P4  have spent their Literacy time over the past few weeks looking at poetry. We have enjoyed listening to and discussing lots of different poems including one by Jack Petrusky  entitled Homework .The poet really doesn’t like homework- so much so that he would rather swim with sharks or pet a porcupine rather than complete homework !

P4 made a list of what they would rather do instead of homework

Chloe: I’d rather support Hearts and Hibs!

Max: I’d jump off a cliff!

Ryan: I would rather wrestle John Cena in the ocean!

Hannah R: I would rather put myself in a freezing puddle!

Amber: I would rather play with my terrible sister!

Morgan: I would rather toast myself in the oven!

Simeon: I’d rather eat glass!

Ebony: I would rather poison myself with poisoned ivy!

Mia: I would rather eat soap!

Rhys: I’d rather be a girl!

Aiden: I’d rather put makeup on!

Ewan: I’d rather punch glass!

Leo: I’d rather hide in a washing machine with water in it!

Gurshaan: I’d rather burn in lava!

Rory: I’d rather watch Frozen five times!

Josh: I’d rather walk in the sahara desert with no water!

Craig: I’d rather shake my bottom on the roof!

Casey: I’d rather go to school at the weekend!

Hadyn: I’d rather eat cheese!

Tegan: I’d rather stand in front of a car!

Abby: I would rather put myself into a real life shark tank!

Emily: I would rather wrestle a gorilla!

Ava: I’d rather jump off the emergent layer of the rainforest!

Rebecca: I’d rather not have a birthday !

Unfortunately despite all these great ideas -Mrs Dixon is still expecting this week’s homework to be handed in as usual !!


Wider Achievements in P5/6 and other news!

A day late however, we have a couple more wider achievements to share with you this week!

Eve Moran – Eve is learning to dive at her swimming classes and is enjoying it so far! Well done Eve!

Holly Harkins, Eve Moran, Aaron McIntyre: Are all learning to play the guitar in an after school club with Mr Irwin and Miss Watson. I popped in last week and they are making great progress, we look forward to a song soon!

Harry Glasgow: Harry took part in an athletics competition called SuperTeams at the Emirates stadium in Glasgow at the weekend. Harry came 3rd in the 60metres. Congratulations Harry, what an achievement!

In other news, we are coming to the end of our Europe topic and on Thursday we plan to join together with P6 to taste some foods from around the continent. A letter went home yesterday about this for more information! In our last week of Europe, we are looking at the role and purpose of the European Union.

We have started Money in Maths and have so far looked at different coin combinations we could use to pay for items and today we are using our ICT slot to compare prices of certain products using the internet to locate the best deal!

We hope you have a good week!

Miss Nuttall and P5/6

What’s happening at Pinkie this week……..

Week beginning: Monday 8 February 2016


Building Work continues
PE Sessions (various classes)


Music Sessions (various classes)
P4 Fun Athletics at Musselburgh Sports Centre
Cello Lessons
Musselburgh Primary Schools’ Choir Rehearsal


Violin Lessons


PE Sessions (various classes)


Official Opening of School Dining Room/Party

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