P7 Newsletter April – June 2017

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P7 APRIL – JUNE 2017 Newsletter

As you will see, we are looking forward to a very busy and exciting term ahead!

We have tried to include as many dates and details as we can at the moment.  EVERY child in P7 has been given a paper copy of this newsletter as we thought it would be useful to stick up on the fridge!  If you are on the e-mail list, you will also receive an electronic copy.

If you have any questions, please speak to your child’s class teacher or Miss Eeles.

P7 Update – March 2017

P7 Update – March 2017

The Risk Factory
P7 pupils will be visiting The Risk Factory after the Easter holidays. A letter will come out with more details on the first day back. The cost of the trip is £4 per pupil.

Please encourage your child to check their Mathletics profile for regular challenges set by the class teacher. A variety of maths revision games can also be found on the P7 Blog.

P7 Profiles
As P7 pupils prepare to move from primary to secondary school they add to their personal profile throughout the year. All pupils know how to access and edit their profile.

We allocate ICT sessions in school throughout the year to work on P7 profiles but pupils should work on it at home independently and think of it as on-going homework. Please let the class teacher know if you do not have internet access at home as we run a weekly lunch time profile lunch club every Monday.

P7 Transition
We will be sending a newsletter home on Friday 21st April with lots of P7 transition dates & information about the last term.

Cinderella Performance

P7 performed their finished ‘Cinderella’ play this week with Madame Scott using a French script. They’ve all had a lot of fun!

P7 Plankton Art Project

Information taken from the ‘North Lights Art’ Website: https://northlightarts.org.uk/2016/12/plankton-project-dunbar-primary-school/

North Light Arts have just completed five amazing days in Dunbar Primary School in connection with Donald Urqhart’s public art work for The Battery on Dunbar Harbour.

The two incredible artists Linda Greig and Anna Davis from Dunbar worked with the classes for a full day, creatively helping the students learn about and interpret the life of plankton. Linda had sourced some water from the harbour that had tiny specimens of the species of plankton that can be found in the waters around Dunbar.

The students then studied the structure of different plankton through observational drawing and later by inventing and naming their own plankton. Traces were then made to take their drawings into mono printing and screen printing with Anna. The results were so good they will be displayed in the Community Room of Dunbar Town House at the same time as Donald’s exhibition is being held here in March 2017.

P7 French Play

P7 performed scenes from ‘Cinderella’ this week with Madame Scott using a French script. We got some fantastique photos!

P7 Spring Fling!

A great time had by all!!

P7 World of Work – Thank You!

The World of Work was a wonderful success for the fourth year running. We received fantastic feedback from the pupils and lots of valuable learning took place.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the 16 speakers throughout the week for volunteering their time to come along and talk to the year group or individual classes. The week would simply not have been a success without you and we hope you enjoyed it!

Lucy & Rebecca (P7 pupils) have written the following blog post together, all about World of Work:

The P7s have been taking part in a World of Work Week, where we think about what jobs we might like to have in the future and the skills we might need for them. We’ve had some inspirational people come in to tell us about their jobs.
On Monday we had Dee, a Marine Biologist and Callum, the Head of Outreach and Community Engagement from Queen Margret University. We also met two businessmen. One, Lawson, runs Crossfit East Rocks which is a fitness and sports organisation. The other, Gordon Nicolson, runs his own kilt making business. They all told us about the skills they use every day and what ones are really important to develop.
On Tuesday, an Architect came in and explained many different types of architecture to everyone and how he became one. Our class also had a voice over artist/copywriter, Julie Love, who inspired one of our classmates to become a voice over artist.
Yesterday we met a lawyer called Mr Ward. He played a fun game with us about human rights and we all had to vote on what rights we would keep and ones we would give away if we had to! As well as that, an electrical engineer and apprentice, who both work at Torness Power Station, came in to tell us about what they do. We did an activity about following instructions that resulted in a lot of fun (and disaster!)
Thursday was also very exciting. In the morning a journalist came in and he showed us what short-hand writing is. We learned that it is a quick way of taking notes when you are a journalist.  Here is an example:

A vet came in this afternoon and told us about different jobs in a veterinary medicine. Andrew has been a vet for three years now and loves working with animals. He told us it can be quite hard to get into university for this course and gave us advice for getting as much experience as possible, maybe volunteering somewhere locally.
On the last day of World of Work, Iain Gray (our MSP) came in to talk to us. We were all really interested in what he had to say about the Scottish Parliament as we have just finished that topic.
Thank you for reading what we got up to during our exciting World of Work week!

P7 Spring Fling 2017

The annual P7 ‘Spring Fling’ disco will be held on Thursday 9th March at Dunbar Primary School (Lochend Campus) from 6.15 – 8.15pm. It is a great opportunity for P7s across the cluster to socialise with each other in a very informal setting.

The cost of the evening will be £2 per pupil. This will cover the cost of the disco and refreshments (juice, chocolate/sweet and an ice lolly to cool down after all the dancing!).

Please return the slip & money to your child’s class teacher by Friday 3rd March in a sealed envelope.

If you prefer, cheques can be made out to East Lothian Council or you can make an online payment at http://www.eastlothian.gov.uk/ (click ‘pay for it’).

You should have received a letter on Friday 24th February with more details. If you have any questions, please let your child’s class teacher or Miss Eeles know.

A.R February Update

It’s great to see so many Primary 7 pupils reading over 1 million words! We are so pleased to see a love of reading across the year group – keep it up!

Remember if you’re looking for recommendations on what to read next, ask a friend, your teacher or Miss Eeles. They’ll be able to suggest something you will hopefully enjoy!

Total Books Read (Aug 2016 – Feb 2017): 7, 552

Total Words Read (Aug 2016 – Feb 2017): 145,088,070

Top Five Favourite Books (voted by the pupils):

  1. The Midnight Gang, David Walliams
  2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down, Jeff Kinney
  3. I’m Telling You, They’re Aliens! Jeremy Strong
  4. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck, Jeff Kinney
  5. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, J.K.Rowling

P7 Profile Update – Feb 2017

All P7 parents and carers received a letter / e-mail in September 2016 with information about the P7 profiles.  We also tweeted information in November 2016 and added a reminder to the January 2017 newsletter.

13th – 24th February:  P7 teachers & Miss Eeles will be looking at each individual profile to check for progress.  We will discuss next steps with P7 pupils after this time.


As P7 pupils prepare to move from primary to secondary school they are expected to add to their personal profile throughout the year. Pupils have been shown how to access and edit their profile. All P7 pupils have a username, password and profile site set up for them. Miss Eeles can reset passwords if necessary.

We have used the online profile for three years and pupils are often keen to add their own personal touch! We encourage them to make it personal by changing the theme and background colours. They can also add photos and documents, e.g. achievement photos from clubs and scanning in work and / or certificates they are particularly proud of.

How to log in and update your profile:

1. Go to www.google.com and click on ‘Sign In’

2. Type your username and password

3. Click on the ‘Apps’ button and then ‘Sites’ (see picture)

4. Click on your site name (your profile)

If you have any questions about the P7 profile please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or Miss Eeles on 01368 860 997.