What’s happening at Pinkie this week……..

Week beginning: Monday 31 August 2015


Building Work continues
P1 pupils in school all day
PE Sessions (various classes)


P1 pupils in school all day
P4 to swimming lessons at Musselburgh Sport Centre
Music Sessions (various classes)


P1 pupils in school all day
P4 to swimming lessons at Musselburgh Sport Centre


P1 pupils in school all day
PE Sessions (various classes)
Junior Road Safety Officers to Port Seton Community Centre


P1 pupils in school all morning

Work Undertaken in the Summer Holidays

Feedback from staff/children/parents and visitors is that the school is looking very nice especially the décor and are impressed with the amount of work that has been done.

Paintwork and new flooring around the corridors has been done in both the ground and upper floors.

In the gym hall major works have been done to reframe the ceiling and install the beam. Part of the gym hall is now sectioned off where the old staff room was leaving the remaining part for use by the school.

A re-fit of the entrance has been undertaken with new doors and large vestibule/waiting area.

The janitor’s door has been moved further along the corridor.

A new cupboard/room has been created where the entrance to the old staffroom was.

New skirting, lino etc has been laid.

The dividing classroom wall (along the north corridor) was removed and a steel joist inserted to prepare for the dance studio but has been temporarily replaced with a re-sheeted wall to make back into 2 classrooms for the time being. They have been painted too.

A window upstairs in the classroom at the east corridor has been installed.

There has also been a new window created in the new library downstairs in the east corridor.

New IT and Cleaners’ cupboards have been created as well as Soft Play area (half of the old library). The other half of the old library is ready for use.

New toilets have been installed upstairs. This is currently work-in-progress at weekends and holidays.

Temporary lino has been laid in the dinner hall.

A new fire alarm/bell system has been installed throughout the school.

A lot of electrical and plumbing work has been undertaken.

There is a new water main (fire hydrant). A large tank is in the Plant Room.

Roofs have been fixed – felted etc. as well as zinc flashings on the 2 nursery roofs.

Windows in the courtyard area have been painted.

Extension: the roof is 80% complete, 80% of windows are in, heating is 80% done (underfloor heating is to be done this week), chipboard flooring is on, electrical work is 60% done, walls are 40% done in preparation for painting and all internal doors have arrived.

A cordless bell/buzzer has been ordered which will be placed in the main office and janitor’s room. The carpet area at the front entrance has to be finished. This is temporary flooring which will be replaced with blue flooring.

Work will recommence on the other side of the gym hall from 9.15 – 2.40 pm and the workmen will be reminded to keep doors in this area locked at all times.




Attendance Matters

All pupils have been sent a leaflet home that explains a new campaign to help us improve our school attendance. We will be working with all our cluster schools and the local community to encourage excellent school attendance. Please read the leaflet for the reasons behind this campaign.

From their early years in primary school children learn new skills and abilities every day and research shows that children who regularly miss more than 2 weeks of school a year during their primary schooling tend to underperform in their 4th year exams. The Attendance Matters Campaign wants to foster a greater understanding of the importance of regular school attendance across the whole community – not just for what a child might learn that day but also for their ongoing chance of reaching their full potential – and that is something we hope that everyone would agree is something we want to see for all our children.

You can find out more about why regular Attendance Matters at www.eastlothian.gov.uk/AttendanceMatters
In Pinkie St. Peter’s Primary we will be celebrating the class with 100% attendance at our assemblies. Please remember to follow the daily absence procedures. If your child is sick and cannot attend school please phone each day to let us know. Any other absences should be advised in writing.

2G Pitch at Pinkie Playing Fields

We have been informed by the Local Authority that the 2G pitch here at Pinkie will be out of action for the next 7 weeks due to essential maintenance.  This will not affect the children as they will access the 3G pitch instead.

The workmen will work in this area only and, for safety purposes, are aware of the times the children will be entering and exiting the school grounds each day.

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