Well Done Kyle


Kyle has made it into the Top 20 in the UK on Mathletics – Well Done!

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Jamie Wins Trophy


Jamie won the ‘Best Novice’ trophy at the West of Scotland Carting Club.

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Bugsy Malone

SAM_8233SAM_8222 SAM_8225 SAM_8226 SAM_8228SAM_8231

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Thank You from the Scottish Book Trust

SBT LogoOn Tuesday I attended the shortlist panel meeting at the Scottish Book Trust.  We selected the 3 finalists for the 2015 Scottish Children’s Book Awards for 8-11 year olds from the 16 books P7 have been reading.  I was asked by the SBT to pass on their thanks for the hard work done by the children.  The comments made were much appreciated by the panel and were very influential in deciding the 3 finalists.

The shortlisted books are ….. TOP SECRET until the official launch on 28th August.  Watch this space for details.

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Leavers’ Hoodies Arrive


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Scottish Children’s Book Awards 2015

SBT LogoPrimary 7 have been invited to help select the 3 books that will form the short list for the 2015 Scottish Children’s Book Awards.

We have been sent copies of the 15 long list books for us to read and comment on.  These comments will be taken forward to the selection panel meeting at the end of May where the short list will be decided.

The members of P7 will, therefore, be reading as many of these as possible over the next 5 weeks.

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Bugsy Malone

The evening performance of Bugsy Malone is provisionally booked for Wednesday 4th June.  Please keep this date free.

If anyone loses their script, a copy can be downloaded HERE.

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Our Adverts

This week we have been working on TV adverts to sell our products:

Super Scottish Bee, Bendy Nessie, Hairy Haggis, Scot-Wipers, Eye Spy Scotland.

We worked out what was in an advert: voiceover, captions, catchy music and acting.  We then made our own.

We made captions using powerpoint and then added a voiceover.  We then made our adverts and edited in the captions.  We had to record videos to make our advert more intresting, the adverts could only be 30 seconds long. It was a challange to get all the information in such a short time, it had to include our products, price, logo, company details and something catchy like a song or a slogan.

This week we have been organising and practising a presentation for our Dragon’s Den next week.  We all had to add something different and exciting to catch the Dragons attention. ,ach team has to show the advert we finished earlier this week in the presentation.

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Authors Live – Illustration Slam


For BlogPictured with the Chris Riddell, Eilidh Child, Debbie Gliori and Piet Grobler

On Thursday all of P7 and 17 pupils from P5 went to Glasgow in a coach to watch Authors Live the Illustration Slam. We watched Chris Riddell, Debi Gliori and Piet Grobler draw some pictures in 40 minutes. Debi Gliori used chalk to make up a new sport called Downhill Volcano Skiing; Chris Riddell used a black brush pen to make up a scene which he called Dandelion and Burdock and Piet Grobler  used oil pastels to make up a character called Winifred the opera singer.

There was also a surprise visit from Olympic and Commonwealth medallist Eilidh Child.

All 3

Click  HERE to watch the event from the Scottish Book Trust website.

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Book Week

Angie TownsendAngie Townsend came and told us about her book club in Musselburgh. We all thought of words and put them on the board and went around the class playing ‘fortunately unfortunately’.

David TorranceDavid Torrance came to tell us about the Bible. He also told us about how he came to like books.

Jamie AndrewJamie Andrew came to talk about his story of how he lost his arms, legs and a bit of his ear and how he wrote a book about it. He also showed us how he can juggle.

Janet McKayJanis MacKay came to talk about her story The Accidental Time Traveller. She also talked about her other books about Magnus Finn.

These are the winners of the Scottish childrens book awards. Janis MacKay is the winner of the younger reader awards (8-11 year-olds). She got the award for her book The Accidental Time Traveller.

Moira CormackMoira Cormack told us about her story called The Witch of Land and Sea. We also played a game were we had 12 words and had to use them all in a story in 5 minutes.

ParachuteWe made parachutes and tried to get them to the ground the slowest. Mrs Taylor organised it and she got help from some parents.

ScienceWe accidentally had a science experiment about food digestion from two science teachers from Ross High. It was meant to be P5!


Our theme for Book Week was pirates.  We have been reading Treasure Island and making our own treasure maps.  This is some of us dressed up as pirates.


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