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Children and Young People (Scotland) Act – East Lothian Council update for families

From 31 August 2016, the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act will commence. This Act states that every young person in Scotland is entitled to the support of a Named Person from birth until the until the age of 18.

All pupils will shortly be given a leaflet produced by Scottish Government, explaining the role of a Named Person. You can also find this leaflet on the East Lothian Council website, school websites and the Scottish Government GIRFEC website, along with lots of other information about the Named Person role.

For children in Primary Schools, their Named Person will be the Head Teacher, a Depute Head Teacher, or a Principal Teacher. In a Secondary School, it will be a Guidance Teacher or a Principal Teacher of Pupil Support.

During school holidays, the Named Person role will be undertaken by qualified staff at East Lothian Council. Details of who these people will be and how to contact them will be made available in August, on school and council websites.

Your individual school will inform you as to the name of your child’s Named Person in August, so that you have the most up to date information.

On 30 May, the Scottish Government will be launching a media campaign to raise awareness of the Named Person role and how this fits with the Children and Young People’s Act. East Lothian Council will publicise national materials through social media, on our websites and through pupil post.

For more detailed information, you can look online at the Scottish Government GIRFEC website. This contains a number of very useful and user-friendly documents.

Holland 2016: Bobbejaanland, thank you and goodbye

After our rest day in Valkenburg all of our travellers were up early this morning and following a hearty breakfast we set off for an action packed day in Belgium.

Bobbejaanland is a cowboy based theme park and the weather was right on theme, dry and warm with intermittent really hot bits.

Delayed only for a few minutes while we snacked, we entered the park and for the 1st time made a group visit to the Sledge Hammer  Not all of our travellers could summon the courage to ride the Hammer, so they actual sat it out with like Mr.Kidd (jus’ sayin’).

All of the travellers concurred during the post SledgeHammer debriefing that the collective experience had been “actual quality – minteed like”. At this point the older travellers could no longer cope with the grammatical and vocabulary generation gap so we all went our separate ways, until the end of the day. This gave the now sleep deprived older travellers the opportunity to take a 5 minute – actual closer to like 2 – tor a snooze.

Our evening in the hotel began with a bowling competition and ended with karaoke. It was a really good evening and many of our travellers sang their favourite karaoke numbers. Some of them were actual like quite good likes.

This is our final post for Holland 2016 as tomorrow evening will be spent on the Ferry.

The staff of PLHS Holland 2016 would like to actual thank all of the parents and like carers of our young people for the the trust they have placed in us to accompany these wonderful people in their adventures.  They have been a credit to their families and their school, despite a few ups and downs they have been like actual good company.

We wish you all a very happy holiday and trust you will spend at least some of this time explaining when it is like actual appropriate to use the words like and actual. You might find that this time is actually will spent.



Holland 2016: Our Rest Day

Unlike the rest of the days, Monday is always the rest day. A lie in until 7.30 before a painfully over enthusiastic Mrs.Hewitt came to rouse us!

The short trip to Landgraaf gave little opportunity for the young travellers to indulge in post breakfast snacking.

This is the bravest Preston Lodge group to visit the Climbing Park – we are pleased to report that every single traveller tested their nerve by embarking on the course, and although not all finished, this was the first time that we have not had ropes refusers! The Alpine Coaster is always popular and we managed to squeeze in a few descents before lunch.

Lunch was nearly interrupted by the rain but the travellers barely noticed – so engrossed were they in fruit identification lesson delivered by Mr Kidd. Lesson 1: “Apples are like Bananas, but different” and Lesson 2: “Bananas are unlike i-phones, even though these are Apples”. Some are still not sure about this and we will probably have to revisit this using a worksheet and a proper teacher.

After lunch we made our way with snacks to Gulpen and the fantastic Mosaqua swimming pool. They also sell chips!!

Back to the Hotel Op De Boud for burgers and more chips

This evening we walked to Valkenburg agogo for our LaserTag battle and then home via the pizza shop (it too sells chips!)

Tomorrow is a busy day as we set of into Belgium – once again making the most of the Schengen Agreement while we still can! Tuesday is Bobbejaanland day. The Belgians are famous for their chips with mayo and there seems to be much excitement about this.

Thanks to those of you who have left comments on the blog.

We are encountering a slight technical problem with the gender balance in the photographs – this appears to be caused by boys being unable to simultaneously eat and take photographs –


Holland 2016: Phantasialand Day

Our young travellers were up smartly this morning, fed, watered and set off in good time to arrive at the park for it opening at 10.00.

Fed and watered once again they set off for an adventurous day of thrilling rides, spectacular shows broken only by feeding and watering.

The forecast was to be changeable and this turned out to be pretty accurate as we experienced several different weather systems over the course of the day, culminating in a great hail and thunder storm which momentarily interrupted the feeding.  Sick bags miraculously remained empty as the drookit travellers scurried from roller coaster to fast food outlet to roller coaster.

The evening was rounded off with a pupil led trip into Valkenburg for further feeding and watering.

A couple of unexpected events from the day were:

  • One member of staff being too rotund to fit into two of the rides and having to take the walk of shame twice.  Which member of staff could this have been?  Answers in the comments below please.
  • Max finding the original Mrs Hoban

Tomorrow we head off to the high ropes course, toboggan run, swimming, and laser tag.  It’s the return of the ‘quiet day’.  We are trying to get the boys to take more photos, but most refused to be photographed as the rain had messed their hair.

Holland 2016 : A new Era withoot Vera

A big welcome to all of our readers of our post Brexit Holland blog, this is the beginning of a new era, our previous leader has resigned (well actually retired) and we have a new leader in place who has the wisdom and judgement to navigate our journey through these turbulent waters.

On arrival in Europe we were somewhat surprised to find that European people are essentially just like us, but they speak better English!

Travel as all gone smoothly as as of yet Boris has not been able to sort the border control!

The cultural aspect of our trip began almost immediately with our day trip to Amsterdam to see the self-riding bikes and the Hamsterjam factories where they grow the tulips.

Tomorrow (Sunday) we set off across the open border to Germany (freedom of movement who would have thought it?) to Phantasialand, some of the young people have already suggested that they might want to opt out. We will be taking a vote on this in the morning – but since under 16s are excluded from democratic processes – they will all be doing it

All of our travellers are well and enjoying the experience  – We will see what we can do about this as the week goes on.

They all love to read you comments on here so please get involved by clicking the Comment button.

Question: Is Liz like the Dr Who reincarnation of Vera?