School Uniform Success from P4B – Congrats from P5A!

P5A’s School Responsibility is to help track how the school are getting on with wearing school uniform according to the school policy. We are regularly doing a survey across the school to show how we are getting on. This is really helping 5A’s learning too.

This week P4B had a full house of everyone wearing school uniform, so they got a Positive Recognition Certificate from Morgan and Daryl in P5A. Well done everyone in 4B, it must be ‘The Place To Bee’ to see great learning in school uniform!

Learning in P6A

This week in science we were  investigating  the speed of dissolving  when we increased the temperature and volume of water. We found out that the hotter the water the faster the dissolving process. We linked our findings to the world around us for example when making coffee or using baths salts.



What has been happening in P1C?

What has been happening in P1C?

We have been creating houses for the 3 little pigs using a variety of media. Lexi said that it was ‘great fun!’. We used red card for the brick house, spaghetti and straws for the straw house and wooden sticks for the wooden house.

We have been enjoying learning our numbers in class. We have liked it so much that some of us are playing ‘teachers’ and using the numbers to play some games. Maia said ‘I like pretending to be the teacher and teach people numbers!’

Have a look at some  of our photos:

P.1B Newsround

Last week we were drawing pictures (Ali), and playing in the water thing (Joshua). We built houses for the Three Little Pigs with sticks, paper, and spaghetti (Caleb, Didi and Michaela), and we learned about numbers (Harry). We were also being quiet in the library (Lily)! We were making butterflies at home on the tables in the class for symmetry (Skye), and we played in the castle (Michaela).

Thanks also to Imogen who told us about the time she met a beautiful owl!

Finally, well done to Brooke, Michaela and Harry who all received a certificate for completing their weekly Rainbow Tasks. Another busy week in P.1B!

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