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Our school is situated in Prestonpans which is in picturesque East Lothian in Scotland. We have a large nursery department and 15 classes for P1, P2, P3.  After P3 our children transfer to Prestonpans Primary School.

Here is our 2015/2016 Standards and Quality Report and our Improvement Plan for 2016/2017. 



This is a one page version of our Improvement Plan.


Here is our Handbook for 2015/2016

Approved Prestonpans Infant School Handbook 2015 2016

We are a very friendly school and we would love for you to get in touch with us and let us know what you think of our school.

The school address is: 

 Prestonpans Infant School,
 West Loan,
EH32 9NX

Telephone Number: 01875 810028 ‎

Email: prestonpans.is@prestonpansinfant.elcschool.org.uk

14 thoughts on “About Our School”

  1. I first attended Prestonpans School in 1935 and after that to Preston Lodge. The headmaster was Mr Young then Mr Roberts. My first teacher was Miss Ayre and her father was minister at Preston Kirk. The qualifying teacher (11plus) Was Miss Boyd. She never had a failure. I wonder if any of my school mates are still about? I am 80 years old now and live in Derbyshire.

  2. What ever happened to mrs braithwaite? She was my teacher around 2000. I was in P6 at the time. She was an awsome teacher.

    I miss being at primary school. You don’t realise how easy life is. 🙂

  3. It has been interesting to visit your website to discover something of the work that is going on at the school.
    As the new minister coming to Prestonpans (at Prestongrange Church) on 18th Dec. I look forward to serving the community of Prestonpans and its schools in the near future.

  4. P1 had a great visit to Prestongrange Church on 18 December. We wiped our feet hard so the church looked good for your special service. We look forward to meeting you in 2015. Best wishes for Christmas and New Year. Ms Laing

  5. Went to your school in 1956, keep looking at your website to find out what you have been doing, Mrs Rolo and Mrs fowler where teachers of mine.
    Well done on a fantastic school. Will keep looking at what you are up to.

    Well done!

  6. It’s lovely to hear from you Elizabeth. In Prestonpans, folk say, “It’s a lovely wee school,” whenever they talk about Prestonpans Infant School. However, we are a growing school. We now have 120 in the nursery and 300 in P1-3. Nevertheless, we still feel like a ‘lovely wee school’! We wish you well. Thank you for keeping in touch with us. If you are ever in Prestonpans, pop in, you would be most welcome. Sheila Laing, Headteacher

  7. i am very proud that my son has started prestonpans infants and look forward to a fantastic 3 years watching the school grow and my son being a part of this.

    I love this school as its the heart of the town as it plays a big part in the lifes of the children and families that it aims to work with

    keep up the good work

  8. My child started primary 1 in August and all its been about is money for this money for that. I and I bet a lot of others can’t afford all this money. My child feels very left out that I can’t afford to buy her things from the Xmas fayre which all her friends and class mates have.

  9. Firstly, thank you for having the courage to write this. Secondly, We are very sad that you feel like this. Staff and the Parent Council have spent time making sure that school does not cost families a lot of money. We limit the times we ask you for money. For example at Children in Need, we say children can dress up or down and we do not ask for donations (but will take some from anyone who wishes to give and pass it on). We have a calendar of events for fundraising and our big fundraisers are the Christmas Shopping Night and Summer Fair. The money raised enables us to subsidise trips so that taking children to the panto only costs parents and carers £6, when the actual cost is more than £10 per child. We can and have subsidised families that are finding any requests for money and we do this discreetly, so please pop in and chat with Ms Laing if you are having difficulties. We are here to help and not to make life more difficult for you at this tricky time of year. Best wishes. Ms Laing

  10. Hi I spoke to my daughters teacher about my daughters behaviors. She said she would monitor her. I feel that she needs to be referred for a assessment. How do I go about this? Many thanks

  11. I am glad that we have been able to meet you to continue to advise and support your daughter and yourself. Thank you for coming in to speak to Mrs Cameron. Ms Laing

  12. Thank you very much for the great work you are doing. I have today completed the popp course and strongly advise to every parent to attend. You are a wonderful, caring, helpful and understanding school.

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