The Winners of the Safety Poster Competition

The winners of the Safety Poster Competition were presented with their prizes of book tokens this morning during school assembly. The judges had an incredibly hard time deciding who the winners would be as the standard of all posters entered was very high indeed.

The winners are: P1a Charlotte & Jasmin; P1b Connor & Orlaith; P2a Leah & Lennon; P2b David & Eva; P3a Lee & Kelsey; P3b Hannah & Rebecca; P4a Callum & Karen; P4b Anna & Ellie; P5 Carla & Lucy; P5/6 Dillon & Chloe; P6 Callum & Ella; P6/7 Anna & Caitlin; P7 Anna & Kirstyn.
Here are the winning posters!

Building Safety Posters from Pinkie SPIE Club on Vimeo.

Poster Competition

Harts Builders have been looking at all the artwork for the poster competition.  They will select 2 winners from each class.  From these, we will then laminate 2 copies of each which will be a total of 52 posters to be displayed on the fencing.  The winners will be announced at assembly on Friday and will be given a book token each.

Well done to all the pupils who took part in the competition.

Cool in School: Positive Behaviour Programme

Pinkie St Peter’s Primary implements a behaviour programme called ‘Cool in School’ which aims to empower children to cope with difficult situations they encounter in their daily lives, in school and at home, as independently as they can.

Through discussion, role-play and positive modelling of strategies the children build up a bank of “cool” responses to use when faced with difficult situations.

The resources used are interactive and fun.  The main characters featured in the stories grow up with the children.  This keeps the programme fresh, new and relevant to every stage of children in the school.

The Cool in School Programme supports Pinkie St Peter’s Primary School pupils to become Responsible Citizens and Confident individuals.

The following aspects are included in the programme:

Cool Responses

All our feelings are important. We explore the different feelings we have in school.

Cool Thinking

The ways we think have a powerful influence on how we feel and how we act. We encourage positive thinking.

Cool Faces

Our faces give away a huge amount of information about how we feel. We learn how to interpret what others are feeling from their expression.

Cool Body Language

Body language lets others know what we feel about ourselves and others. We explore how to send out the right signals.

Cool Talk

It’s not just what we say…it’s the way we say it! We practise changing weak/sad talk into ‘cool’ talk.

More Cool Talk

It’s important to know when to stand up for what we want or need. We practise changing weak talk into cool talk.

Cool Words

We practise Cool responses to people who are deliberately saying things to hurt us or wind us up.

More Cool Words

More practise in changing weak and aggressive thoughts and actions into Cool ones. We talk about the importance of getting help from an adult in tricky situations.

Cool Compromises
We consider the times in school when things do not go our way. We learn to share our feelings to work out problems and how to accept things and compromise.

Cool Endings

Can we put into practice what we have learned about being ‘cool’? We share ways of repairing and forgiving mistakes.

Further information is available at the following website.

Christmas Diary Dates

As Christmas is fast approaching, we would like to advise you of up and coming events, which you may wish to make a note of.

Pantomime at Brunton Theatre

The children in P1a, P1b, P2a and P2b will be visiting the Brunton Theatre on Thursday 4 December to see a performance of “Jack & the Beanstalk”.

Christmas Lunch

Lunch for the children this year will be on Wednesday 10 December at the usual price of £1.90.  Please note that the menu below is all that will be available on the day.  Children wishing to bring a packed lunch can do so as normal.

Lentil Soup

Roast Turkey, chipolata sausage with bacon, brussel sprouts, carrots and roast potatoes


Christmas Ice Cream

Nursery Visit to Levenhall Nursing Home

Some of our morning group nursery pupils from Levenhall Nursery will be visiting Levenhall Nursing Home on Wednesday 10 December.


Wednesday 10 December (afternoon)               -           All P7 pupils – trip to Kings Theatre

Monday 15 December (afternoon)                     -           All Primary 6 pupils

Tuesday 16 December (afternoon)                    -           All Primary 5 pupils

Wednesday 17 December (morning)                  -           All Primary 4 pupils

Wednesday 17 December (afternoon)               -           All Primary 3 pupils

Thursday 18 December (am and pm)                 -           Levenhall Nursery (at Levenhall)

Thursday 18 December (morning)                     -           All Primary 1 pupils

Thursday 18 December (afternoon)                  -           All Primary 2 pupils

If a child is being taken home at lunchtime to get changed into their party clothes, we would be grateful if you could inform your child’s class teacher.  Staff will be on hand to assist younger pupils to change should they remain at school on their party date.

Christmas Performances

Monday 15 December

  • Infant Nativity dress rehearsal                        -           Pre-school Nursery pupils invited (9.15 am)

Tuesday 16 December

  • P1-3 Infant Nativity                            -           9.30 am (doors open 9.15 am)
  • P4-7 Upper School Performance      -          11.00 amRefreshments will be served at the interval in the school dining hall on 16 December by members of “Pinkie Parents” to which you are welcome to attend.

Christmas Assembly

The Christmas Assembly for P1-P7 will be held on the morning of Friday 19 December.  Unfortunately, due to health and safety reasons, we are unable to invite parents to this event.  There will be a service for nursery pupils at Levenhall Nursery on this day also.

Christmas Cards

As with previous years, we would encourage all pupils to send on card to their calss rather than individual cards.  We would appreciate your support with this as this will support our eco schools work and save you time and money!


Stirling Uni Visit P6/7

Commonwealth Games Legacy

On Thursday the 20th November P6/7 were lucky to get a visit from Professor Richard Haynes from Stirling University. Richard talked to P6/7 about the Scottish Commonwealth’s archive which based at Stirling University and the pupils got the opportunity to see some of the archives and even try them on! We talked and asked questions about previous games as well as how Team Scotland have developed over the years!

A lost Commonwealth Flag Winning a medal!