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This week in Primary 1a

We have had a very busy week in Primary 1a!

Our numeracy focus has been ordering numbers, counting backwards and forming our numbers to 5.

“We have been practising our numbers.” Megan

“We have been counting things out.” Teaghan

“We’ve been counting up to number 10 and 20.” Sonnie

“We drew our numbers in sugar.” Bailey

We have also been learning to use our phonics and to form our letters.

“We have been learning a, t, p and i.” Jackson

“We know all of the actions.” Troi

Our IDL topic is Fairyland and we have been reading a variety of fairytales to help the dragon!

“The dragon left us a message on the computer.” Mia

“He asked us to read and make Rapunzel.” Madison

“We used spaghetti to make her hair.” Alex

It has been another fantastic week in Primary 1a.  We are really enjoying our learning and will keep you updated with posts and pictures. We hope you have a lovely weekend!


Another visit from the dragon!

Yesterday, Primary 1a had another visit from Sir Fire Breath the Dragon. He asked us to create new castles and houses in the hope that his friends will return to Fairyland. We will update you with pictures soon.

Please listen to Ben’s interview, he was asked to recall what happened when the dragon left his first letter and what he thinks will happen next…