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5A’s Secret Treat With Buddies

On Thursday our Buddies came and they brung books. We read our Buddies books with them.

Then we got an apple, took the stem off and put a lollipop stick  in but first we put our name on it and our class. Then we dipped it into chocolate and then we held it upside down and put sprinkles on it. We put it in a cupcake case so it didn’t drip off.

Today our buddies came over after break and we watched a movie because it was their topic. We ate our amazing chocolate covered apples because it combined our topic of Healthy Bodies and DIets too!

By Natalia, P5a

Term 1 in P3a!

This term has been really busy!

We have loved our topic of chocolate and reading our class novel – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which we finished this week!

Miss Christie asked us what we thought of the book and Kayla responded saying

“It has been fantastic!”

We really have loved it! The ending was great when Charlie got the factory from Mr Wonka and we also found lots of parts funny! Especially when Violet turned into a giant blueberry!

We received a letter from Mr Wonka telling us he was planning on closing his factory. We didn’t want that to happen so we decided to write him a letter to try and persuade him not to.  We have written lots of other persuasive letters too and created posters.

As an end of term treat we joined up with our Buddies P5a and Mr Drysdale to make chocolate covered apples with sprinkles. It was god fun and we got to eat them too! Yummy!

Have a fantastic holiday!

P3a and Miss Christie



Learning P4B – Magnets and Science

In science we have been learning about magnets.

‘We were visiting different stations with different magnetic activities. My favourite was the one with the car where I had to get a magnet and push the car away (repel) in a race.’ Connor P

‘I liked the activity where we had to find the metal balls which were hidden in the sand. The magnet worked through the plastic tray’. Caitlin T

‘We tested how many magnets would stick to a stronger magnet’ Aimee

‘I liked when we were finding out which items would stick to a magnet and which ones don’t. Anything that is metal would stick’ Eli

Well done on all your hard work this term P4B! I hope you enjoy your October break, stay safe and will see you all on Tuesday 24th October – please remember this will be a swimming day so don’t forget your kits! – Miss Smillie

School Uniform Success from P4B – Congrats from P5A!

P5A’s School Responsibility is to help track how the school are getting on with wearing school uniform according to the school policy. We are regularly doing a survey across the school to show how we are getting on. This is really helping 5A’s learning too.

This week P4B had a full house of everyone wearing school uniform, so they got a Positive Recognition Certificate from Morgan and Daryl in P5A. Well done everyone in 4B, it must be ‘The Place To Bee’ to see great learning in school uniform!

Learning in P6A

This week in science we were  investigating  the speed of dissolving  when we increased the temperature and volume of water. We found out that the hotter the water the faster the dissolving process. We linked our findings to the world around us for example when making coffee or using baths salts.