Dear PTA

playground squad having fun

playground squad having fun

having  even more fun

having more fun

Dear PTA,



We are very thankful for giving us £1000 for the playground equipment. All the playground squads have been sorting through the amazing stuff we got and “testing” the equipment.  We have got things like space hoppers, basketball hoop.


 by Ben


Dear pinkie parents

We would like to thank you for your superb playground games you donated money towards!

We spent time sorting out all the games we could play with and we are very grateful for your generous donation. This is the first of many thanks to come!

Playground squad !

by sophia

Float or sink?

Primary 5 have been investigating materials which float and sink with experiments at home and at school. We used the results to then design our own Viking Longships. The pupils had to decide the following: materials, design, structure and decoration of the boat. We made a few outlines up together and then the pupils decided their favourite and went ahead and constructed! We had great success with the majority of Longships sailing across the water however some sank to the depths of the sea! We plan to re-design these and re-test for success! Below are  some pictures of the experiment! Well done P5!

Parent Consultations

We are fortunate to have the Principal Teachers of Literacy & Maths from Musselburgh Grammar School accompany Mr Robert Burns (Depute Head Teacher) to our parent consultations on Wednesday 26 March.  They will be available to speak to anyone who has a particular question and give any advice on homework.  If you are not due to come to school that evening for your parent consultation, please pop in anyway and speak to the Grammar staff.