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P2 Launch the Clean Up Scotland Campaign!

Today we made an exciting and enjoyable contribution to this great project. We would like to thank Louise, Jacqueline, David and Paul- fantastic parent ECO heroes who supported us on our litter picking adventure.
After a ‘team briefing’ in class, we set of on our community adventure. Working in small groups, we had a variety of roles:
O Litter picking
O Bag supervision
O Litter recording (plastic, metal, food and other materials)
One group used a photographic map to plot the litter and added key features and routes from our journey. We started in the Church grounds before moving on to Preston Tower Gardens. We also collected litter as we walked along the streets. It was great to meet members of our community and we had the confidence to tell them what we were doing and why.
Come in to P2 to see our Clean Up Scotland work displayed.
We all understand our right to a safe, clean and healthy environment and today we showed our responsibility and commitment to creating a Cleaner Scotland!

The Mappers
The Mappers
Clearing the fence line.
Clearing the fence line.
Sadie gives her support to Louise and Bradyn.
Sadie gives her support to Louise and Bradyn.




Team Paul at work!
Team Paul at work!


Which way now mappers?
Which way now mappers?
Cleaning up our streets.
Cleaning up our streets.
Preston Tower Gardens
Preston Tower Gardens
Well Done Team!
Well Done Team!

P2 Learning to Tie Our Laces!

In Primary Two we are learning to tie laces and knots. We wrote to Kenny our helpful janitor; asking him if he could help us with this. Kenny used wood to make us the most amazing shoe block with holes for laces! We love it. Here we are trying it out. Hannah was a very good teacher and lots of our class have had success with tying laces.
We are going to thank Kenny by helping him out with some of his jobs.SAM_1084SAM_1085

St. Gabriel’s School Garden Update

Our vegetable garden is now resting quietly and we are planning for the spring planting. Last year was our first growing season and we had great success with our potato crops, lettuce was good, we could have supplied Tesco with onions and our beans were not too bad. It was very exciting that some families tucked into St. Gabriel’s sprouts on Christmas day! Flat leaf parsley clearly likes our soil and we’re learning how to build up our cabbages. A huge success were the tomatoes which we grew in the eco-bottle greenhouse along with some ‘prickly cucumber’. All in all a good start, we learned a lot and are now looking forward to bumper crops this year.

We have been very lucky to have been involved in a successful climate challenge bid that will mean we will soon be receiving a large polycarbonate greenhouse.

This is where we need your help!

This fantastic greenhouse will need to be built; not our area of expertise. We are hoping that some practical, DIY enthusiasts will volunteer to come and raise the walls as well as give us advice on the best base. We are hoping to put the greenhouse up on Friday 21st February; we can fit in the time around the volunteers. So please ask around the family and coerce in any family member who is in the building trade or has practical hands-on experience. We are hoping that once the greenhouse is up we can begin to bring on some seeds before Easter so that we can have a really flourishing growing space this summer.

Please can you help?  Just let us know in school if you would be available (phone, send in a note, pop in) and we’ll make arrangements with you from there.

Many thanks,

Mrs. AdamsGrenhouse

the National Trust for Scotland GREEN SCENE 2013

On Wednesday 11 Sepetember 2013, the Primary 6 class took part in the Green Scene Environmental Learning Festival at Newhailes in Musselburgh. During the course of the Day the Children enjoyed a variety of experiences:

Celtic Crag

Meeting the Druids

The children were met by the Druids and taken back in time to the settlements of the Iron Age in Scotland. They experienced hunting in the forest and used Iron Age Tools.

Meet the Hunter






Grinding the Wheat for flour.


Iron Age Tools






Sensational Seahorses

The children explored sea life and they had the opportunity to fish for sea creatures in a make-shift rock pool.

It’s crawling up my hand.



What do you see?






Fishing for life.



The group played a game based on the life of a


The Limpet Game






The Bat Walk

Taking a walk through the beautiful grounds, the children were led on a discovery about the life of bats and some of them became bats and others their food source.


