the Ice Bucket Challenge raised over £500,000 for research into MND.

Police only use their weapons as a last resort.

I loved learning about the nerves in our body.

I learned that the brain sends signals to the body to tell the body part to move.

Judy helps people that find the hard to move.

I learned that you need to be very caring and patient to be a nurse.

I learned lawyers are very organised and prepared people.

I learned that Miss Robertson’s first job was working in a shoe shop.

I learned what MND is.

I learned that the Chief Superintendent  is the highest rank in the police.

I didn’t know there are so many rankings in the police.

I learned its takes you over 5 years training to become a lawyer.