P7D Sockaloon Mascots

At the beginning of the year, we submitted designs for a class ‘Sockaloon’ mascot to Mrs Ambrozevich.  Each mascot had to have a back story!

These are the winning designs!

We have:

Spot – An alien who fell to Earth and became a circus tiger tamer!

Fluffy – A football who won the world cup!

Fredo – He is a brilliant swimming teacher and lifeguard!


We would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Ambrozevich who very kindly made our mascots! We think they are amazing!

Primary 7D

Some Sporty Snaps!

All primary 7 pupils have been participating in fitness circuits this week in PE. We had fun using the ipads to film ourselves taking part in some of the activities such as long jump and javelin. It’s amazing how watching yourself in slow motion can help you to see how you can improve your  style. SAM_2009 SAM_2010 SAM_2011 SAM_2013 SAM_2014 SAM_2016 SAM_2017 SAM_2019 SAM_2020

Who Was To Blame? P7C’s Quiz Quiz Trade Debate

Today we explored who might be to blame for the Titanic disaster. We began in our home teams looking at passenger and crew profiles before swapping our facts with as many people as we could around the classroom. There were some fantastic conversations taking place about the role the owners, the shipbuilders, captain, crew, communicators, designer and even the crew from nearby ships had to play in the tragedy. Some pupils also felt that the regulatory board and the newspapers had played their part in creating Titanic’s “unsinkable” reputation. After we had gathered and debated the evidence for all parites involved, we cast secret votes to find out who P7C collectively feel is responsible for the sinking of Titanic. It was very interesting looking at the results!SAM_2027 SAM_2028 SAM_2029 SAM_2031 SAM_2032 SAM_2033 SAM_2034 SAM_2035 SAM_2036

P7A get very cold!

It is hard to imagine how cold it must have been when the Titanic sank to the bottom of the ocean at 2.20am on April 14th 1912. With nowhere near enough lifeboats for all 2211 souls abroad, hundreds of helpless people were stranded in the icy North Atlantic.

During our initial discussion about the water, many of us felt the victims would still be able to survive for up to “an hour or so” whilst the lifeboats returned to save them.

To help us to get a better idea of just how cold it must have been for those poor passengers, some of us took part in an ice water challenge. Our bucket was full of very cold water and lots of ice cubes! We put our hand or foot in the bucket to feel how cold it was. Check out our facial expressions as we try to stay in the water! Many of us could only stay in there for a few seconds. We found it difficult to wiggle our fingers and toes afterwards as they were so cold!

The passengers and crew of the Titanic had to swim in water even colder than the water in our bucket. This made us think twice about our original predictions about surviving in the freezing ocean.

We also watched this video clip.


This helped us to understand how vital it is to keep warm. We felt that if an experienced navy seal could last a maximum of an hour then the Titanic passengers might have only lasted a few minutes.

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