Getting it Right for Every Child

Our pupils have been working on the SHANARRI wheel (Safe, Healthy, Achieving, Nurtured, Active, Respected, Responsible and Included). In this way, we give a lot of thought to our emotional and social health and wellbeing and understand how important all aspects of the “wheel” are equally important.



Pupil Voice

Our children are leading the way by running their own meetings and taking forward their action plans. Below are pictures of the chair, vice-chairs of our Eco, Pupil Council and Global Citizenship groups. Our two Junior Road Safety Officers were appointed following written applications for the job.


Sustainability & reducing waste

As part of our aim to reduce waste and be a sustainable school, Susan Carleton from Zero Waste visited, working with everyone at the school to further understand how to make compost, how to set up a wormery and how to reduce our lunch time waste. The children also learned how to conduct fair experiments and made a video showing why reduce, re-use and recycle is so important.

Stenton Flower Show

This year, the Stenton Flower Show was held at the School. The children grew sunflowers, made bread and designed and created their own hats. Everyone had a lovely afternoon and it was nice to be able to welcome the community into our school.

Open Morning – Parental engagement

We enjoy an open morning the last Friday of every month. Parents, families and carers are invited into school to share in their child’s learning journey. We are looking forward to our second open morning on Friday 30th September at 11.45am. All welcome!

P7 Camp

Our Primary 7’s recently enjoyed 5 days at Barcaple Camp as part of their Transition programme. They met up with Primary 7’s from other small schools in the cluster and got the opportunity to try out a variety of exciting and challenging activities. They all thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Home grown pizzas!

As part of our Making and Growing topic, we used ingredients grown in our greenhouse to make pizzas. We learned about how wheat grows and how it is milled. We grew peppers, tomatoes and onions to top the dough which made from milled flour.

What we have been learning this week

We made bread. The bread was gooey and very delightful and delicious! We decorated paper bags to take our bread home. Verity gave each of us a bread mix to take home. We are going to make our own bread for the flower show on Saturday here at Stenton School. We made hats with bubble wrapper and different materials and cardboard. We are going to enter or hats into the flower show too.

Isla, Max, Brooke, Jamie, Elis-P3

We had a big task to make a board about our own personal learning. We had to choose a topic and we have just completed our first task. Next we a week we have to do a timeline and the history of our choice. We made top hats and we designed them how we wanted and some people did little hats. In Maths we learned how to do half past, quarter past and quarter to the hour–we were time travellers.

Sofia, Keira, Annika- P4 &5

In German we learned how to start a conversation with someone–guten tag,  wei ist dien name -und du -wei geht’s?

In gym we learned how to pass in hockey and used our skills to get through an assault course.

Emma, Darwin, Charli-P6

We have learned the sounds ‘s’, ‘a’ and ‘t’. We liked ‘s’ because eit is easy to say and it was fun.

We have enjoyed building models with the construction and playing in the house.

I can tell you the order of the seasons – Spring , Summer, Autumn, Winter! We learned a song to help us.

We also learned the days of the week and we know about parts of the flowers. We know that they have a stem, a flower and roots. Roots carry nutrients up into the plant (Olly), plants need sun, water and soil (Teegan), leaves make the flowers nice and flowers smell nice, (Aaron), the stem holds it all up high, (Lewis).

Teegan, Lewis, Olly and Aaron (P1)


Well done everyone, another amazing week of learning from our team. Have a great weekend!


Our first week back

We have had a wonderful first week back and have welcomed our new Primary 1’s to Stenton Primary.

We have had the opportunity this week to use our outdoor play equipment and we were set challenges that helped us learn about problem solving and teamwork.

We also had a mention on Radio 2 on our first day back – copy and paste the link below to hear it. (It is at 01 hour 40 minutes 20 seconds). Thanks to Karen Lund for sending in the request!


P5-7 Bowling Final

Primary 5-7 pupils have been attending coaching lessons at Stenton Bowling Club over the last few Friday mornings and they played in the final for the School Cup last Friday.

Here are some photos of the final which was won by Louise Maguire with Joe Younger as the runner-up. Well done to Louise and Joe and to everyone else for playing so well! The Primary 7’s were also awarded with a certificate. Thank you so much to all the volunteers from the Bowling Club who give up their time to coach the children – it is much appreciated by all of us!



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