Tuesday 22nd August 2017

Corridor Duty


Whole School Information



Book Festival Trip

Pupils attending the book festival trip should meet Mr MacLean & Mrs Lumsden in Room 120 at 9:15 today.


First Name Surname Reg
Fergus White 1F1
Ella Brook 1F3
Erin Hall 1F3
Eilidh Hutchison 1F3
Emily Rennie 1F3
Mia Mackie 1W3
Emma Crichton 2F1
Theo McKenzie 2F1
Finlay McKenzie 2F1
Callum Russell 2F1
Luke Henderson 2F2
Hannah MacNab 2F3
Andrew McConnachie 2F3
Patrycja Bienczak 2S1
Sadie Blyth 2S1
Georgia Hastings 2S1
James Knox 2S1
Emma Ainslie 2S3
Anya Martin 2S3
Holly Bacon 2W2
Leiha Johnston 2W2
Leon Skwara Pacione 2W2
Andrew Black 3F1
Stuart Hemsley 3F1
Daniel Torrance 3S1
Hamish McNeill 3S2
Filip Borowiak 3W1
Sean Craigmile 3W2
Katie Johnstone 3W2
Robbie Waldron 3W3


Interested in Drama and confidence building?

East Lothian Youth Theatre run fun classes lead by experienced drama professionals throughout East Lothian and perform annually in The Brunton Theatre

Come along Today Tuesday 22nd August 3.30 – 4.30pm for a short 30 minute taster of games and drama exercises to see if it’s for you !

All secondary ages welcome it will be in Mrs Starks room.


Year Group Information


S1 – S3


Football Un 13s & Un 14s Boys Trials

Interested in playing football for Ross High School. Attend the trails:

Un 13s – Boys born in 2005 – 1st Trial 4pn Kick Off at Forrester 3G on Wednesday 23rd August.

Un 13s – Boys born in 2005 – 2nd Trial 4pm Kick Off at Forrester 3G on Monday 28th August.

Un 14s – Boys born in 2004 – Trial, 9am for 9.30am kick off at Forrester 3G on Saturday 26th August.





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