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Learning P4B – Magnets and Science

In science we have been learning about magnets.

‘We were visiting different stations with different magnetic activities. My favourite was the one with the car where I had to get a magnet and push the car away (repel) in a race.’ Connor P

‘I liked the activity where we had to find the metal balls which were hidden in the sand. The magnet worked through the plastic tray’. Caitlin T

‘We tested how many magnets would stick to a stronger magnet’ Aimee

‘I liked when we were finding out which items would stick to a magnet and which ones don’t. Anything that is metal would stick’ Eli

Well done on all your hard work this term P4B! I hope you enjoy your October break, stay safe and will see you all on Tuesday 24th October – please remember this will be a swimming day so don’t forget your kits! – Miss Smillie

Learning in P4B

‘In handwriting we have been trying really hard to join our letters. I found it a little bit hard but we will keep trying until it becomes easier’ Caitlin E

‘We were doing illustrations like Quentin Blake – we had to draw Miss Trunchbull. We used a compass to draw a circle for our picture and then we wrote adjectives around it to describe the character.’ Eva

‘ I really enjoyed swimming this week because we were learning the breast stroke’. Matthew

‘In swimming went into groups and we used noodles to go on our backs and we had to stick our belly up – keeping our eyes open and head in the water. It was easy and good fun’ Caitlin T

‘We were designing a certificate for community responsibility – keep the cloakrooms tidy. We got to design our own certificate and once we are finished we will select the best bits from a few and put them all together’. Neve

Learning in P4B

We are now choosing ‘picky sticks’ each week to allow all children to comment on their learning. Please feel free to comment on our website posts as we can read them in class 🙂

‘We have been adding to our self – portraits using our two stars and a wish. We went to the dance studio so we could look at ourselves in the mirror. We have already created our success criteria for next time so we know what to work on. I enjoyed it because I love to draw’. – Nicole

‘We went outside with hula hoops and chalk and we were drawing clocks. We had to listen to Miss Smillie who would shout a time – we had to run up the hill and put the time on the clock in a race. I found it exciting and fun’. Eva

‘We have been working on our spelling and I liked the dictation because it was nice and quiet so I could really concentrate’. Zahara

‘We have been learning about fact and opinion on Matilda. An example of this would be: Fact – Matilda is intelligent. Opinion – Mr Wormwood suits blonde hair better than brown hair’. Lexi

‘We have solved playground problems during circle time and thought of a list of games which we could all join in with. Some popular ones were – cops and robbers, imagination games and hide and seek’. Connor M.

Learning in P4B

Here are some things we have been learning this week in P4B…

Leah D, ‘ We have been learning about time and have made our own clocks during Outdoor maths, using things we found outside.’

Nicole, ‘We have individual stars on our desk and the aim is to go ‘over and above’ to be in with the chance of a positive recognition certificate’.

Connor P, ‘We wrote a letter to Matilda’s parents and we were pretending to be Matilda’.

Eva, ‘In art we drew self – portraits using pencil. In a few weeks time we are going to draw them again but using all the skills we will be learning’.

Caitlin E, ‘We used Making Thinking Visible to help us with our class novel’.

Lexi, ‘We have been exploring Matilda through questions’.

Caitlin T, ‘We looked at primary colours – red, blue and yellow’

I think I can I will – P4B

P4B have been exploring our School vision and Values. We have been very creative in choosing how to make this meaningful in our classroom and community. We decided that we could create individual dinosaur eggs…once we reach all our targets, the eggs may hatch and we may find a surprise inside. 😀

Look out for our dinosaurs on our homework folders – we managed to find over 100 ‘I think I can I will’ signs around our school!