Episode 26 – Sports and more sports

A couple of weeks ago,  team Pinkie went to Meadow Mill for an athletic competition. Then a few days later, it was sports day.

So we just had to interview two winners from Meadow Mill – Megan and Euan who did really brilliantly excellently good. Well done to the whole team. And we also spoke to Andrew and Lily about sports day which was a whole planet of fun too.

Podcasts are like buses

Hi there,

We have had some technical challenges here in the Pod. We haven’t been able to post our News4U podcasts for the last couple of weeks.

But, being resilient, we have found a way. So now, you will have two new episodes of News4U very soon. Like two buses coming to a bus stop at once.

Like the doctor said; thanks for your patience.

The Pod