Holland 2014: Day 4

We woke this morning to a beautiful blue sky over Valkenburg aan de Geul and after breakfast set off to Bobbejannland. Bobbejaan Schoepen was an Belgian Country sInger and entertainer so the park is vaguely Western themed.

The weather was very warm and bright and we all dried quickly after being on the water rides in the park. Special mention for Anna Scott for braving the notoriously wet “Indiana River” in a log weighed down by Mr.Evans, Mr.Stewart and Mrs Johnstone – that Jill is no lightweight and we all got soaked!

Some of our travellers took time out to see “The Bubble Magic Show” with Marco Zoppi, but most just spent the day on the Attractions. Once again we were really lucky and the longest queue was around 10 minutes.

In the evening we had our annual Bowling, Karaoke and dancing evening. Zumba Instructor Jill led the dancing while Mr.Evans led the karaoke.

The sharp sighted football fans amongst you will have noticed that during the holiday our travellers have been photographed with some members of the Holland World Cup Team. Have you seen them all? Can you name them?

This is final post from Holland 2014 as tomorrow we set out for Gouda and then Rotterdam. Wednesday night we are on the ferry. We will be back in Prestonpans around 15:00 on Thursday.

The staff of Holland 2014 would like to thank all of our travellers for their good humour and camaraderie. The pupils have been a credit to the school and their families.
Thank you to all the parents and carers for trusting us with their care and allowing us the privilege of their company.
Enormous thanks to Mrs.Hoban for once again organising and leading this 14th annual Preston Lodge Valkenburg trip with great skill and more than the occasional smile – it says here!

Thanks for all of your comments on the website – keep them coming.
See you all on Thursday.

Holland 2014: The Day of Rest

It’s Monday, it’s the famous Preston Lodge Holland trip – it must be the rest day.

Our day began with a long lie – breakfast at 08:00 and then off to the Europe’s largest High Ropes Course at Snowworld Landgraaf.

Cameras were not allowed on the ropes course for obvious reasons – both hands very much required.

As we got kitted up with the safety gear many of the our stoic crew encountered the fear, some for the first time on this trip. There was much sobbing, wailing and gnashing of teeth but every single one of our students put on the gear and went out on the course. For some the fear became too great and they returned early but most managed to complete the Blue (Lower) and many the Black (Higher) course. Some of the taller pupils then ventured onto the 1000m of Zip Lines. This was a real challenge made all the more difficult when the skies opened and we experienced a short but very wet 5 minutes. The ZipLiners were completely exposed and unable to seek shelter, nevertheless they pressed on demonstrating their Resilience and willingness to overcome adversity – some wished they had been Resourceful enough to bring an extra layer of clothing – or maybe a towel!! Never mind, as Reflective learners they will remember this for the next time. Special mention for Chloe Martin who despite her initial fear got on to the course – and despite coming off early still got up again to try the ZipLines – brilliant – so proud!!

The afternoon took as to Mosaqua in Gulpen. The variable weather resulted in the closure of the Outdoor Pools but we had the full use of the Indoor Pools, Saunas, Hot Tubs, Steam Room and fantastic flumes. Taking photos is not so easy in the swimming pool so here is a video of the journey down one of the flumes.

In the evening we all went across to the LaserTag for a couple of games in the Lime caves – great fun. Lewis Groome-Vine was the highest scorer at this – with a special mention for a couple of the young ladies who did not get the fact that it is a team sport and they just “shot” anyone.

By 10.30pm everyone was in bed recovering from the rest day.

Here is what the travellers were saying today:

