P7C Circuits




Fantastic to see some problem solving skills put to the test this morning as P7C built various circuits using bulbs, wires, batteries, switches, buzzers and motors.

After the holidays we will be using potatoes and lemons to make our own batteries!

Book Swap


P7 took part in the Book Swap this morning with P7A. Well Done to all those that brought in a book. It was great to see the children so enthusiastic and engaged about reading.

Keep up the good work!


Nursery News….


We have had a wonderful few weeks in nursery learning about hot and cold. Another HUGE thank you to all parents/carers who kindly helped us with our supply of ice. We hope  you can see from these pictures of our most recent activities how much fun we had…

The Nursery Team

Nursery news….

We have been SO busy in nursery this week.  The children have been very interested in the cold and windy weather and we have been busy exploring hot and cold throughout the nursery.  We have made delicious ice cream, tasted frozen grapes,  prepared and drank hot soup in the cold weather, created pictures with frozen paint, left water out overnight to see what would happen and have had fun cracking the ice that we found the next morning as well as many more exciting activities. We have also been having fun playing with the huge farm animals Santa left for us and have had fun drawing our own farm animals at the writing table. Our music area has been very busy with lots of children counting to 8 and trying out some of the Scottish dancing moves we have been practising at group time.

Here is our delicious Ice cream recipe…enjoy!


The Nursery Team





Holly Coleman and Josh Marshall have been attending Mrs Pearce scratch club (programming/game maker) on a Wednesday afternoon. They have learnt many new skills and were feeling confident in sharing their experiences with the class.

Today Holly (Josh was absent) took a 45 minute lesson in front of the whole class! She taught us all how to insert a character (sprite) and how to programme it to do different things.

The class were not only impressed with her scratch skills, but her teaching skills were fantastic.

Thank you Mrs Pearce and Holly!

The first Queen Margaret Children’s University Graduation – Friday 9th January 2015

We are so proud of our pupils for being part of the very first Queen Margaret Children’s University Graduation! A group of 22 of our pupils joined children from three other Primary Schools in East Lothian on Friday 9th January when they graduated from the Children’s University. The event, held at Queen Margaret University, recognises learning that takes place out with school. The ceremony began with a welcome from the Principal of QMU and Fiona McLeod, Acting Minister for Children and Young People. The certificates were then awarded for 30, 65 and 100 hours of learning:

Bronze – 30 hours

  • Grace Anderson
  • Evan Balfour
  • Ella Brook
  • Kara Craig
  • Clare Douglas
  • Bobby Duncan
  • Aidan Hutchison
  • Eilidh Hutchison
  • Rowan Kittle
  • Logan McLean
  • Hamish McNeill
  • Jon McVay
  • Adam Nichol
  • Jade Motherwell
  • Chloe Shields

Silver – 65 hours

  • Esme Balfour
  • Hunter Crooks
  • Layla Duke
  • Ellie Kittle
  • Sonny Middler-Burrows
  • Layton Ross

Gold – 100 hours

  • Libby Duke
On our way to the lecture theatre for the ceremony dressed in our gowns and mortar boards!
Patiently waiting for the ceremony to start.

Each pupil and their parents/carers and invited guests enjoyed a finger buffet and entertainment following the ceremony; it was a very special day. We look forward to seeing more pupils complete their bronze, silver and gold awards in the coming months and years. Keep up the good work!

Nursery News…

We have had a busy first week back in nursery.  Our morning boys and girls have been busy building in the blocks both inside and out, making GIGANTIC train tracks in the construction area, creating some fantastic ‘frosty’ paintings and gluings and exploring the ice and cold weather animals in the water tray.  Our afternoon boys and girls have welcomed lots of new friends into the nursery and are helping the grown ups show them how our nursery works! They have been having a fantastic time in the house corner making delicious meals, phoning each other to make all sorts of appointments and styling their friend’s hair and make up beautifully! We have started writing a little about our nursery day on our board for parents and carers to read at collection time.

The Nursery Team

Accelerated Reader Success

Well done to all pupils who are using Accelerated Reader regularly. We set you a goal of 30 million words by yesterday, the 19th of December. You reached 31,878,562 words. What an incredible achievement! Well done to all you.

Two pupils in our school have already become word millionaires themselves, which means that they have each read a million words since the start of the school session in August. Our two millionaires are: Euan Thornton in P5/6 and Finlay Giles inn P4P. Well done to you both! We are so proud of you!

Graduation at Queen Margaret University

Update on Learning Destinations/Activities

Thank you to all parents and pupils who have been emailing Queen Margaret University to ask for activities to be added to the website. We have had lots of requests for activities including Guides, Mini Rugby, Judo and Saltire Gymnastics Club. As the requests come through to Children’s University they are validated and added. Please do continue to email requests for activities to be added to ensure that we cover as many learning destinations and activities as possible in the local area.

Graduation Ceremony January 2015

The first Graduation Ceremony for Children’s University will be held on Friday 9th January 2015.  Pupils who achieve 30 hours will graduate with a Bronze award, those who achieve 65 hours will graduate with a Silver and those with 100 hours will achieve a Gold award.  The ceremony is a very exciting opportunity to celebrate the wider achievements of the children involved in Children’s University and will be the first of its kind in the East of Scotland.

We are very proud of our 23 pupils who will be attending.

A Path to the Future