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P1a news!

What has been happening in P1a?

Literacy: We have started to do some descriptive writing. This week we have been trying to use our phonics to help us write sentences to describe a square. We have enjoyed this and are starting to become more  independent when writing 🙂

Maths/Numeracy: Today we started a topic on sharing. We know that equal means the same and we must try and share things equally between amounts. We had fun sharing things out between little bears in the classroom and we also went outside to do some sharing with the class.

IDL/HWB: This week we have planted some seeds and we are carrying out an experiment. We have put one seed in the window with soil, water and light; another in the window with soil and light but no water; another in the cupboard with soil, water but no light and the last one in the cupboard with soil but no water and no light. We made predictions about what we think will happen to the seeds. Here are some of our seeds in the window, we think that they will grow!

Check back next week for another post!

P1a and Miss Nuttall

P1B sharing and the Tooth Fairy.

This week Lily had a very special visitor. She lost her very first tooth and received a special letter and some money from her Tooth Fairy Lucy. Lots of the girls and boys in the class have wobbly teeth or have already lost one or more. We had a great discussion about Lily’s letter and we are all looking forward to losing our baby teeth. We know that we need to care for our teeth so that when the fairy collects them they are shiny white! Happy brushing P1B 🙂

This week in Numeracy we have also been learning about sharing. We used Jelly Beans and teddy bears to practise what it means to share into equal groups. We found this easy peasy! We decided  to try this in another context so we went outside and explored ways that we could share our class into different groups. We know that sometimes sharing fairly is not possible so we have left overs. We all learned the words share, equal, left overs and half. We will continue to explore sharing over the next few weeks.

Have a lovely weekend P1B.


John Muir’s Birthday

Today was the day which John Muir was born in 1838, which we discovered during our research for our fact files.

A few pupils in the class noticed the date would be this week, and made the suggestion to have a little celebration, with even producing a party plan! It was a lovely way to celebrate the significance of the man, whilst creating some unique art and crafts whilst listening to John Muir themed music! It was a creative way to spend some time on Friday after a busy and productive first week back after the holidays.

If you pay P5/6’s classroom a visit, look out for the decorations and the mountain range over by the window and ask anyone about what we know about John Muir so far.

P1B Easter Fun

P1b came back full of energy and excitement to learn. We have been looking at Non-Fiction books this week and have been revising lots of number and sound work. Next week we will begin to learn athletics skills and position  and movement vocabulary in maths.

We had a fantastic holiday and we wanted to share some of the things that we enjoyed.

Aaron, Liam, Tani, Aiden P and Aaron- all visited the shows at Musselburgh Lagoons.

Isla went to the cinema to see Boss Baby.

Jay and Rosa went camping.

Alfie went to the Hibs game and rolled Easter eggs.

Lewis had fun rolling eggs.

Maja and Martha met up with friends. Martha had not seen her friend in a long time so they went to the beach together.

Brook went ice skating.

Mylie went on an Easter hunt.

Mya had fun swimming.

WOW it sounds like we all had an amazing time! More news here next week.