P2/3’s Magnificent Week

We had a super two weeks off!!

P2/3 have two lovely new friends, we spent time getting to know each other and welcoming them into our class. To get to know each other we had a circle time and talked about our holidays and our favourite things.

We really like our new IDL minibeasts learning focus. We like learning about the creatures and like our new minibeast investigation lab. We have to wear safety goggles as we are scientists in the lab.

In maths we started to learn about measurement and used our hand spans, pencils and feet etc. to measure different items in our classroom.

In gym we did some relay racing. We had to run as fast as we could then pass the baton to the next person when we got back to the starting point. We kept going until the whistle went.

See you next week! 🙂

P2/3 Incredible Week

This week we visited Edinburgh Castle as part of our class focus learning. We got to see the prisons in the castle, the Lang Stairs and the Honours of Scotland. The prisoners left lots of artefacts behind including what they had engraved onto the thick wooden prison doors. During one exhibition there were waxwork models of blacksmiths doing their work. We got to go into the Royal Apartments and see were King James VI and I was born! It was a very small room. Some of us even managed to hear the 1 o’clock cannon go off!

We learnt about the Easter Story before making our Easter cards!

We had our last week of basketball. We played lots of matches in teams. It was great fun and we got to use all of the skills we have been learning all at the same time.

We gave an amazing performance to our mums and dads playing the steel pans. We worked very hard to learn where the notes are on the steel pans. Miss Torley thought we were SUPER!!!

Happy Easter!! See you after the holidays!! J

Learning about Dinosaurs in the Nursery

Recently, the children found 2 eggs in the nursery. We all talked about what might be inside, and waited patiently…
When we came back after the weekend, we found 2 little baby dinosaurs, and we planned what we would like to find out about them.
We found out information using books and the internet. We measured bones, and sticks, and dinosaur feet!
We created stories, and art work all about what we had learned.

Storyteling Project at the National Museum of Flight

The National Museum of Flight is offering parents and carers the chance to become storytellers. Storytelling is not just about reading fairy stories, storytelling skills are a huge advantage in all our communications; at home, in the workplace and in our social interactions.
Over 20 weekly sessions participants will hear stories and learn how to tell traditional tales, stories from real life, brand new stories and their own personal stories. Sessions will include regular craft activities and games for the children attending.
The comprehensive training will give participants skills they can apply in everyday life and work.
The fun and educational course, led by professional storytellers John and Noreen Hamilton, will give unique access to a wide range of video and audio material through the projects own private Facebook page.
The sessions will be held at the National Museum of Flight, East Fortune near Haddington, and will provide a chance to see the museum’s collections and access unique stories from some of those who have been part of Scotland’s flying traditions.
The project will end with an event where the new storytellers can share their skills with friends and family.
If you would like more details please contact:

Adam Love-Rodgers
0131 247 4185