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P1B News

This week P1B have been very busy. We have completed some addition and subtraction activities to show our understanding. We made it like a treasure hunt so that you could only move to the next spot if you managed to work out the correct answer.

Some of us worked with Ms Paul and planted our broad bean plants in the school ‘secret garden’. We watered them so that they have a good chance of thriving outside now.

In class we have also continued to explore 3D shapes. We were set challenges to build 3D shape models and then label them with their correct names.

More news next week!

Busy P1B Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy has been very busy this week as Alfie has also lost his first tooth. He received a special letter and a beautiful magic crystal under his pillow. Alfie is not sure what kind of magic the crystal has inside, he still needs to work that out. I am sure P1B will keep the Tooth Fairy really busy over the next few months.

P1B News

This week we have been learning more about sharing. We read a story called ‘When the Door Bell Rang’ which was all about sharing cookies. We enjoyed it so much we decided to try it out in class. It was great fun.

We have also been learning new songs this week to help us learn about doubles and counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. Here is the link to our favourite song this week.

We have been writing descriptive sentences. Our sentences are really great  and show that we have worked hard to improve on our next steps. Aiden S and Jay received a positive referral for their amazing sentences- well done boys!

Next week we will be looking at 3D shape and will be exploring how to keep our bodies healthy. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

P1B sharing and the Tooth Fairy.

This week Lily had a very special visitor. She lost her very first tooth and received a special letter and some money from her Tooth Fairy Lucy. Lots of the girls and boys in the class have wobbly teeth or have already lost one or more. We had a great discussion about Lily’s letter and we are all looking forward to losing our baby teeth. We know that we need to care for our teeth so that when the fairy collects them they are shiny white! Happy brushing P1B 🙂

This week in Numeracy we have also been learning about sharing. We used Jelly Beans and teddy bears to practise what it means to share into equal groups. We found this easy peasy! We decided  to try this in another context so we went outside and explored ways that we could share our class into different groups. We know that sometimes sharing fairly is not possible so we have left overs. We all learned the words share, equal, left overs and half. We will continue to explore sharing over the next few weeks.

Have a lovely weekend P1B.