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Strictly Come Pinkie 2017

On Wednesday we had this years annual Pinkie Talent Show…. with the them of Strictly Come Pinkie!

It was an entertaining feast for your eyes and ears! We had dancing, singing, comedy and gymnastics on show. In our eyes, everyone was a winner and all were so courageous to perform in front of such a huge audience! Well done everyone. Our fabulous winner this year who took away the glitter trophy was Maddie from P6 who sang ‘The Climb’.

We want to say a big thank you to our panellists who were Mr Scott, Alan Penman, Colin Smith and Anna Potter!

Check out the spectacular event which happened on Wednesday, captured by Mr Smith and his camera.



P5/6 design and problem solving solutions

P5/6 were great at identifying the technology, design and problem solving skills they put to use in two tasks as part of their learning this week. It all ties in to our John Muir Award too which we are close to completing. The class thought it was a good idea to build bird boxes for around the school grounds so got to work planning, preparing and building unique designs.

Ellis came up with the great suggestion to use grass cuttings from our garden to add to the boxes along with sticks and other things we had gathered around the area. As you can see… they all look great!

The class also designed their own unique water catchers in small groups. They did it quickly and efficiently and we went down to the burn to test them out. Some turned out more successful than others, but we all certainly learnt something through the task. We have collected dirty looking water from the burn in the grounds and the next step is to try and filter it somehow…. I am sure the class are more than capable of coming up with a solution next week!

An overwhelming outdoor orienteering overload!

We have been working hard over the past week. P5/6 have been learning lots of skills related to mapping and orienteering and become orienteering masters. For example, we found out how to set the map to North properly, use a compass and how to read a map and its key and find the locations in real life. We have applied skills from maths to help with this.

We practiced in the school ground in pair on different routes trying to find the orange markers. We soon found out that guesswork was not good enough. The second time we tackled the maps everyone massively improved.

To put our skills to the test we went on a trip to a festival. There was great success, with Sami and Miya placing second for the whole tournament! EVERYBODY overcome challenges through the afternoon and there were lots of growth mindset themed discussion between pupils to encourage each other! Thank you to Mr Pegg and everyone else at East Lothian Outdoor Learning for setting up the event and making sure everyone was safe.


P5/6 John Muir Dance Workshop

P5/6 were lucky last week to have a dance session led by Louise. It was focussed on movements we may find in nature. There was good balance, body control and creativity throughout the class on display in the dance studio!

Elsewhere in our learning, we are continuing our JM Award by exploring the school grounds further. Pupils decided to mark out 1 metre squared in the woods and we are going to go back to the different locations and see if we can notice changes. The class also want to try and deal with the litter down by the burn.


Fun Friday for P5/6

We have had an amazing time planning and performing our assembly  to the school and to all the teachers, parents and classes. It has took us about 2 or 3 weeks to plan so we hope you enjoyed our assembly!

We done two outdoor sports for P.E after the assembly. One was tennis the other one was club golf. It was a lot of fun and we all loved it. In golf we done chipping and putting onto the targets and into the hoops. In tennis we were doing rallying the ball back and forward bouncing and trapping the ball.

Written by Andrew, Callum and Jason

I would just like to say how proud and impressed I am with the class. We had only a week to write a script as a class, prepare a film and a whole assembly and the class were brilliant at taking responsibility and putting on  a performance. Well done! (Mr Drysdale)

Have a look at some photos from our fantastic Friday…