HPV Vaccinations – Thursday 15 January

The HPV Vaccinations will take place in school tomorrow (Thursday 15 January).  Could all students involved please make sure that they have breakfast and that they wear a short sleeved shirt or vest top.

Start at 0930 am

0930 am   1GO1

0945 am   1GO2

0955 am   1GR1

1005 am   1GR2

1015 am   1GR3

1025 am   1SE1

Break  1045-1100

1100 am  1SE2

1110 am  2GO1

1120 am  2GO2

1130 am  2GO3

1140 am  2GR1

1155 am  2GR2

1210 pm 2SE1

1220 pm 2SE2

1230 pm recalls and any pupils who have handed in their forms late IF there are any vaccines left.