Welcome back!

It has been a very quick first week and we’ve had a fantastic kick start to session 2014-15. Lots of exciting things are planned for the coming term so keep watching this space for more information.

A reminder of start and finish times:
P1 and P2 – 8.55 – 2.50 (Mon – Thurs) and 8.55 – 12.00 (Fri)
P3 to P7 – 8.55 to 3.20 (Mon – Thurs) and 8.55 to 12.30 (Fri)


Every class including the Nursery, the Hub and members of staff took part in our potato competition.  We ended up with a bumper crop from each competitor.  We were very fortunate to have Garden Solutions donate several bags of their special compost to enhance our growing potential and the seed potatoes were donated by Ian Hastie.

The competition was fierce and the plants were looked after with tender loving care.

The Big Potato Weigh In was Monday 20th June and the winning group with an amazing crop of potatoes weighing 2kg 30g was the Blue Group in the Nursery.  Well Done and thank you to everyone who participated in this event.

The Nursery are going to make chips with their crop and the rest will be used in the kitchen for lunches.

Here is a picture of the potatoes going to the kitchen.

What a magnificent crop!

What a magnificent crop!

P1/2 and P4M Buddy Party

Today we all dressed up for our buddy party. Some of us were in our jammies, some of us were in our party outfits and some of us had costumes on. We swapped cards we had made for our buddies then  played with the wet playtime games, before having juice, crisps and sweeties or chocolate.

We have had great fun with our buddies on Fridays. We will miss each other but look forward to meeting our new buddies next year.

P1/2 and P4M Buddy Party



This week in P4M….

On Monday we went to Hirsel farm in Coldstream. We made pizza but they were healthy and we looked round the farm. We saw highland cows and learned about where our food comes from. It was really fun. On Tuesday we made cards for our buddies to say thank you for being a good buddy then we went to music we played the ukulele.  After lunch Miss Waddell came to take us for a little while. On Wednesday we had assembly WELL DONE to Fallon for being star of the week. On Thursday we played rounders for our secret student reward and later we were watching Miss Robertson playing netball, her team came second. At P.E we played netball because we wanted to learn how to play. On Friday we had a party for the last week of buddies. We all dressed up and we played games and had a picnic on the carpet. Miss Robertson has told us we can teach a lesson to the class next week on something we have learned this year – we are not allowed to give red cards though!

Written by Kaare and Abi.

Hello to P1L

I am very sad to be saying goodbye to Primary 1F but wish them lots of luck and learning in Primary!
I had a lovely time meeting the children and parents of P1L and am excited to welcome them all in to Primary 1 in August!

Have a lovely last week and a super Summer everyone!

Miss Mackenzie

P1/2 Dogs Trust Talk

Rachel from the Dogs Trust came to talk to us today. We learnt:

  • how to be safe around dogs – when it is okay to stroke them
  • what they need and how to look after them properly
  • lots of interesting facts about their senses like their sense of hearing is 4 times better than ours and that they can see at night

Rachel left a certificate for every child there (sorry, Sam, you were off). Every group got 3 points for listening so well. Well done P1/2!

Dogs Trust Talk

This week in P4M…

Primary Games

On Friday we made human body models for homework and surprisingly they ended up at the front of the school for everybody to see! We are getting to take them home tomorrow. On Tuesday we went to primary games for our trip and we did events and we saw the baton up close and saw Clyde. It was really fun and Miss Robertson said we were fantastic so we were all stars of the weeks and got a bit of choosing time to celebrate. On Wednesday we made are our own stories that we could write anything we wanted in them because we got our last piece of assessed writing finished last week - we like when we get to choose in writing. On Monday we wrote a letter to Ms Waddell asking to do some fun things in the last week. On Wednesday we showed off more of our talents so Macy and Anna dancing to will.iam’s Bang Bang. They were great!

Written by Ben and Aimee


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P1/2 – Queen’s Baton Relay

We went out with all the rest of school yesterday to see the Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton as it arrived in Tranent. We had to wait an hour as it was running very late. Everybody was very patient and well behaved. Well done P1/2! We were disappointed not to see the mascot Clyde and we could barely see the baton as it was surrounded by adults, but it was still quite an event.


The baton but no Clyde!

This week in P4M….

We have had a VERY busy week this week.  Over the last 5 weeks P4M have been making our own human body to present them to our class.  We had a lot of fun making them and showing them to our class and our buddy class. 1st place was Eilidh, 2nd Place was David, 3rd Place was Kaare who all got a book about our bodies. Luke, Anna, Jay and Marcus received runner up prizes from the treasure box and everyone who took part won a small prize too! Well done to everyone who took part.  You all did a wonderful job and Miss Robertson is very proud of you! On Tuesday half of the class performed the plays they have been working on while the other half were at recorders.  They were very funny.  We learnt a bit about the baton relay and will see it next week on our trip to Meadowmill.  On Monday we had sports day but it started to rain so we had to cancel it. We were very wet! On Wednesday we did maths with smarties.  We got a packet of smarties and made a bar graph to show what colours we had. After we got to eat them! At assembly children from every class got up to show off a talent and Kaare did a comedy act, it was really funny.  We have been playing cricket in P.E. We also kept working on our PowerPoints and learned how to add extra slides and videos if we wanted one.  Well done to our star this week Marcus!

Written by Eilidh and Mitchell

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P1/2 and P2′s Mini-Concert

Yesterday Ms. Peebles, our music specialist, played her violin for P1/2 and P2T. The children listened attentively. James was so impressed he asked when he could learn to play an instrument! P2 children will have Ms. Peebles for music next year. P1 will have to wait another year.  :0/



This week in P4M

On Monday we started our PowerPoints about the human body. On Tuesday we were playing mathletics because we didn’t get it on Monday and the highest scorer in P4 was Anna, WELL DONE ANNA! Then we went to drama to do our plays they are nearly finished. On Wednesday after lunch we did the secret student task which David earned for us which involved chocolate and marshmallows. What you do:

You will need one tin (get a hammer and 1 nail and make holes around 10 to 15 holes) tin foil, candles, chocolate, marshmallows, kebab sticks and a lighter.

1 get your foil and fold it 2 times

2 then get your tin and wrap the foil around the bottom of the tin but leave a handle to hold it

3 then get your candle put it the tin and light the candle

4 put your little foil pan on top of the tin

5 then get your chocolate and put it in and leave it to melt but don’t forget to keep lifting it up to give the candle oxygen

6 Once your chocolate has melted, dip your marshmallows in and enjoy! But don’t burn down the house - so get an adult to help you!

On Thursday we had rugby, it was our last week which is a bit sad. We are looking forward to sports day on Monday. It’s at 1.30pm. Well done to our star this week, Jack.

Written by Emma, David, Demi and Mia