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Learning in P6A

This week in science we were  investigating  the speed of dissolving  when we increased the temperature and volume of water. We found out that the hotter the water the faster the dissolving process. We linked our findings to the world around us for example when making coffee or using baths salts.



Pinkie On Twitter!

P7A have taken on the responsibility of starting a Twitter account for the school.  On it, we will let you know what’s happening in the school and what all the classes are up to.  We will keep it updated throughout the year – be sure to follow us to keep up-to-date with everything to do with Pinkie St Peter’s!

You can find the new Twitter feed at:


P6a Outdoor learning

P6a  have been enjoying learning outdoors. The have been working in groups to complete a number of challenges. Communication and team work being the key to success.

On Wednesday  we had the opportunity to play Rugby with the help from rugby coach Declan. We will have 2 more sessions of rugby and we will take part in  a rugby festival which is arranged for later in the year.


This week in P6a by Kelsey and Rebecca

Recently we’ve been working on netball in P.E with Mr Barrie learning how the positions and we’ve play a couple of games we use chest pass and bounce pass.



On Wednesday we explored Andrew’s wonder of ‘why is the sea salty?’ We watched a video and found out the sea is salty because thousands of years ago salty fumes came from volcanos and came down as rain. Also when it rains and hits the rocks the salt from the rocks eventually make its way to the sea, so that’s why the sea’s salty

For homework this week you had to make a bank and so far the banks look pretty good.

By Kelsey and Rebecca

A snapshot of this week from P6A

This week we have launched the playground squad and it has kind of been a success. However some equipment has been accidently broken. We have got an idea of painting the friendship stops on the ground to stop them getting broken. We will continue our work on this. We also have been working on our JRSO (Junior Road Safety Officers) duties and will be doing a hands up survey next week.

Casey and Miya P6a