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Red Noses sold out

Wow that was fast…. all the red noses have sold out. Thank you to all those who purchased them from the Pupil Council, If you were unable to buy one before they sold out  you can  head to Sainsbury’s or Oxfam to pick up your red noses there. Don’t forget to bring your £1 on  Friday and  dress down, all money raised will go to Comic Relief.

Electricity in P1B

Yesterday P1B were learning more about how electricity works. We are already able to recognise items that need plugs and batteries but we were not sure how electricity travels. We used a sensor stick (see photos) to demonstrate that the electricity will only flow if there is a complete circuit. One child acted as a switch and broke their hands with their partner which caused a break in our circuit and the electricity stopped. We found this amazing!

We then got the chance to build our own small circuit to make a light bulb work. We worked in partners and built the circuit. The crocodile clip cables were tricky so we needed some help but otherwise we knew exactly what to do. We all managed to get our light bulbs to light up. Next time we want to add a switch to the circuit or maybe another light bulb!  Here are some photographs of our lesson.

Red Nose Day :)


Pupil council are organising fundraising for Comic Relief on Friday 24th March and would like to invite nursery children to dress up for a £1 donation.  Red noses will also be on sale during each session for £1.

We will also be offering biscuit decorating and face painting activities on the day – please let us know if you do not wish your child to take part in either activity.

Many thanks,

The nursery team

P1B Play

This week we wanted you to see some of the activities we do during play. Here are some pictures of us in action.

We enjoy reading in the library, playing co-operative games, practising handwriting and pencil control, number and coin matching, making rhyme rascals, number towers and using the interactive whiteboard. We will add some more photographs next week so you can see more of our daily learning.