P7A Fitness!

P7 were working on their cardiovascular fitness and strengthening their muscles today during our PE lesson. We participated in a fitness circuit with our partners and pushed ourselves to make improvements in the exercises we tried last week.


Good effort P7!

P7A Egyptian Art!

P7A were inspired today after listening to ancient Egyptian legends about the creation of the universe. Using watercolours and coloured paper, we designed our own representation of the legends.

Check out some the class working creatively with watercolour paints.


Read on to find out more about the legend…

The Legend of the Creation of the Universe

Legends tell us that the Egyptian universe began in water and darkness. Atum, the first sun god, gave birth to twins – Shu who represented the air and Tefnut, who was the goddess of water. They had twins called Nut and Geb. It was Nut, the sky goddess, who stretched her star covered body across the world. Geb’s body formed the Earth and Shu’s strong arms stopped the heavens collapsing on those below. The Egyptians believed that they would live on the stars in the next world. Many coffin lids were decorated with paintings of Nut stretching across the universe with her beautiful star-covered body!

Our artwork is a work in progress – we will post more photos of our finished pieces soon!

P7A and Miss Robertson

Welcome Back!


Primary 7 have had such a great start to the year! The whole year group applied for their Senior Student job in the first few days by writing a letter to Miss Eeles. Each P7 pupil now has a job for the year and they have already impressed us with their maturity and enthusiasm!

The jobs include Media Monitor, Wet Weather Helper, Corridor Monitor, Dining Hall Helper, Photographer, Assembly Helper, Star of the Week Board Designer, Junior Road Safety Officer, PE Cupboard Monitor, Meeter & Greeter, Trolley Monitor, Milk Monitor & Library Monitor.

Reminder: Meet the Teacher evening is on Wednesday 2nd September at Lochend Campus from 6 – 7pm. If you can’t make it, the P7 team will send out a letter on Friday 4th September to all P7 parents/carers with the relevant information.

The year group have started with their first ‘mini’ topic on Ancient Egypt. We will talk more about the year ahead at Meet the Teacher.

We look forward to seeing you then!

P7 Leaver’s Dance!

P7 Reminder!

A few reminders for P7

  • Pupils in the ‘Alice The Musical’ chorus should bring a white pillow slip to school as soon as possible. P7 – please ask permission before taking one as these are going to be turned into your costume and so will not be usable after the show!
  • All books must be returned to the library as the library is now closed. Please bring into school any books you still have at home.
  • We are on the hunt for ‘animal themed’ onesies! If anyone has one at home could you bring it into school as it might come in handy for the show!


Remember your packed lunch tomorrow – hopefully the weather will be kind to us for our trip to Lauderdale Park!

P7 Team

Rugby World Cup visits North Berwick

On Friday 12th June the rugby communities of East Lothian celebrated the arrival of the Webb Ellis Cup at North Berwick Rugby Club with a festival of youth rugby and nine of our P7 pupils took part.

Teams from Dunbar, Haddington, Tranent, Musselburgh, Prestonpans and North Berwick took part a festival of 7s for U16, U14 and P7s.

Guests included former Scotland International and SRU Rugby Ambassador Chris Patterson, Scotland rugby coach, Vern Cotter, Scotland 7s player, Chris Dean and Lochie, the Scotland team mascot!