Our Quiet Assemblies



All schools are required to have religious observance assemblies (and parents and carers have the right to withdraw children from this – just let us know). We do this by having Quiet Assemblies, usually about once a month. These are open and inclusive of all life and world views and religions. At Quiet Assemblies we sit in a semi circle in a darkened hall around a candlelit table. Music to help us reflect welcomes us into the hall and we come in silence. There is a short talk, we listen to our special Feeling book being read and have a short period of silence or music before we leave in silence. This Quiet Assembly was a celebration of our teachers, coupled with building our resilience with a story that led to children whispering together, “Keep Going” and “You CAN do it”. One of our P3 children is learning to say, “I’ll give it a go” when she is feeling anxious so we thought about that too. We finished with our beloved Fischy Music song, RELAX….
… just a precious time in the life of the school community, look at their wee faces…