News4U Episode 14 – What’s hot – what’s not.

Hi there,
This week we are preparing for a big event happening in Glasgow next week. So, this week’s News4U is a bit shorter than usual. We have been talking to people about what is hot or popular in the school just now. We also asked what was not hot. We got a lot of different answers. We hope you like this ! See you next week with a very special podcast.

Some more technology in P5/6

We had some more technology from the past brought in to show the class today. Keira and Lucy brought in some string which they said their Mum’s used to play with to keep themselves entertained when they were younger. Some of the things you can make are, the cradle, cat’s whiskers, Eiffel Tower, cup and saucer and the witches broom!

Charlie brought in an old SEGA mega drive which his Mum used to play with when she was younger. He brought in some of the games she used to have as well and they were Sonic and Power Rangers.

Thank you for bringing them in and thank you for sharing your experiences at home!

Technology from the past in P5/6

We have been very lucky to have Edmee Ballantyne’s Mum bring in a piece of technology from the past. She brought in a Sinclair ZX Spectrum which used to get plugged into the TV and you could play games such as Jetpack and Horris goes Skiing. We has a look on YouTube at how you played these games. Here are some comments about what the children thought of the games:

Aiden Cairney: They were so weird!

Charlie Young: My Mum used to have a spectrum!

Holly Harkins: I thought it was really retro!

Thank you for bringing it in for us to see!!


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