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Miss Nuttall’s Wedding!!

Dear parents/carers,

As some of you may be aware, I am getting married in the October holidays! This little note is just to let you know that I will be changing my name and it will be Mrs Davidson! Also, some of the children have been asking me if they can come and see me on my wedding day. If you do wish to come along to see me going in, you are more than welcome! The wedding is on Sunday 15th October at the Ghillie Dhu (Rutland Street – next to the Huxley bar) in Edinburgh and I will be arriving about 1.50pm (if I am on time!!)

Have a nice holiday when it comes,

Miss Nuttall

What’s happening at Pinkie this week……..

Week beginning: Monday 9 October 2017


Music Workshops


Credit Union (am)
P4b Swimming Lessons (Musselburgh Sports Centre)
Nursery – Play on Pedals – Group 1
Cello Lessons
Music Sessions (various classes)


Nature Nurture – Nursery pupils
P4b Swimming Lessons (Musselburgh Sports Centre)
P6 Rugby Sessions
P1 and P2 Pupils – Music Sessions
Drop-in “Tea & Toast” (Nurture Room)
Violin Lessons
PE Sessions (various classes)


PE sessions (various classes)
Gymnastics Sessions – Nursery & P1 pupils


PE Sessions (various classes)
(Pupils break for holiday – Pupils return 24 October)

Learning in P4A

This week P4a have been writing creatively – using our Interdisciplinary stimulus of Matilda.  We wrote an imaginative letter of complaint to Miss Trunchbull for taking us on a terrible school trip…

‘ It didn’t seem much like a trip to me.  It was more like a disgraceful punishment…We all expected a lovely relaxing swim but you sharks in the pool which made me so furious!’ – Megan

‘I can’t take it anymore!’ – Bobbi

‘ I didn’t like the school trip because you were torturing us and you made us clean your shoes…I hope you stop being nasty and evil.’ – Bruce


We also used this as an opportunity to include some of our ambitious adjectives from our word wall.

Miss Higgins

News4U Episode 2

This week’s News4U starts with some pretty prose. We are talking about ‘what’s hot and what’s not’ and also some interesting facts about Benmore. These facts will help you understand the P7 assembly about our activity week at Benmore. Hope you enjoy this week’s pod and listen right to the end for details about what subjects we will tackle next week.

Learning in P4B

‘In handwriting we have been trying really hard to join our letters. I found it a little bit hard but we will keep trying until it becomes easier’ Caitlin E

‘We were doing illustrations like Quentin Blake – we had to draw Miss Trunchbull. We used a compass to draw a circle for our picture and then we wrote adjectives around it to describe the character.’ Eva

‘ I really enjoyed swimming this week because we were learning the breast stroke’. Matthew

‘In swimming went into groups and we used noodles to go on our backs and we had to stick our belly up – keeping our eyes open and head in the water. It was easy and good fun’ Caitlin T

‘We were designing a certificate for community responsibility – keep the cloakrooms tidy. We got to design our own certificate and once we are finished we will select the best bits from a few and put them all together’. Neve