Clyde Visits Pinkie!

Today was a very exciting day at the school as we got a visit from a very special guest – Clyde! Pinkie – St – Peters was one of a few lucky schools in Scotland to win the competition and get to meet the Commonwealth Games Mascot! Not only did we meet Clyde, we learnt about the different nations taking part and a bit about the 17 sports the athletes will be participating in. Clyde! This got us excited about the upcoming games and we all look forward to learning more this term!

Miss Nuttall

Diary Dates

There are a few events happening over the coming weeks which we will publish in our Newsletter.  Please find noted below some dates you may wish to make a note of:

Friday 25 April – P7 pupils to the Risk Factory
Friday 2 May – P7 Drama – Humpty Dumpty (in school)
Friday 2 May – Fundraising Group meeting (9.00 am)
Wednesday 7 May – P3 Football  (at Pinkie)
Wednesday 7 May – P5 Golf sessions (at Pinkie)
Wednesday 14 May – P7 Rugby Tournament (at Meadowmill)
Wednesday 14-28 May – P4 Rugby (at Pinkie)

Dear PTA

playground squad having fun

playground squad having fun

having  even more fun

having more fun

Dear PTA,



We are very thankful for giving us £1000 for the playground equipment. All the playground squads have been sorting through the amazing stuff we got and “testing” the equipment.  We have got things like space hoppers, basketball hoop.


 by Ben


Dear pinkie parents

We would like to thank you for your superb playground games you donated money towards!

We spent time sorting out all the games we could play with and we are very grateful for your generous donation. This is the first of many thanks to come!

Playground squad !

by sophia