Learning about Bats.
I’m a Long-Eared Bat!


I have bat wings!
A Bat!







At The Dig, some of the children were introduced to the skills of archaeology. They pieced together clay pots, used artefacts to do detective work and dug for ancient artefacts.

Piecing together a clay pot.


The Dig!





Historical Detectives!

Grasslands: Minibeasts

In the afternoon, one of the groups went off exploring; looking in the grassy areas for the creatures that lurk beneath our feet.


How do you survive in the bush? This was the challenge set for this group. They had to use compasses to reach their destination in the forest and then they had to create a shelter made from materials they could find around them. Two teams competed for the best shelter.

Team Work!
Gathering in the Forest.
The Winning Shelter!
A Close Runner-up!






 This was a fabulous day with lots of interesting activities for the children to take part in.

A HUGE THANK YOU to the National Trust for Scotland and all the Rangers from across the country who facilitated the activities!

P4 ECO Morning

Primary Four participated in a litter picking morning in St. Gabriel’s School and Church grounds. We surveyed the types of litter we found in our school grounds and created pie charts and bar graphs which can be found on our school ECO board. We all thoroughly enjoyed the morning. A big thank you to all the parent helpers and Lee Bryant from Preston Lodge High school who were a big help on the day. It was great practice for our Beach Clean on the 19th of April.
Miss Murphy

Eco Committee Meeting Minutes

Eco Committee Meeting 5.12.11

In attendance:
Miss Murphy – Eco Coordinator and Eco Working Party
Mrs Murray – Eco Working Party
Mrs Hood – Eco Working Party
Claire Baillie P7
Caitlin Burnett P7
Abbey Morgan P6
Roma Aitken P4
Mrs Aitken – parent

Discussion Points:
1)Discussion about the role of the Pupil Eco Reps:
-Taking ownership of eco board
-Promote 3 whole school topics :
Term 2: Litter, Term 3 Waste Minimisation (Reduce/Reuse/Recycle), Term 4: Health and Wellbeing
-To go round classes to remind of litter evidence and collect any examples
-To go round classes to take photographs of the 2 eco warriors per class
-Ask other children about their ideas to link in with the wider community
-Adding to the eco page of the school website
-Take photos of the eco assembly
-To remind teachers and playground supervisors to award house points for picking up litter.
2)Wider Community – Mrs Murray offered to help Eco reps one lunchtime to write an email to PL to find out more information about their eco work/competition details.
3)Miss Murphy informed us that we need to carry out an Environmental Review for the school.
4)Need action plan for the three whole school topics – Miss Murphy to look into this.
5)Wider Community – Beach clean “Adopt a Beach” – still to hear back from PL student (Mrs Aitken informed us of a beach clean her and Roma had done previously where they did it in front of the Gothenburg).
7)Mrs Aitken informed us that Kirk street church have a group that go out once a month and choose an area to pick up litter in. Council provided litter picking equipment.
8)Mrs Aitken suggested possibility of asking CDT department in PL if they could make bird feeders?
9) Mrs Murray suggested an area of the Grounds that could be adopted as an “eco area” – bug house, log piles etc – cross-curricular links
10)P6+7 have recently made a vegetable patch next to P1+2 playground
11)Abbey suggested doing a mini project related to vegetable patch/eco area.
12)Caitlin suggested getting a bird bath.
13)Mrs Aitken informed us that a lady who is a member of Friends of the Earth has recently moved to Prestonpans – to look in to possible visit to the school in the new year.
14)Next Meeting: Monday 6th February at 3:30pm

Eco Assembly

Today we held our first eco assembly of the year. Members of the P3 and P4 class did an eco presentation and informed everyone of our first eco themed whole school project: LITTER.

“A rhyming rap for those wrappers!”

St Gabriel’s is an eco friendly school,
So if you pick up litter you are cool!
Remember, remember what everyone says,
We put wrappers in the bin, yes always!