Anthropology Scotland

Anthropology Scotland

Friday, June 10 2016, 10am-3pm

FREE event for S4-S6 pupils at National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

Would you like to find out more about studying different cultures? The experiences of refugees? How we create our social identities? Or how we relate to animals and the material world around us?

Anthropology is the comparative study of humankind throughout the world. Discover more in a day of workshops and talks with students and staff from Scottish universities and National Museums Scotland.

Students will find out more about the role of anthropology and the potential for the material and cultural study of humankind at university. There will be a series of workshops with anthropologists working in universities and museums. The day will include the opportunity to talk to lecturers and students from the universities of Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and St Andrews about studying anthropology in Scotland.

Workshops will include: the refugee experience; the invention of tradition; museum culture; dirt and pollution; the culture game, and others.

In addition, there will be a wealth of information about studying anthropology at university.

Groups welcome. Students should be accompanied by a teacher or parent; please book in advance.

To book places, or for more information, please see

If you have any further questions, please contact Tom Boylston at


School leavers website message re the Named Person

“From 31 August 2016, the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act will commence. This Act states that every young person in Scotland is entitled to the support of a Named Person until the age of 18. For those young people attending school, your Named Person is likely to be your Guidance Teacher and details of this will be made available to you very soon. If you leave school before your 18th birthday, your Named Person will transfer from school staff to a member of staff who works in the Local Authority where you live. Please refer to the attached leaflet explaining the support that the Named Person can offer you, should you need it. At East Lothian Council, you can contact the Named Person Service at the email address . Further details of the Named Person Service for school leavers in East Lothian will be made available over the next few months.”


Everyone going on the trip should by now have received a slip setting out details of the dates for the final payment, room allocation and parental meeting.  If you did not get this slip, please get in touch with Mrs Campbell, Ms Webster, Mrs Scott or Ms Mathieson as soon as possible.  This is really important information and it is vital that you get it.

 Thank you.

 Ms Mathieson