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Primary 5/6 – dressed to impress!

As part of Mrs Overmeer’s leaving present, the boys and girls, (and staff!), rummaged through some nursery boxes to choose an item, (or 2!) to wear to have their photo taken. The photos were made into a book to give to Mrs Overmeer before she left, along with special pieces of writing and pictures the children had made for her. We all had great fun being just a little bit silly!!

Primary 5/6 create a Probability Game to share with Primary 6/7

This week we used our learning abut probability to create a board game based around a sprinting race. The boys and girls worked in small groups to design their board game using specific success criteria.

They then worked out what would be good rules for their spinners, and made sets of possibility cards, (with answers!), which you had to answer if you landed on certain squares. We then asked Primary 6/7 if we could teach them our games.

Special visit from Mr Gracie, 400m Hurdler, at 1952 Olympics

The boys, girls and staff from St Mary’s, were delighted today to welcome Mr Gracie, (Ella’s Grandad), who competed at the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki.
He told us he became interested in running while at school, and as well as being a good runner, he then starting hurdling, winning lots of competitions including becoming Scottish Champion. Mr Gracie was selected for the Olympics, receiving a letter from the Duke of Edinburgh, and did so well he got to the semi-finals with a very impressive time of 52.4 seconds. Continue reading Special visit from Mr Gracie, 400m Hurdler, at 1952 Olympics

Making Olympic Top Trumps

In I.T we made our own set of Top Trumps, based on the Beijing Olympics medals table. The boys and girls selected information to put in their cards and found and inserted images of flags representing each country. We have printed out and laminated some of the cards so that we can play our game in class.

Here are some of the finished cards:


This week we were looking at the learning outcome: I can conduct simple experiments involving chance and communicate my predictions and findings using the vocabulary of probability.
We looked at dice and spinners and were able to calculate the probability of a number coming up. Some of us were able to translate our findings into percentages.
We played ‘Rock, paper, scissors’ after we had worked out what our chances were of winning a game with 18 tries. Only one pair got 9 wins each, which shows probability is often down to chance.

We then looked at some vocabulary used in probability. The children were to sort out cards into the following categories: Certain, Likely, Unlikely and Impossible! There was a lot of discussion and Scott decided there should be another category called Maybe!

We played ‘Higher or Lower’ to practise using chance. P5/6 enjoyed it so much we thought we’d add it to the website!
Click on the image below to take you to the game: