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This week in P6/7

This week we have been exploring our strength, skills, interests and ambitions, helping us to look forward to our future career dreams. We have shared what we would like to do when we are older and explained why as we have began exploring the world of work.

Here are a few of P6/7 pupils dream jobs and the reasons why…

Katie – “I would like to be a singer because I am quite passionate about it and enjoy doing it in my spare time.”

Keiran – “My dream future job is a mechanic because my dad was one and I have always wanted to be one too.”

Levi- “When I am older I want to be a food critic because I am kind and really honest with people.”

Molly- “I want to be an Australian Zoo keeper because you would get to care for animals.”

Eve- “When I am older, I would like to work in the SPCA because my Great Granny worked with animals and I also like watching animals being saved on Animal 999. I just think that I want to do that!”

Carys- “I would like to be a journalist because in the Podcast group I think that I have all of the skills. I really enjoy interviewing people and finding out more about what they do.”

Edmee- ” I would like to be a footballer because I have been playing football since I was 4 years old, I just love the game. I also have an idol called Jane Ross who is a footballer.”

Emily- “I would like to be a vet because I like looking after animals.”

We will be exploring them more next week and sharing some more!

Have a great weekend!!

P6/7 and Miss Christie

P6/7 Coffee Morning!

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who came along to our coffee morning on Friday Morning! We had a blast!

We took responsibility for different roles over the morning…

From greeting our guests, selling cakes, tea, coffee, raffle tickets and working at our table top sale we were busy all morning… not to forget the tidying up!

We had to use our money knowledge and skills to calculate totals and then give change.

Overall we managed to raise an incredible amount of £190!

We are very thankful to Pinkie Parents for their support with our coffee morning!

It was a huge success and we are very proud of our efforts!

P6/7 and Miss Christie


Have a look at the photos we took below!

Homework – Writing : Story Planner

Our current writing focus in P6 is exploring the genre of Mystery.  We hope to create suspense and tension in our writing through using an ‘Introduction, Build up, Climax/Conflict, Resolution’ format.

Recently, Story Planners have been sent home with children to complete with an adult a week in advance of their writing.  This has greatly helped some children in organising their thoughts before being faced with the writing lesson.

Many of our stimuli come from videos, animations, sound clips alongside poetry and written text.

This week our stimulus is a music video.  I have copied the link so both children and adults can watch at home to help come up with some super writing ideas.

Sometimes the Stars by The Audreys

Miss Smillie

Learning in P6

This week in P6 we have been writing a Mystery Story based on
The Highwayman. We aimed to build tension and suspense in our
stories and will complete them next week. We have been using our
Success Criteria to make sure we are successful learners.

We have also been looking at different charts and graphs through data handling in maths and hope to investigate, create and display a graph which shows our progress in Accelerated reader.

We have just finished our class novel of, ‘Wonder’ and we all really
enjoyed it. The key theme was all about being kind to others so our
value focus for next week will be on ‘Nurturing’. Remember to let us
know if you display this value at home or in the community too!


P6/7 Coffee Morning Raffle

Remember you can still buy raffle tickets for the Coffee Morning on Friday 5th May.

There are lots of BRILLIANT prizes to be won, many of which have kindly been donated from our local community!

S.Luca Voucher

DiRollo ice cream Vouchers

DKNY perfume gift set

Reserve by Original Penguin gift set

McDonald Vouchers… and many more!

Each strip costs 50p and will be available to buy all of next week!