P1a News!

We have been up to lots over the past week and here are some of the things we have been doing:

Lily – we have learning about being kind 

We have finished all of the 5 golden rule stories now and the last one we looked at was being kind and helpful. We must always be kind in school and in the playground and Primary 1a are wonderful little helpers in the classroom, especially when we have the Tidy Up Rhumba which you will find below! We are now going to make sure we follow all the golden rules in school!


Josh – writing stories using words and letters

This week we have been showing all that we have learnt in literacy this term by using our knowledge of the sounds and forming our letters to make some words. Some of us did it all by ourselves, some listened to Miss Nuttall blending the sounds and some identified the word and then copied it. We were all so proud of ourselves and what we have achieved this term.

Teaghan – we have been saying to, too, I, a, the, is, he and me

We are continuing to practise our tricky words and we are getting really good at it! We do this every day, sometimes more than once! One of our ‘Make a Rainbow’ tasks this week was to write some of the tricky words on black paper with chalk! Sometimes we make silly sentences to help us rememberthem. We know that the more we practise them, it will help us to write them and to read them in our books!

Calum- We stopped with squidgy knees and jumping two feet to two feet

In PE this term, we have been focusing on basic moves and gym hall safety and rules. We have been learning about how to use equipment safely in the gym hall, making space bubbles as well as running and jumping . Some of the activities the class said they enjoyed were: Jumping from a bench then doing a somersault, follow me, jumping on the giant spots and running with a beanbag. Well done everyone!

Zak-  counting and putting numbers in order at the rainbow task

Another one of our ‘Make a Rainbow’ tasks was sequence numbers 1 to 5, 1 to 10 or 1-20. Once we have completed this we put the coloured stick in our rainbow pocket. It is really helping us to become more independent and be responsible for our learning in the classroom.

A massive well done to all the pupils in primary 1a, you have all settled into school well and achieved so much. Everyone is very proud of you all. Have a lovely October holiday and come back ready to discover new things in term 2!

P1a and Miss Nuttall


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