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P1 Growing!!!

P1 have been learning about how things grow and have been seperating things that grow and things that don’t!!! The things that they found some things that grow like  Bugs, Plants, Flowers, Vegetables, People and Trees. They have been planting Mint, Corriander, Chives and Bazil!!!

Message from P2/3!!!

From P2/3

Our expedition to the rainforest has come to an end and we are winging our way back to Scotland!

‘Cousin Dotty’ has decided to stay and help save the rainforest, and we would like to help in some way too.

After the recent fire at Five Sister’s Zoo in West Lothian the children have decided they would like to raise money towards rebuilding the reptile house there. We shall do this by holding sponsored events (a sponsored wordsearch and a sponsored dance) chosen by the class. The sponsored event will take place on 3rd May.

If anyone would like to support us please let us know.

P2/3 Tribes and Buddy Games!

A Tribal Kid
P2/3 Gets tribal!

P2/3 have been learning about tribes and how they live! They have also started going outside with there buddies from P7 and sadly it was very windy but that meant that the children got to learn to FLY as well as play with there buddies! P7 and 2/3 will try to hope for good weather so they can play and not start flying again!