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Learning in P4A


‘We carried on reading Matilda and we found out that Bruce Bogtrotter stole one chocolate cake from Miss Trunchbull. Miss Trunchbull forced him to eat another one and then smashed a china plate off of his head!’ – Kasper


‘We completed our self portraits that we started a few weeks ago. We had used mirrors to look at our faces whilst we drew them and we used coloured pencils and paint to complete them.’ – Kaira

‘ It was fun!’ – Caiyden

‘This week, we all really enjoyed creating our Christmas card designs. We chose from 3 designs and used paint, pencil, markers and coloured pens to create our cards. We can’t wait for you to see them!’ – Hannah and Bruce.


‘In science we enjoyed planning our board games that included magnets. We had to design the game using cardboard and other materials in the school. Our team names was BFM –  Big Friendly Magnets.’ – Phoebe

‘IT WAS A FUN WEEK!’ – Caiyden

We are all looking forward to a well deserved rest and lots of exciting things that are happening in our October holidays.

Learning in P4A

This week P4a have been writing creatively – using our Interdisciplinary stimulus of Matilda.  We wrote an imaginative letter of complaint to Miss Trunchbull for taking us on a terrible school trip…

‘ It didn’t seem much like a trip to me.  It was more like a disgraceful punishment…We all expected a lovely relaxing swim but you sharks in the pool which made me so furious!’ – Megan

‘I can’t take it anymore!’ – Bobbi

‘ I didn’t like the school trip because you were torturing us and you made us clean your shoes…I hope you stop being nasty and evil.’ – Bruce


We also used this as an opportunity to include some of our ambitious adjectives from our word wall.

Miss Higgins