Our visit to the pantomime.

My favourite bit was when the dragon was scaring everyone because it was kind of funny. It was really hard work to jump and clap at the same time to scare the dragon. Josh
I liked the ending when they all bowed because they did a nice dance. Melissa
I loved it when the genie appeared because the bad guy rubbed the lamp. Ethan
I loved the part – the end bit – with the dance. Becca
I liked the bit when the dragon was scaring everyone. Zac
The man stole the girl and the man said he was going to take the girl and put the chain on her and lock her up. The chain was on her ankle. The genie broke it up. Sophie
I liked the bit when Aladdin was getting chased by the policeman because it was funny. Thomas
I liked the bit where they got married. Megan
I liked the bit when Aladdin’s mother got the bad guy to drink all the tea and the milk and it was quite funny when Aladdin’s mum put the bib around him. Rhuairi
I liked it when they scared the dragon. Casey
I liked it when Aladdin’s mum banged the sugar on the bad guy’s head twice and I liked it when Aladdin was being chased by the police and I liked it when they all gathered round and did ssssssssss. Harrison