Welcome to PrestonLodge.net

Preston Lodge High School’s presence on the web.


Mr Gavin Clark


At Preston Lodge we aim to meet the learning needs of all our students and we strive to be:

  • a centre of learning
  • a centre of excellence
  • at the centre of our community.

Our 2013-14 Prospectus

[issuu layout=http%3A%2F%2Fskin.issuu.com%2Fv%2Flight%2Flayout.xml showflipbtn=true autoflip=true autofliptime=6000 documentid=130124155831-ddca32ecf9eb4ea1803de05dfd3507fd docname=plhs_prospectus_2013-2014 username=prestonlodge.net loadinginfotext=PLHS%20Prospectus%202013-14 showhtmllink=true tag=plhs width=420 height=297 unit=px]

About PrestonLodge.net

PrestonLodge.net is more than just a “website” – it is the central portal for access to the  wide variety of Preston Lodge HS web activity. The rapid growth of the web and web technology gives lots of opportunities for schools.  PrestonLodge.net allows us to “mash” together many different sites, technologies and functionalities to create an innovative, interactive and dynamic site.

With around 30 contributing sites from subject departments, yearbooks, pupil web jotters, and well over 120 teachers, students and office staff adding to the site on a daily basis, PrestonLodge.net is the most dynamic network in the East Lothian Edubuzz.org domain.

On PrestonLodge.net you can access our:

  • Issuu Publications shelves including historical archive documents
  • School calendars and forms
  • RSS feeds (Link coming soon)
  • Facebook pages
  • YouTube pages
  • Flickr pages
  • Our social links can be found by viewing our ‘connect’ page here.

and much, much more – PrestonLodge.net has a reputation for offering the latest technology to the community – so visit us often!!

Search PrestonLodge.net

The site is growing everyday, so finding something in the ever increasing archives is getting harder and harder! Now, you can search the site using our own Custom Google Search Engine – just click the link below!

Our Aims & Values

A Guide to PrestonLodge.net

Our homepage is full of features, but can look a bit daunting.

Why not try out our (experimental) PrestonLodge.net interactive guide? Just click here to open up a version of PrestonLodge.net, with different features highlighted in different colours. Clicking in these coloured regions will tell you all about the features they’re covering!

Alternatively, the image below gives a guide to the main features of the homepage and how you use them (click image to enlarge, and maybe then again depending on your browser).