Karate Training

Today Primary 1c had visitors in to teach them a little bit of Karate.

‘We learned to jump and kick on the mat.’ Fallyn

‘We learned to run and jog from side to side.’ Rocco

‘We were practising Karate punching.’ Catelynn

‘We learned to run like a monkey.’ Logan

We had lots of fun and learned some new moves but we know how important it is to stay safe. We also learned that when we are practising Karate we don’t do it in the Playground, we make sure we only practise when we are with Karate coaches and we’re in a safe place.

We hope you enjoy our pictures as much as we enjoyed the session today.

Primary 1c and Mrs Denham 🙂


P.3a Newsround

Last week We played football with Callum and practised passes. We also practised our kicks in our karate taster session- with no pocket money or ice cream (you’ll need to ask us what this means)! In literacy we learned about Manatees through our reading comprehension, and looked up facts about octopuses in ICT for our report. In science with Mr Hogben, we learned about traits that come from our genes and make us all different.

This week we will be learning about food chains, editing our octopus reports, and- of course- getting prepared for Parent Consultations! We will have our final football session, as well as trying to put together our ‘Under the Sea’ dance.

Happy Spring holidays!

Building Work Update

  1. The render has been finished.
  2. The ceiling tiles have been reinstated i.e. broken ones replaced as well as the water damaged ones.
  3. Lighting: The electrician is on site today and reinstating all lights.
  4. The painting is progressing well.
  5. Scaffolding: The top section will be taken away tomorrow and the rest will be taken down on Friday.
  6. Next week (Easter holidays) they will need access to the school to enable the doors to be installed.
  7. A “clean-up” is currently in operation.
  8. The hall should be ready for use by the school after the Easter break.

Electricity in P1a

Today we were learning about how electricity flows through a circuit. First of all we used a very clever device that when we held our hands together in a circuit, it lit up and made a noise. We pretended someone was a switch and when they let go of the circle, the noise and light stopped. This helped us to learn that the electricity will only flow when the circuit is complete.

After this, we each got a box with a bulb, battery and wires in it. We had to make a circuit so that the electricity could flow. We thought this was brilliant fun and some children thought it was the ‘best day ever!!’ We found it tricky to put the batteries in the battery holders and to work the crocodile clips but everyone managed to light their bulb! Great fun and have a look at some photos below!

Red Noses sold out

Wow that was fast…. all the red noses have sold out. Thank you to all those who purchased them from the Pupil Council, If you were unable to buy one before they sold out  you can  head to Sainsbury’s or Oxfam to pick up your red noses there. Don’t forget to bring your £1 on  Friday and  dress down, all money raised will go to Comic Relief.

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