Learning in P1a this week!

This week in Primary 1a we have been learning all about the 5 senses and how they help us explore the world around us. Everyone was really excited to share their learning with you on the blog.

We had 4 stations that we went round and it was really fun. They were:

  1. Smell: We had cups that had different smells in them such as lemon juice, coffee, vanilla and garlic. We couldn’t see in them and we had to guess what they were!
  2. Hearing: inside plastic eggs were objects like; bells, stones, rice and water and we had to work out which one was which.
  3. Sight: we had to put on a pair of goggles which had one eye covered! We had to try and write our name using the sight from just one eye!
  4. Touch: we had lots of different materials stuck to a big bit of paper and we had to feel them and describe what they felt like.

We are going to do taste in a couple of weeks time!

Here are some pictures:

Josh Kay also wrote a book at home called ‘What did the fox say?’. He read it to the class who all enjoyed it and found it funny. Here is a picture of Josh with his book, well done Josh!

More next week!

Sports Day

We would like to remind parents that Sports Day for all pupils will be on Monday 29 May.  The P1-3 event will take place in the morning, starting at 9.15 am and the P4-7 event will be at 1.15 pm.

Should we have to postpone this event,  parents will be informed by a text message on Monday morning.  We have scheduled Monday 5th June as a back up date.

P.3a Newsround

Last week we did tag rugby where you have to steal the belts from others and we had fun. We have also been working on our PLP targets. We have been doing our handwriting, and we also made skeletons out of KNEX in science. We saw the P/4 assembly and they convinced their parents to go out and do the Pinkie 15 after it! We also worked on our Team flags, and sorted our names. We also started doing our times tables in Numeracy, and started working on our Powerpoints in ICT.

This week we will be continuing to explore how we experience feelings and emotions, starting to look at weight as our next measurement focus, writing a set of instructions for our very own ‘marvellous medicines’ and continuing with our Powerpoint presentations.

Wider Achievement: Well done to Borys, who showed off his medals for Judo last week!

Reminders: Friday (26th May) is a ‘Dress Down’ day in exchange for items for the School Fair Tombola, and Monday (29th May) is School Sports Day.

Learning in p1c

We have been very busy recently in Primary 1c. In maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D Shapes. We have explored different shapes and have been learning about their properties. Last week we focussed on 3D shapes and what they look like. We made different towers and had to label the different shapes we used. We also sorted different shapes into their name labels. This was quite tricky but we supported each other and worked well in our teams.

In Literacy we are continuing to learn and use new sounds. We now know different together sounds and we are all learning to use our sounds to make words. We try to use our blending boards everyday to practise the sounds we learn.

Our IDL topic is ‘My Healthy Body’. We have been learning about different parts of the Human Body and labelling them. We drew a big person and labelled it together as a class and then in the sand we were finding lots of different body parts and putting them together correctly – it was one of our Rainbow Tasks. We are going to move on to learn about different healthy foods and the senses – that should be really fun.

Check back next week for some more updates on our learning.

Primary 1c and Mrs Denham

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