Holland 2014: Day 2

Holland Day 2 got of to a great start early start as we set out on the 90 minute journey to Phantasialand. The rain was drizzly but warm and did not dampen the spirits of our travellers. Being a Sunday the park was really quiet and there were no queues!!

vera_dragon_smallOur staff newbie, Jill Johnstone, did not require much encouragement to try out all of the rides in the park – she even cuddled a couple of the dragons.

We left the park late in the afternoon – all on top form having had a great day.

An exciting evening in Valkenburg watching Holland narrowly defeat a strong Mexican side led to parties in the streets. As they say in this part of the world Hup Holland Hup.

Tomorrow – all going to plan –  will be Day 3 and we are going to the ropes course at  LandGraaf, Swimming in Gulpen and LaserTag at Valkenburg AGoGo.

Please join us by adding your comments to the blog, as our travellers love to hear from you. All are well and enjoying Holland 2014 – Hup Preston Lodge Hup


Holland 2014: Day 1

Holland 2014 – the 14th consecutive year Preston Lodge has travelled to Valkenburg – our 12th year at the Hotel Op De Boud.

We set of in good time from Preston Lodge for the journey to Hull. Spirits were high and all the travellers managed the journey on good order. Mrs.Hoban even managed to crack a smile.

The overnight voyage was calm (the pupils not).

On Saturday morning we arrived in what could have been Rotterdam or anywhere, Liverpool or Rome ’cause Rotterdam is anywhere, anywhere alone.

Warning bells rang when incoming mobile phone network notification messages welcoming us to the USA and explaining that calls would cost $1.20 per minute.

Looking out the windows we decided that the ferry and not taken a wrong turn – the abundance of windmills and relative scarcity of burger joints and line dancing bars led us to believe that perhaps these network notifications were wrong.

The short hop to Amsterdam for our cultural afternoon on a Canal Boat to see some of the highlights of the city was followed by some time to try some of the local cuisine.  Once again the self-doubt reared its ugly head as burger joints appeared on every corner – we have been reliably informed that McDonalds in Amsterdam does different “stuff” from the one at Fort Kinnaird.

After a further two hours travel on the bus, the orange flags and familiar staff in the hotel reassured us that we had now arrived in Valkenburg.

Holland is currently gripped with football fever and an evening visit to the Copacabana bar (Valkenburg, not Rio) allowed us to hang out with Arjen Robben and watch Brazil narrowly avoid defeat by Chile.  A result not well received by the Dutch as Arjen explained to us since Brazil are a real threat!  Hup Holland, hup!

Tomorrow begins with a dawn rise to tackle Phantasialand…..  Prime the sick bags and yellow livers and look forward to a possible second smile from Mrs. Hoban.