Holocaust Memorial 2016

A group of S3 students created a film to show at assemblies, to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day on 27th January. The theme for Holocaust Day this year was ‘Don’t Stand By’. The pupils used this to highlight to students how we should all make sure we don’t stand by when we hear or see any kind of prejudice or discrimination, no matter how minor.

Vaccinations Monday 1 and Tuesday 2 February

The DTP and Men ACYW Vaccinations will take place on Monday 1 and Tuesday 2 February. Please note timings below

Monday 1st
Girls only
3Go1 9.20 am
3Go2 9.30 am
3Go3 9.45 am
3Gr1 9.55 am
3Gr2 10.10 am
3Se1 10.25 am
3Se2 11.00 am

Boys only
3Go1 11.10 am
3Go2 11.20 am
3Go3 11.30 am
3Gr 1 11.40 am
3Gr2 11.50 am
3Se1 12.00 pm
3Se2 12.15 pm

Girls only
4Go1 12.30 pm
4Go2 1.45 pm
4Gr1 1.55 pm

Boys only
4Go1 2.05 pm
4Go2 2.15 pm
4Gr1 2.25 pm
6 students names tbc 2.35 pm
4Gr2 2.45 pm
4Se1 2.50 pm Boys and girls together
4Se2 3pm Boys and girls together


Girls only

5Go1 9.20 am

5Go2 9.30 am

5Gr1  9.45 am

5Gr2  9.55 am

5Se1  10.10 am

5Se2  10.20 am


Boys only

5Go1  11am

5Go2  11.10 am

5Gr1  11.20 am

5Gr2  11.30 am

5Se1  11.40 am

5Se2  11.50 am

Girls only

6Go1  12pm

6Go2 and 6Gr1  12.10 pm

6Gr2  12.20 pm

6Se2  12.30 pm

6Se1  12.40 pm

Boys only

6Go1 and 6Go2  1.45 pm

6Gr1  2pm

6Gr2  2.10 pm

6Se1  2.20 pm

6Se2  2.30 pm