Rights Respecting School

The School’s Educational Vision and Charter

Mission Statement

St Gabriel’s RC Primary School aim to offer each pupil the hightest possible standardĀ of teaching and learning in a Christ centred faith community where each pupils’ rights are valued and respected and where pupils are encouraged to reach his/her full potential.

Child-friendly Catholic Charter

  • Along with parents and carers we are committed to developing each and every person in all areas of their life and learning.
  • In an environment where everyone is included, we aim to listen to and value each person, made in the image of God.
  • We are committed to the search for wisdom; helping each child to explore thier god given talents so that they can be the best they can be.
  • Working with our parents, local church and parish, we aim to provide the children with shared faith experiences and teachings to guide them on their spiritual journey.
  • We aim to provide a religious education that will help the children to understand their faith and to live by these teachings.
  • We are committed to following and standing up for the morals, faith traditions and Sacraments of the Catholic Church.
  • We are committed to sharing Church teachings on relationships, fairness and opportunities for everyone.
  • We are committed to value and encourage positive relationships and partnerships with other Chrisitian Churches and the wider community.
  • We encourage the children to respect different beliefs and cultures and to experience inter-faith discussion.
  • As a staff we will continue to learn and grow in our faith and through our continued professional development give the children in our care the highest possible standard of education.


Rights Respecting Schools Leaflet
Parents Information Leaflet -Rights Respecting Schools

Want to know your rights leaflet

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