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Wee Pans raises £3550 to rebuild Burmese School boys’ dorm

Since March we have been saving pennies, selling cakes, raising money through our sponsored treasure hunt to help 62 boys in CDC School for Burmese migrants in Thailand. These boys live in the school because they have no parents or are separated from their parents. When fire struck in March, the boys and their teachers who live with them lost everything.
CDC fire

The boys are sleeping in school halls until a new dorm can be built for them. Wee Pans children, staff, families and friends have raised and incredible £3550 to send to CDC School to rebuild the dorm for the boys. Our children want the dorm to be made of bricks not bamboo so that it is stronger and can stand up to fire better. We hope our money makes that possible.

Wee Pans children, staff, families and friends – Jesu Chin Batty – THANK YOU (in Burmese language). Dabloo in Karen language.  That is what the children and staff of CDC School say to you.  You can see them here at their annual school opening prizegiving assembly. They have had their ‘summer/hot season’ holiday and school has just opened for a new session.  Some of the boys and teachers who lived in the burnt down dorm are in this picture.   Say Hai is also here, can you spot her?  She visited us in March 2015 for the 3rd time.

CDC School Prizegiving

To CDC School, Mae Sot with our love

Thank you Wee Pans

You saved pennies, made and bought cakes and you gave donations so that the boys’ dorm at CDC School that went on fire could be rebuilt. We are hoping that it can be built with bricks. The treasure hunt money will be sent over to CDC in April. Thank you everyone from Liberty Thawda and Say Hai for your kindness.

thai bhats