P4-7 On Stage at the Brunton Theatre

Brunton theatreP 4-7 are taking part in ‘The Scootcher Tree’ event at the Brunton Theatre in Musselburgh with Scottish Opera.

Scottish Opera Education has been introducing Primary 6 and 7 pupils to the art of songwriting. Working with composers Alan Penman and Karen MacIver, and librettists Allan Dunn and Robert Evans, pupils have helped write a brand new children’s opera based on the life and work of conservationist John Muir. They come together with guest singers from Scottish Opera to perform the debut of their opera on stage at Brunton Theatre.

Wednesday’s performers are from: East Linton, West Barns, Stenton and Innerwick Primary Schools.
Thursday’s performers are from Dunbar Primary School. Link

P1 Transition

Today 2 of the children who will start in P1 after the summer visited us for the afternoon. The current P3 went off with the classroom assistant for the afternoon so that the class was (almost!) just as it will be after the summer. We did some pictures on the ibooks using kidpix, played in the role play area for a little while and spent some time drawing (some shape and colour work!). Both the boys seemed to settle in very well, and the current P1s and P2s didn’t scare them too much (I hope!).

There will be another new P1 joining us in August, along with his brother in P2, but since they are coming from the USA a couple of days before term starts, there wasn’t much chance they would make it to the transition afternoon! We will just have to make them very welcome on the first day.

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