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P1B sharing and the Tooth Fairy.

This week Lily had a very special visitor. She lost her very first tooth and received a special letter and some money from her Tooth Fairy Lucy. Lots of the girls and boys in the class have wobbly teeth or have already lost one or more. We had a great discussion about Lily’s letter and we are all looking forward to losing our baby teeth. We know that we need to care for our teeth so that when the fairy collects them they are shiny white! Happy brushing P1B 🙂

This week in Numeracy we have also been learning about sharing. We used Jelly Beans and teddy bears to practise what it means to share into equal groups. We found this easy peasy! We decided  to try this in another context so we went outside and explored ways that we could share our class into different groups. We know that sometimes sharing fairly is not possible so we have left overs. We all learned the words share, equal, left overs and half. We will continue to explore sharing over the next few weeks.

Have a lovely weekend P1B.


P1B Easter Fun

P1b came back full of energy and excitement to learn. We have been looking at Non-Fiction books this week and have been revising lots of number and sound work. Next week we will begin to learn athletics skills and position  and movement vocabulary in maths.

We had a fantastic holiday and we wanted to share some of the things that we enjoyed.

Aaron, Liam, Tani, Aiden P and Aaron- all visited the shows at Musselburgh Lagoons.

Isla went to the cinema to see Boss Baby.

Jay and Rosa went camping.

Alfie went to the Hibs game and rolled Easter eggs.

Lewis had fun rolling eggs.

Maja and Martha met up with friends. Martha had not seen her friend in a long time so they went to the beach together.

Brook went ice skating.

Mylie went on an Easter hunt.

Mya had fun swimming.

WOW it sounds like we all had an amazing time! More news here next week.

Electricity in P1B

Yesterday P1B were learning more about how electricity works. We are already able to recognise items that need plugs and batteries but we were not sure how electricity travels. We used a sensor stick (see photos) to demonstrate that the electricity will only flow if there is a complete circuit. One child acted as a switch and broke their hands with their partner which caused a break in our circuit and the electricity stopped. We found this amazing!

We then got the chance to build our own small circuit to make a light bulb work. We worked in partners and built the circuit. The crocodile clip cables were tricky so we needed some help but otherwise we knew exactly what to do. We all managed to get our light bulbs to light up. Next time we want to add a switch to the circuit or maybe another light bulb!  Here are some photographs of our lesson.

P1B Play

This week we wanted you to see some of the activities we do during play. Here are some pictures of us in action.

We enjoy reading in the library, playing co-operative games, practising handwriting and pencil control, number and coin matching, making rhyme rascals, number towers and using the interactive whiteboard. We will add some more photographs next week so you can see more of our daily learning.


P1B share their news!

Here are some of the things P1b wanted to share from this week:

Louie- We have been doing some new rainbow tasks.

Rosa- We have been learning about Lent. We have been writing stories in our jotters.

Tani-We have been working with our buddies.

Isla- We have been learning to write words and read them. We have been working hard.

Aiden- We have been learning to find different ways to make totals in a purse.

Mylie- We have been doing exercises in gym. We warmed up and then practised balancing, running, skipping, jumping and ball control.

Lily- We have been learning new sounds. Today we learned oi/ oy.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!