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Milk Masterpiece Advert from P5/6!

Here is our amazing advert, appealing for milk bottles! It was a fantastic piece of teamwork and some really creative storyboards which led up to the final ad.

“Please bring in as many as possible and clean them so we don’t faint…again!” – Harlie

“Please view the advert because it took us a lot of work to complete the video.” – Callum

“Please comment on our video!”¬†– Alfie

Full credits and thanks go to P5/6, Mr Smith and Mr Drysdale!


P5/6 Special Request for Milk Bottles

P5/6 have undertaken the challenge to collect as many clean 4 pint milk bottles as possible over the next few weeks. Here are some comments from the class explaining why:

Sami: “We are going to build an igloo with the milk bottles!”

Callum: “We are going to put it in our secret garden… We are going to do lots of different types of learning with it.”

Zubayr: “We are aiming for at least 200 bottles. We need 4 pint bottles that are clean!”