ELC Summer Arts Activities

East Lothian Council Arts Service has programmed a bumper selection of summer holiday arts activities for ages 3 – 14.

The programme includes Art Camps, Youth Theatre Summer Schools, Youth Dance Company residential, Nursery and Primary Dance classes and the more unusual Carnival Dance, Musical Circus Extravaganza and Musical Theatre.

There are also Drama and Dance workshops specially tailored to those with additional support needs.

The ever popular Computer Xplorers return with Lego Animation, Video Game Design and App Developer.

New to the programme this year are Light Lab with Lightbox: using torches and super close up cameras to make

photographs of plants and natural objects, and Light Time Memory: using software to blend photographs together to create multi layered images.

Activities can be booked at The Brunton, Musselburgh box office on 0131 665 2240.

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Parent Involvement Survey


Parental Involvement Survey

FAO Parents/Carers
Below is a link to the Parental Involvement Survey which has now been finalised. We would like to extend our thanks to the parents who have assisted us in compiling this survey. The information which we receive from this survey will assist us in updating our Parental Involvement Strategy.
Once the results have been collated, we will provide the following information to all Schools and Parent Councils;

· Individual School results
· Cluster results
· Authority wide results

The deadline for completing the survey is Monday 15th June.
Click here to take you to the survey
Kind Regards
Education Business Unit
Resource and Peoples Services

The Fun Run 2015

We were very lucky to have a lovely, sunny day for our annual fun run. We run this every year as part of our Health Week. The aim is to run at least four times round the pitch, and have fun doing it! The boys and girls of St Mary’s always run much further than they have to, and it’s always lovely to see all our school running together, even some of the teachers!!

Learning to program animations

Primaries 1, 2 and 3 have been learning how to program images to animate them. Working with a partner, they chose their background, and the characters and objects they wanted to put into their animation, then added lots of frames, moving their characters and objects slightly. The children found it took a long time to make just a few seconds of animation!
Here are some of the animations from both classes.
Primary 1/2

Creating the Solar System with P1/2

Primary 2/3

Owen and Isla


World Book Day 2015 in the Nursery

The morning and afternoon sessions had a fantastic time today, reading and sharing our favourite stories! Thank you parents for your support in preparing the children – it was certainly worth it as they all looked amazing.

We started our day with a special parade around the gym hall. The whole school watched as we walked around in our lovely costumes showing everyone our books (we thought they all looked great, too). Back at the nursery, we had so many books to read, we invited Primary 5/6 to come and help us. All the children were thoroughly engaged and listened well to their stories and to the others in their group.

Thanks again to our helpers – you helped to make it a special day for us!

Under the Sea at St. Mary’s!

As you will all know, the children at St. Mary’s have been studying ‘Under the Sea’ as their focus this term. We thought you might like to see some of the fantastic work they have done throughout this term.
Under the Sea with Primaries 1, 2, 3 and 4 on PhotoPeach
Under the Sea with Primaries 5, 6 and 7 on PhotoPeach
I.T on PhotoPeach

Learning about Animation

The boys and girls from Primaries 4 to 7 have been learning about animation, and have been using different ways to make one of their own. Primary 4/5 made theirs in a powerpoint presentation, duplicating slides and moving their characters each time.
Here is Andrew and Jamie’s:

Primaries 5/6 and 7 have been using Windows Movie Maker to make their animations. They saved each slide they made as an image, then inserted them into Movie Maker. The children also added audio and video clips to their final animation. What the children found out is that it takes an awful long time to make a few seconds of film!!
Here is a final edit!!

Caring for Living Things

Spring gives us a lovely opportunity to think about caring for other animals and plants. The children have really enjoyed watching our tadpoles grow and helping to care for them. We can’t wait to see how they’ve changed over Easter.



Thank you to all who have responded to our plea for seeds, bulbs and cuttings – the children have had a lot of fun planting and role playing a garden centre. If you have any cuttings or bushes you want to thin down we’d be glad to have them – especially Lavender, Clematis, Herbs and Buddelia. Equally, if you’ve been doing any DIY recently and have any guttering, pipes or plastic tubing, we could put that to good use in the garden too.