“The trip is so breath taking, it’s a magic trip. I’m really enjoying it” – Jenna
“Having great time so far. Love the Hotel such a nice place. Been a good trip with the school” – Jorji
“Having so much fun don’t want it to stop” – Bradley
“The Roller Coasters at Phantasialand were amazing like when you go on the front of the Black Mamba” – Anon
“It’s amazing” – Kyle
“Awesome” – Lockhart
“Mr.Stewart’s remixes are bangin’” – Everyone
“Mr Stewart is really cool” – Mr.Stewart
“It’s Beast” – Lewis V
“Holland 2014 so far has been amazing want to do it all again, Can’t wait for what we have left”- Amy M
“I’m having fun” – Melody
“Beast” – Dylan
“It’s a lot of fun” – Sarah
“Good, Great, Excellent” – Jordan
“Absolutely Amazing” – Jamie
“Holland this year is good so far – the teachers are really fun and funny” – Chloe
“Too good to be true – amazing!” – Nathan
“Alright” – Callum
“Holland is amazing! Mr S, Mr E, Jill and Mrs H have really outdone themselves! #Holland #JollyJill” – Anna S
“Having an amazing time here but missing my family too” – Stephanie R
“It was really fun and I enjoyed it” – Liam
“Best hols ever. So fun – thanks Mum and Dad” – Georgio
“This has been an amazing experience” – Rebecca T
“This holiday has been amazing” – Melissa S
“The holiday is goin really good so far. It’s good how we get our freedom” – Courtney
“Is Mrs Hoban always like this” – Jill J
“Making new friends” – Hollie
“The holiday is very fun and good – really enjoying myself” – Megan
“Holland is a great country it’s so much fun and there’s lots to do” – Rhys
“It’s been so much fun. Glad I came” – Scott
“I have really enjoyed myself this trip. Thanks for letting me go Mum” – Lewis G-V
“The best” – Marc
“It’s been so good. Phantasialand was amazing!” – Cameron
“Amazing!” – Nicole
“Amazing!” – Melissa P
“Crazy!” – Prentice
“No” – Mrs.Hoban

Tomorrow we Go West to Bobbejaanland in Belgium. The weather forecast is looking much brighter it’s going to be hot, hot, hot.

Please keep the comments coming on the blog we all enjoy hearing from you.

Wednesday’s Events 2 July 2014

Morning Event

Highland Fling – Preston Lodge’s own alternative Highland Games!  Toss the Haggis, do the Highland Fling, Oatcake Challenge, tug-o-war, the human pyramid, the marshmallow squash and much more. (Teams of 10 any age any house – submit your team members to the office).

Afternoon Event

‘Frozen’ filmfest.

Sing a long a ‘Frozen’

Dress as your favourite character. Sing your favourite song. Do an impression of a character from the movie. Prizes!!!

Holland 2014: Day 2

Holland Day 2 got of to a great start early start as we set out on the 90 minute journey to Phantasialand. The rain was drizzly but warm and did not dampen the spirits of our travellers. Being a Sunday the park was really quiet and there were no queues!!

vera_dragon_smallOur staff newbie, Jill Johnstone, did not require much encouragement to try out all of the rides in the park – she even cuddled a couple of the dragons.

We left the park late in the afternoon – all on top form having had a great day.

An exciting evening in Valkenburg watching Holland narrowly defeat a strong Mexican side led to parties in the streets. As they say in this part of the world Hup Holland Hup.

Tomorrow – all going to plan –  will be Day 3 and we are going to the ropes course at  LandGraaf, Swimming in Gulpen and LaserTag at Valkenburg AGoGo.

Please join us by adding your comments to the blog, as our travellers love to hear from you. All are well and enjoying Holland 2014 – Hup Preston Lodge Hup


Holland 2014: Day 1

Holland 2014 – the 14th consecutive year Preston Lodge has travelled to Valkenburg – our 12th year at the Hotel Op De Boud.

We set of in good time from Preston Lodge for the journey to Hull. Spirits were high and all the travellers managed the journey on good order. Mrs.Hoban even managed to crack a smile.

The overnight voyage was calm (the pupils not).

On Saturday morning we arrived in what could have been Rotterdam or anywhere, Liverpool or Rome ’cause Rotterdam is anywhere, anywhere alone.

Warning bells rang when incoming mobile phone network notification messages welcoming us to the USA and explaining that calls would cost $1.20 per minute.

Looking out the windows we decided that the ferry and not taken a wrong turn – the abundance of windmills and relative scarcity of burger joints and line dancing bars led us to believe that perhaps these network notifications were wrong.

The short hop to Amsterdam for our cultural afternoon on a Canal Boat to see some of the highlights of the city was followed by some time to try some of the local cuisine.  Once again the self-doubt reared its ugly head as burger joints appeared on every corner – we have been reliably informed that McDonalds in Amsterdam does different “stuff” from the one at Fort Kinnaird.

After a further two hours travel on the bus, the orange flags and familiar staff in the hotel reassured us that we had now arrived in Valkenburg.

Holland is currently gripped with football fever and an evening visit to the Copacabana bar (Valkenburg, not Rio) allowed us to hang out with Arjen Robben and watch Brazil narrowly avoid defeat by Chile.  A result not well received by the Dutch as Arjen explained to us since Brazil are a real threat!  Hup Holland, hup!

Tomorrow begins with a dawn rise to tackle Phantasialand…..  Prime the sick bags and yellow livers and look forward to a possible second smile from Mrs. Hoban.