Valkenburg 2017: Day 1 and Day 2

Who put Dover all the way down there? That is too far to travel on a diet of Vimto bonbons, chicken satay sticks and early hour service station burger joint reheats!!

Some of our smaller travellers where able to grasp a few minutes of shut eye, in the “reclining” airline style seats, however, they were rudely awoken by the morning chorus from the famous Bluebirds which apparently can often be seen in the area.

Once over the channel the quest for roadside junk food continued through the north of France and into Belgium. Vleeskrokets and Frickandel popular with the more seasoned travellers, the less well seasoned preferring to over indulge in the Frappuccino© and other similar ice based drinks.

Our arrival in Valkenburg was delayed by a hastily arranged “spoof roadwork plan” swung into operation by the Dutch Junk Food Association in order to allow their staff to under take some crisis capability menu planning

An early arrival in Valkenburg provided the opportunity for a visit to the Rodelbaan at Agogo Valkenburg. Some of our adventurers were disappointed at the limited catering facilities at he top of the hill but constant staff reminders that the snack bars would be open in Valkenburg and we would be having an evening meal in the Hotel Op De Boud was enough to quell an insurrection.

Several of our young adventurers were unable to brave the chairlift to get up the hill and instead chose to walk up the hill. Having spent a couple of hours up the hill they ALL felt brave enough to take the chairlift down again. This bodes well for tomorrow when many more of them will face the challenge of putting down their “tasty bites” to ride the coasters.

Bed could not come soon enough – a proper bed – one that is parallel to the floor with covers, a pillow and properly installed in a stationary building!!

Tomorrow brings a whole range of German junk food (quality btw) – contact has been made at ministerial level to ensure that Phantasialand has a sufficient quantity of Bratwurst, Churros (with Chocolate Sauce with enough calories to launch a rocket), chocolate coated fruit kebabs (at least one of our five day), Noodles and, of course, the “Unter den Linden” salad bar for the staff.

“The two million UK Nationals in the EU can stay, but these guys have to go home – next week” –  Angela Merkel

“This is all Fake News ” – Donald Trump

“een Pizza Hut een pizza hut een Kentucky Fried Chicken en een pizza hut”

You can see more from our young people here

Please feel free to leave us your comments – the travellers will check these out tomorrow.

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