Pupil Council

Pupils have a strong voice in the school and our Pupil Council is well established with pupils leading many enterprising activities and initiatives like Eco Schools and Health Promoting Schools.

Each year, pupils from Primary 1 to Primary 7 choose members from their class to represent them on the pupil council and it is chaired by one of the Primary 7 pupils. The members of the pupil council are:

Primary 7
Abbie (Chairperson), Wiktoria, Ben and Bailey
Primary 6
Erren and Cameron








Primary 5
Emma and Miller
Primary 4
Liam and Olivia







Primary 3
Jessica and Mackenzie
Primary 2
Ciaran and Sophie







Primary 1
Kelsey and Shay


Minutes from Pupil Council Meetings

Pupil Council minutes Oct’13

Pupil Council minutes 20th Nov 13

9 thoughts on “Pupil Council”

  1. I fink we should have a movie day and you get to wear what ever you want but to watch the movie you have to pay £1 and if you wanna dress how ever you want it’s a donation 🙂 😀 ._.hehe lol

  2. we think would be rely good if we got more trips and more dress down days. 🙂

    from emma and Carla ( P5 )

  3. I think we should have more things in the the play ground my class really want a tower for P1 – P7 and a under ground tunnel for the P6 and P7 with a door that is only shut at night
    Mia P6

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