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Survey Monkeys

One day, we will have a quiet week in the Pod. But, this week wasn’t going to be it.

Scottish Assembly, the National Museum, parents driving coffee, and the NSPCC

P6 Podcast Club Sandwich kicked off the week with a very good pod about the recent Parents Council coffee morning and took lots of photos which we turned into a slide show. It’s all here.

After a successful visit to the National Museum and a visit from Karen Walker of  NSPCC , News4U released Episode 16 .  ( Top tip from Karen was if you want any free advice about parental settings on any phone or tablet – go into your local O2 shop and see a Guru for free – you don’t have to be an O2 customer! )

News4U also went to the Scottish Parliament this week to interview the MSP who walks guide dog puppies. They did a very interesting  in depth interview. There’s a good trip report and the pod itself.

Oh , yes, I did also manage to pay a visit to our post office in P1a where the service was excellent and there is a good range of postcards. I had to pop into the shop in P1b where the range of goods was great and the prices were as good as the service I experienced.

Finally, the picture at the top of this blog says it all. The P5 Survey Monkeys did an amazing job presenting their Internet Safety Project to a whole range of parents and classes. The feedback was excellent and Ewan, Chloe, Rebecca and Rhys did a great job of showcasing the hard work of all the class.  Well done.

And if you need to get in touch – we welcome everyone into the Pod – don’t be shy – email me

P5/6 Demolition of the igloo!

It has been such a busy week for P5/6!

We took down the igloo by working in teams and putting them in bags. On Wednesday the visitors came in to speak about recycling plastics and how they get to China. They had to bring a huge van to take our plastic bottles. There was at least 800 bottles and we filled the van!

Today we are handing out the learning stories. Make sure to read them and bring them back after the holidays.

This week we have been doing the drama lost at sea it was about ducks and they fell  into the ocean and went all around the world.

Look at the pictures to see what we did.

By Ellis and Rebecca

The News4U Scottish Parliament Trip Report


Today I went to the Scottish Parliament with 4 other News4U podcasters to interview an MSP called Iain Gray who also trains guide dogs, we explored Edinburgh on our way and saw lots of new things and went in some new places, and given the chance I would definitely go again.

What I saw

On our way to the parliament we saw lots of different things there are some pictures of things that we saw in the short slide show above.

At the Parliament

When we were at the parliament firstly we needed to go through a security check(thankfully no one was found guilty of anything) next we met and interviewed Iain Gray, then we got a kind of tour of the chambers of the Parliament (this is where they have debates), and then we looked in the parliament’s exhibition there are pictures of those too in the slide show.

Other things that happened

After we came out of the parliament we had our lunch and we all had lots of energy so we ran around like headless chickens.

We also went down Easter road which Bradley wasn’t happy about because that is where the Hibs football club is and he doesn’t like Hibs.

There were also these really tall amd very steep stairs we needed to go up and I ran up them all and I had more breath than some of the people that walked.

We went into St Giles Cathedral and had a look in there we weren’t allowed to take photos though because it was disrespectful you needed to pay to take pictures but we never because we weren’t there for that long.

1-5 star rating
I would of given that trip a 5 star rating it was amazing!!!
Thank you for taking the time to read my report .

Carys F

P1B News

This week we have been working hard to learn more about Scotland in the past. We have been writing about life as a Viking child and comparing how our life is different from life in the past. We know we live in different kinds of houses, had different toys and had different responsibilities. We would miss lots of the things we have today if we lived in the past.

We have also been learning gymnastics movements and balances in  P.E.  Alfie was able to teach us a v-sit, front support, back support and superman balance. He was a great teacher! Next week we are hoping to practise balances with a partner but we think this might be much trickier as we need to balance at the same time.

We really impressed Miss Wood with our reading this week, we are getting much more confident with our common words and sounding out new words that we haven’t seen before.

Here are some of P1B’s favourite parts of this week:

Aiden P- ‘we have been balancing, I like the superman.’

Rosa- ‘We have a new shop in our class. I like going to buy things’.

Ewan- ‘We have been learning about money. You get 5p and a £10. The coins are different colours’.

Alfie- I like going to buy things in the shop,.

Lewis- ‘We have been doing money. We had to pay for things with the right money’.

Martha- ‘We have been learning words. Some are quite tricky.’

We hope everyone has a lovely February break! Happy holidays 🙂

News4U Special – Guide Dog Puppy Walking

Iain Gray MSP being interviewed by News4U

This week we visited the Scottish Parliament to meet Iain Gray MSP to talk about guide dog puppy walking. We had read about this in our local newspaper and were interested to find out more. This is an in depth interview and everyone worked very hard on making up some good questions.
Thanks to everyone who helped make this trip possible ( including Mrs Garvey who helped out at the last minute.) and obviously thank you to Iain Gray for making the time. We learnt some interesting new facts.

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