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Benmore – Day 1!

P7 arrived at Benmore today after a long, long bus trip. We got sorted into our groups and dorms and we’ve been out exploring the area around the Benmore Centre.

After dinner we went out for a night walk – walking in the pitch black and having to communicate with each other to get us through the course. We were exhausted when we got back.

A full day of activities tomorrow!

Mr Dove.

More photos from the Pod

Wow, this week has been very busy in the Pod. Pod teams from P6 and P7 have been hard at work photographing the new House Captains, Pupil Councillors and our very own Pod Wall. That is lots of photographs. When you come into the school, please check out our Pod Wall and tell us what you think. We put up some thoughts about the Pod for 2017.

‘New’ theme for reception collage

The reception photos by P6 Pod

Thanks to the P6 Pod , Leo, Aidan, Ava Mae, Hadyn, Rebecca, Abby, Ebony, Mia, Rebecca G, Jason, Andrew, Lee, Sami , Lewis, Zubayr, Emily, Miya, Hannah R and Abbie Y who took the photographs. Amanda Cronin, Ellis P7 and Mr Shields who were the judges to pick 12 from 14 excellent compositions.

The theme was ‘new’ and we hope you enjoy the change in this welcome display about the best of Pinkie.