P.3a Newsround

Last week we looked at maps and we made table top maps. We are still looking at poetry and we made a birthday poem. Here it is:


Loud fancy dancy music
Noisy crazy fun party
Huge tasty creamy cake
Lots of awesome pretty presents
Popping shiny colourful balloons

We looked at the temperature of water in science, and we learned about the boiling and freezing points (100 degrees and zero degrees). We started our French lessons and learned to count to 20.

Next week will be writing our own list poems, as well as performing our Scottish poems to the class. We will continue our work on Scottish inventors, and will be practising our basic addition strategies in Numeracy. Of course, we are also looking forward to the performance of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ on Thursday!

What’s happening at Pinkie this week……..

 Week beginning: Monday 23 January 2017


PE Sessions (various classes)
P6 – (YMI) – Samba Workshop Sessions – O Duo


P4b – Swimming Lessons (Musselburgh Sports Centre)
Music Sessions (various classes)
Nursery – Play on Pedals – Group 3
P1c – Back to Basics Dance Sessions


P4b – Swimming Lessons (Musselburgh Sports Centre)
Drop-in: “Tea & Toast” (Nurture Room)
Group of P6 pupils – Kayaking (Musselburgh Sports Centre)
P6 Pupils to Brunton Theatre


PE Sessions (various classes)
Whole School – “Jack & the Beanstalk”
(After School) – “Kids Knit @ Pinkie”


Scottish Poetry Recital

P1a News!

What has been happening in P1a this week?


In Maths we have been continuing to work on symmetry and we have been creating our own symmetrical patterns. We are going to put them in our art gallery and ask the schools art teacher; Miss Nikitik to come and see them all.

We have also been writing our numbers correctly and counting forwards and backwards!


We have been learning about the together sound ‘sh’ this week. We have made a display of words which have ‘sh’ at the start, in the middle and at the end of the words. We have enjoyed making ‘sh’ words in our writing and trying to find them in our books.

In writing we have been writing sentences trying really hard to remember to form our letters correctly, finger spaces, full stops and capital letters.


In IDL this week we have started our topic on Scotland. So far we have looked at where Scotland is on a world map, talked about Scotland as a country and we haver placed local and national landmarks on a map!

Health and Wellbeing

We have started gymnastics in our PE lessons and this week we have been travelling in different ways including leaping, small steps, jumps and star jumps. We have also practised the tuck jump and the pencil roll which was good fun and quite challenging!

We have also talked about how everyone is unique. We recognise that everyone has their differences and we should celebrate these. We did a circle time where we had two apples which looked the same on the outside. We passed one apple round the circle and were really nice to it, giving it some compliments. The other apple we were not so nice to and bashed it about. We discovered that at the end, they still both looked the same on the outside but on the inside one apple was all bruised and we couldn’t make it better even if we said nice things to it. This lesson taught us that we should always be kind with our words and appreciate everyone for their differences.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend!

P1a and Miss Nuttall

This week in primary 1c

We have had another busy week in Primary 1c. This week we have been learning a new sound, ‘sh’. We have spoken about how this sound is made and then we drew pictures of lots of things beginning with ‘sh’. We really liked drawing pictures of shooting stars!

Mrs Denham has also been really impressed with our writing this week. We have been building words and sentences using our sounds and remembering to use our finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.

In maths we have been learning more about Symmetry. We created our own symmetrical pictures using butterflies and shapes. This was quite tricky, we had to be really careful and make sure that our shapes mirrored each other. They look fantastic and will be added to our Symmetry Gallery very soon!

We have also had music with Mrs Payne. She has been teaching us different songs using actions and echo. We really like her puppet ‘Parker’, we get to play with him and sing songs to him, some of us have even had a go at being Parker’s voice and have sang to the class.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Primary 1c and Mrs Denham

P1B News

This week we have been working hard in P1B. Below are some of our favourite parts from the week.

Alfie/ Aiden S- ‘We have been learning about symmetry. We have been making pictures of bugs an shapes.’

The children’s art work will be displayed in a symmetry gallery-photo’s  of this will follow.

Lewis- ‘We have been learning French, We have been learning the colours and played games to find things that were different colours’.

Louie- ‘We have been reading in class’.

Our shared class story this week was ‘Peg the Hen’. We read this together and  then completed activities about the story.

Jay/ Mylie- ‘ We said nice things and nasty things to an apple in circle time’.

This week we were learning about nurturing and being kind to others. We used two apples in a small task. To one apple, we spoke kindly and treated it gently. When we cut it open it looked fresh and healthy. The other apple wasn’t so lucky. We said nasty things to this apple and bashed it. We realised that even although it still looked ok on the outside, when we cut the apple open its was damaged and bruised. We talked about how this can relate to people and their feelings. The children really got the message behind the lesson and have been talking about it since.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!



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